Friday, August 28, 2009

Cute Chic Coat

Today we've finally accomplished something very important to get me started with my driving lesson. Renewing my driving permit is all it takes so I can enroll to the nearest driving school. Hopefully, next week I can start. Anyways, I have all my time to learn how to drive hurry though but I am too anxious getting my freedom back.

On the lighter note, after DPS we went straight to Babies "R" Us and returned something which is worth 19 bucks. Across the street is the KID TO KID store and quickly went inside the store and see what we can buy for our baby. Viola!!! A cute chic coat is what I saw and a new sleeper for winter. I knew I'm gonna love this chic coat for my baby the first time I laid my eyes on it so I grabbed it right away before others can get it. See the photos?? Tell me if it isn't cute and chic coat?
....... the cutest coat I've seen so far that is only worth 7.99 USD at Kid to Kid store...
...chaaaadaaaaa... Deden modeling the coat...
... I guess she's ready for the Winter now.

WaiverWire For Your Man

There is a brand new website created by former Wall Street guys whose passion is football. They probably got fed up with the financial markets so they turn their attention to building an incredible website for fantasy football players called WaiverWire.

I honestly admire these guys because of their intelligence applied to this website based from what they have learned from stock markets over the years of being there. My man doesn't like much sports but I know someone who is into football. I am very sure when he finds out about WaiverWire he would be grateful to play and win on the site. has everything you need to win your fantasy league in one place at the convenience of your own home, including:

*Fantasy football draft software
*Fantasy football news
*Fantasy football analysis
*Fantasy football forum
*Fantasy football research
*Access to over 100 Local NFL team news feeds
*Fantasy football rankings
*Fantasy player comparisons
... and a whole lot more.

So what do you waiting for? Visit the website now and star playing and winning. Don't forget to spread the word to your friends too.

How Nice Of Them

These are very recent snaps of my cousins and my brother in Davao. I stole this from my cousin Dianne's profile on Facebook yesterday. I can't help to be jealous with them because as you can see on their faces, they are having a good time seeing each other once again.

My cousins on father's side all live in Davao and we rarely see them even when we were still in the Philippines but when we do, we're as close as siblings. I ammmm sooo freakin' jealous of them. Right now, my other cousin is texting me that my brother and Jofil are in their house. Paibog mani mga tawhana oi! Lucky is WIlson the one in white shirt because after such long years working in Dubai, he now spends time with our family as well as our relatives in Davao.
...... Jofil, Dianne and Maming Iling landit creating a solid bond together at my Tita's house in Matina, Davao City..
..... maming and Jofil nagka team kinabuang...

Friday, August 21, 2009


Heavy thurnderstom awaken my baby at 4 0'clock this morning. She was making cute and little crying sound in the crib and I thought something was going on with her. When I got up and went to know what was the crying all about that is when I realized she probably was afraid of the thunderstorm. It was weird for I never heard my anak afraid of anything. So I picked her up, brought her to our bed and tap her gently and voila! She went back to sleep cuddling me and her sacred BAPO' or pillow. Sweet is the baby girl because just a little bit of cuddling, she felt safe and comfortable and completely trusted me then went back to dreamland.

Today is suppose to be cooler than the previous days. It rained last night, plants and the yard got enough good rain to keep them alive for the rest of the summer. I like it when it rains because I wouldn't be too uncomfy, it's cooler when it rains you know? Perfect timing huh since we planned of going out today for me to take an exam for driving permit. So this is all for me today. Gotta go and feed our hungry tummies! You all have a nice cool day today.

webhosting geeks

When I started blogging I didn't pay much attention as to how important getting my own domain as well as getting a reliable webhosting for all my sites until I got involved into paid blogging. My sole purpose of putting up a blog on the world wide web is just for personal use wherein I can burst out all my emotion as well as the wonderful happening of my journey here in foreign land with my husband.

Little did I know that as I get hooked into blogging, time will come that I needed to transfer 3 of my blogs to domains. Then eventually getting a webhostingto at least one of them so I can have a peace of mind. Currently, I do have a free webhosting from blogger. You know too many people are on it and I am afraid it would crash on me one day. So do you think it is the right time to start looking for that most reviewed, most used and most dependable webhosting site? I guess so and I think where to go to find that one site, at also provides infomation on their BLOG\about the latest trends, industry news, products and discussions and so much more. So if you are also looking for a webhosting, it's your perfect place to be looking for that.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going to Make Yema Balls

I have never tried making yema balls in my life. I like it a lot but I used to just buy it from someone in our classroom before that's why I never learned how to do it although they say it is just so easy to make it. Today, I heated a can of condensed milk and pour some ground peanuts in it in the hope that I can make yema balls of my own.

