Monday, August 3, 2009

Campus Ready by Sears

Before I start my post let me tell you guys that this post is sponsored by Sears. All the opinions are mine and solely written by me. Sears has been so good to their shoppers for they provided so much deals that they can get from the Sears store. Now they have a contest called CampusReady in which college freshman students can enter themselves to join and possibly win money for their tuition fees from and Upromise.

I know for a fact that most people who use the internet has also their account on facebook. If ever you happen to read this post of mine and hangout on facebook a lot you may want to visit CampusReady on Facebook to know more about the contest mentioned above as well as to read their rules and regulation of the game.

Sears is truly a heaven sent store for everybody especially college students, why? Because for those who are going to stay in dorms, they can now shop by dorm room section at as well as shopping for coordinating stuff dorm room products and design ideas that suit their taste. Not only that, they can also make their shopping checklist that makes it easier for them to decide which ones they/you really need before shopping that saves them time and money, they also offer financial tips for students and most of all there are links to see for categories of clothing your kids should need for college life. Those are just few of the things you can learn from If you are going to visit them, do it now and probably learn more helpful tips aside from what is written here.


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