Tuesday, March 4, 2008

He Is So Responsible!

What I love about my husband is that he is so responsible when it comes to his duties as a better citizen,a police officer and most of all a husband and a father in this household.Whenever he hears the baby crying and I cannot pick her up for I am busy blogging or chatting,he would come to the rescue and get the baby and make her some milk,feed her,change nappy and put her to sleep.

I love the thought of him being a very responsible husband too.He never stop me of doing things that can make me happy like driving for 4 hours only to see my friends way up North.He joke about me need to really learn how to drive now but he never complain about it.Today was my dentist appointment and he has a job.What he did,he took a few hours off and drove me to where the dentist's office is located.At the office,I went with my cleaning while he was left at the waiting room to look after the baby.

With all these,my love for him everyday is growing deeper like a root of a tree,the older the tree is the deeper its roots can grow to the ground.I just admire him so much and I never made a mistake for choosing him to be my husband way back almost 4 yrs.ago.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

gipaak ko sa migas sa ka sweet,whoaaaaa.

Pag driving school na lagi aron kamo 2 ni Jadyn manglaag,bilin Dadi sa balay...


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