The ingredients have been cooked and sitting in the pan cooling down. I really am hoping it will turn out good or else I will be disappointed and never will I attempt making it ever again. Hmmm I can't wait to taste yema and give some to my baby and see if she gonna love it. For now I must hurry and end this post now so I can get started at my work.

Swiss Hotels

Switzerland is famous for its green and very clean surrounding as well as its Swiss alps. I have only seen the beautiful scenery on t.v but somehow admired how this country looking so fresh and pretty. If I could go for a vacation, I would definitely choose to go to Switzerland and experience the historic and seductive blend of tradition and comfort that Swiss Hotels are offering. For me it is the best escape from your mind boggling job. Where else can you find that service that is a touch more personal, with an atmosphere that is real and authentic and most of all, food that is down to earth you simply can't resist.

Going abroad for a vacation should be fun and adventure especially if you are new to that place. Of course the very first thing you have to do is find that hotel to rest and be comfortable at the end of the day. You would want it to be located by the lake or river so you will feel closer to the nature and be able to breathe that fresh air you need. Oh Switzerland, how I wish I can visit you personally someday, not just in my dreams but in real life.



Monday, August 17, 2009

Rocking Her Baby!

This is a video of my baby girl rocking her doll. She was pretending she had her own baby and tried putting it to sleep as she sings "nana..nana..nana..nana!". That is exactly how I sing when I want her to sleep to bed. I just love this baby girl of mine, she is so smart! Watch the video of her singing as well as talking very cute to the camera!

Justina McCaffrey

We were watching THE BRIDE WARS movie starred by Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson the other night and we found this movie to be silly but uplifting. The movie was about two best of friends who dreamed of having their wedding at a very special place they've been 20 years ago. When the right time came, both of the girls got engaged at the same day and they decided to get married same month and same place which they both wished their wedding to be held since they were kids.

Well, anyways, I am talking about this movie because it's all about wedding preparations they had to do which reminds me of my wedding too. I had to undergo hassles just to pick everything I like including picking that special gown I wanted to wear on my special day. I happened to look at Justina McCaffrey designs on the internet too and thought her creations were amazing! But I didn't buy hers. I end up buying the ones made locally at a boutique in our local area. It was very nice though and perfect for me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Little Rider

Jadyn is a smart little girl. At 18 months of age, she knows what motorcycle is. She got one although it's not real but it's more prettier than a real Harley Davidson motorcycle. It's like a piece of art, so unique and very rare.

When she sees a motorcycle in the streets, she would gladly say "broomm..broommmm!". When she does that, it just feel so good as her mother! Keep rocking baby and I am hoping someday you will become one of the cyclists that would go around the country for an adventure!

Yamaha neoHD

To keep ourselves entertained at night, we, the whole family always love to watch a movie in our home. My husband would just rent a DVD and bring it home when he is off from work so we can watch it all together. While enjoying the high definition- crystal clear picture that an HD TV give us as well as a surround sound we have, we pretty much enjoy the movie as if we watch it in a movie theater.

With the privilege of having an entertainment system at home which are all operated by remote controls, we cannot avoid our baby from playing with the remotes each time we pause the movie for a break time. It's upsetting when Jadyn starts to mess around with the remote controls because she will screw up the movie while on pause.

With all that being said, I wish we can have this new Yamaha neoHD so we can only have one remote that does it all. This remote control is a new device that simplifies your entire entertainment system. One remote, one on-screen interface, complete control. Good thing though that there is a Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes going on which we can join to win this amazing remote control. Of course you can do this by entering via You must leave a comment there to let them know you really are interested in winning one Yamaha neo HD. You want to find out more of this product? You may do your research about it on Facebook now.

..... see the pictures with my baby? that's how she loves playing with remote controls. As soon as they are placed on the table, her hands begun pressing the buttons as if they were toys.
...three remote controls for different purposes, the first one is for the surround sound, the second for the t.v and thirdly is for our PS3 that is also the same to operate the blu-ray!


Bubble Hair

My only way of treating my baby for being so good to me all the time is to bring her out the backyard and let her enjoy the cool water in her mini pool of course with lots of bubbles in it.

Her swimming wouldn't be complete without the bubbles for it gives her a lot of fun! She loves playing with bubbles and so does her mommy making her into a bubble head.

home alarm

Burglary can happen anywhere at anytime of the day. My husband has been dealing with cases like burglary and other kinds of crimes for he is a policeman. It is a great advantage to have him in my life because I feel secured but even the idea he is a policeman we can't be assured that we're not going to be a possible victim of burglary. We have to install a home alarm so to keep our home protected twenty-fours a day, seven times a week especially when we are away from home for few days.

There could only be one company that we can trust when it comes to reliable, around-the-clock monitoring from our home alarm systems provide. ADT is prepared to handle everything from severe weather events to computer crashes without losing contact with your home. Thanks to them because they are always there when we need them the most.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally A Relief!

I don't remember the last time my baby had her bowel movement. Pretty awful huh? It's really true, truth be told she just finished pooping minutes ago and now she's almost ready to sleep due to exhaustion of pushing too hard the hardened stool she'd been carrying for one week or more. I don't know for certain how long.
It pains me seeing my baby doing the same thing I did before. I think she will always have constipation problem until she learns to love eating high fiber diet. Believe me she was like in so much pain trying to defecate, she couldn't do it until I helped her and positioned her like she's on top of the toilet just to let the stool out. There was blood afterwards because of the small veins ruptured, it sucks seeing it for I know how painful it is.

Kmart Bluelight Specials this Saturday Only-8/8

This post is sponsored by Kmart. All the opinions below are solely written by me. Calling all shoppers! Wives, mothers and kids, Kmart Bluelight specials is back this Saturday only. Remember this is for one day only so be sure you wouldn't miss the big sale that Kmart is offering to you. Special offers throughout the day on everything from patio furniture, to grills, to jewelry - all at Kmart Bluelight Special prices!

I am a big shopper for big deals myself and I am sure glad to know that Kmart bluelight sale falls on Saturday so I can have my husband drop me off at the store and start shopping for baby stuff. Oh I wish toddler bed will participate in Bluelight specials because we are in need of a new toddler bed for our baby.

I also need other stuff to buy like these men's athletic basketball shorts for three bucks for my brothers waiting for a package in the Philippines. I am in the process of filling up my box to send to my family you know and for that my mother is asking me for any jewelry that has diamonds in it. Good thing though that Kmart bluelight specials has an extra 10% of diamonds that are already 70% off. How is that for a deal huh? I love shopping and I also love great deals so I think this Saturday will be a shopping day for me! Wow I am excited.

Lastly, you shoppers out there, you can follow Kmart on Twitter for future sales and deals. Be sure to check them out Click Here for over 40 great Bluelight Specials through the day in-store AND other great offers will also be at ONLY this Saturday.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wow More Than A Hundred Today

Looks like it's my lucky day in EC Dropping today. I thank you guys for dropping your ec cards today that made a triple digit of 118 drops on this blog. How happy I am to receive such tremendous amount of bloggers who peek at this very dull blog of mine here.

It's the first time in long history of EC dropping of getting such number and for that I am very grateful to have you all. Since I got addicted to farm town, my dropping EC habits changed drastically. I felt lazy sometimes and I end up not doing it for days. Until one time I realized opportunities with good payouts stop coming in just because of my stupidity for letting my dropping slip away while the fact is, I could get free advertisement through Entrecard.

Thus, my valued droppers will be assured that they will be hit back once I see them in my EC dashboard. Mark my word and I'll be in your drops inbox too smiling back at you!

Take The Trip Of Your Dreams

Where does your taste take you? If you were to ask me, I can say for certain my taste going to take me to the country I want to see if I get lucky to win this cool prizes going on for the promotion of the launch of 4 new varieties: Bistro Meatballs & Peppers, Bistro Chicken Souvlaki, Lean Cuisine Grilled Vegetables & Goat Cheese, Lean Cuisine Mango Chicken Tikka - Stouffers-panini.

You want to know what the cool prizes are? Read on. The contest allows you to win one of three $10,000 cash prizes, Sony Digital Camcorders and instant product prizes to be won! Sounds exciting right? Does that amazes you? Wait until you read the three grand prizes as follows:

- Choice of India, Greece, Italy and France destinations ($10, 000 Gift Card)

- 1 of 12 Secondary Prizes: Sony Digital Camcorders (Value of $500)

- Daily Instant Prizes: Free Stouffer’s Product coupons

Remember to register here though so you will be entered in the contest and you should be a Canadian resident to qualify for the contest. You sure don't want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity because this could be your chance to go your dream country at least once in your life. What are you waiting for? Visit them now and join the contest.


Funny Joke Of My Husband

I told my husband the synopsis of the video I watched on CBS online about a filipina who killed her two American husbands which can be found on this link here titled Filipina Murderer last night. She was very evil, I said. And at the end of our conversation he said jokingly, "I SHOULDN'T SLEEP TONIGHT!".

And my reply to him asking, "WHY? How much do I get if I victimize you? How much is your life insurance, lol?" He then replied, saying it's not much! Because the story in 48 Hours Mystery is about a greedy filipina only up to her husband's life insurances, if they get killed she'll received ample amount of money in USD that is why we joke about life insurance.

And then I said back to my husband, "well, if it's not much then I wouldn't want to ruin my dignity and risk my life just because of your life insurance!" then we both laughed silently and thought it was such a silly funny joke. And my thinking was, how could someone be so greedy to the point of killing somebody just to make money out of them? I can't get it!

Summer of Stars In Branson

Summer isn't over yet although here in our place we experienced the hottest days of summer last month. The hot days were gone and now we feel cooler temperature as head to mid August. Yep, summer is still here and I believe it's yet too late to spend the rest of it in Branson, Missouri. Two of my acquaintances live in Missouri and for that they are inviting me over to visit them sometime this summer.

I didn't give them a specific answer but I did say I will discuss it to my husband whether I am going or not. It's been a long dream of mine to really experience the beautiful Branson and hoping to stay at Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or at the sister hotel Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Since these two hotels are situated within the electrifying entertainment capital of the Midwest in Branson, Missouri, it shouldn't be hard for us three to roam around the city and see all the entertainment a place has to offer.

I would gladly visit the Hollywood Wax Museum, the Polynesian Island Fire Show, the Cirque Montage, Dolly Parton and so much more if ever I can get to see my friends over there. Of course I would like to take advantage of the special packages that the two hotels are offering such as Hilton Bed and Breakfast, Labor Day Getaways, Romance Package, Summer Savings With Visa and other packages suitable to your budget. Truly it would be so good to finally be able to stay at Hilton Hotels in Branson.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Who Is Responsible for This Mess?

If you would just look at my baby's face in the first picture, you could certainly say that she got that very innocent look on her face, innocent, angelic and naive. But little do you know that this little sweet looking innocent baby girl could do such a big mess like that in a second picture.

She is just a baby and we don't know what she's capable of doing. She just loves into everything nowadays including pulling out all the facial tissue out of the box. She had done it several times and I as her mother couldn't do anything but fix the things she messed up. I couldn't spank nor hurt her because I know it's just part of her exploration in this world.

I swear I tried hiding all the tissue boxes but she is so sneaky and is able to find where they are and make a huge mess! Therefore, I conclude the one responsible to the big mess in the pictures is MY BABY!

Campus Ready by Sears

Before I start my post let me tell you guys that this post is sponsored by Sears. All the opinions are mine and solely written by me. Sears has been so good to their shoppers for they provided so much deals that they can get from the Sears store. Now they have a contest called CampusReady in which college freshman students can enter themselves to join and possibly win money for their tuition fees from and Upromise.

I know for a fact that most people who use the internet has also their account on facebook. If ever you happen to read this post of mine and hangout on facebook a lot you may want to visit CampusReady on Facebook to know more about the contest mentioned above as well as to read their rules and regulation of the game.

Sears is truly a heaven sent store for everybody especially college students, why? Because for those who are going to stay in dorms, they can now shop by dorm room section at as well as shopping for coordinating stuff dorm room products and design ideas that suit their taste. Not only that, they can also make their shopping checklist that makes it easier for them to decide which ones they/you really need before shopping that saves them time and money, they also offer financial tips for students and most of all there are links to see for categories of clothing your kids should need for college life. Those are just few of the things you can learn from If you are going to visit them, do it now and probably learn more helpful tips aside from what is written here.


Filipina Murderer

I was kind of disappointed when a friend told me she watched about an odd story of a filipina who murdered servicemen not just one but two of 'em. I like stories like these and yet how could I missed watching it? I am glad though that news channels here have online addresses where people can just go and watch the missed episodes of their favorite shows.

Watch this video titled A CONSPIRACY TO KILL of how this filipina did the crimes in two different American husbands and what could be her motives in doing these. She is EVIL as described in 48 Hours Mystery. I am yet to finish the whole episode later and you guys may want to know the story.

Watch CBS Videos Online


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