Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Meet my father-inlaw Morgan with his girlfriend, Jean. She's his second girlfriend already since she moved in Airforce Village in Lakcland,SA. I don't know her age but she does look younger than he is and still has a sharp mind.

So you think love is only for teenagers and middle-aged? Think again. These people in the picture are so inlove with each other. When they talk on the phone they will not fail exchanding their I-LOVE-YOUs to each other. And mind you, it's the girl who is struck by cupid's arrow more than my FIL. Kakakilig eh?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pink For A Change

Two years ago I started this blog. It's been that long since I had BLUE as my chosen color for this one. It is the mother of all my blogs. This is the blog I have and I choose to keep it under blogger and not interested in transferring it to domain.

Within that time frame, my good blog creator never changed color of this blog but today, she made the big change of my humble home. If you notice, the new layout is now more appealing to my visitors with ROSE PINK color. Ivy was the one who made the entire layout's appearance. I just let her imagination think and hands do the job as it's her expertise. Just look at the new look of this blog, isn't this pretty?

If you wish to have yours remodeled, just click on her name above so you two can talk on things about changing the face of your blog, OF COURSE FOR A REASONABLE PRICE compared to other competitors!

Plantar Fasciitis

I watched Millionaire earlier and one of the questions asking about related to heel pain and one of the choices is the Plantar Fasciitis and I thought, I know what that is. I could very well choose the correct answer if I was in that show because it is so familiar to me that it flashes like a lightning in my mind of what it's all about.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Modeling Rehearsal

I am one very lucky mother to have such gorgeous little baby. I can never replace her with anything else in this world. For me, my husband and my baby are my genuine treasure.

My baby has been a camera lover since she was born. As if she anticipates the clicking of camera when she sees me aiming it to her. From newborn 'till the present age, she hasn't change a bit. Always a camera lover! Look at these cute snap of her, pretending that she's in a serious pictorial. Isn't she cute?

.... take 1! messy face, go to the bathroom and wash your face...
... take 2, looks pretty good baby!
.... take 3! opps looking serious eh?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

They Must Be Tired

My mag-ama(husband and baby) are already knocked down flat in bed. They must be tired from the trip. We got back home 4 hours ago and my husband has to go to work tomorrow that is why he went to bed ahead of me.

I am pretty tired too but I still have lotta things need to be done first before I retire to bed. I swear I really want to go to sleep now but I just can't... I have not even brushed my teeth arggssss!! It's so quiet in here now, I'm afraid there's a ghost watching me hohoho.. hope not..

bathroom light fixtures

I would want to ask my husband to change the bathroom light very soon because its color is yellow and I don't like that. It's dark in color and I most prefer the flourescent-like color one. I will try to look at bathroom light fixtures online though and compare prices and see where we can get a good deal shopping for it.

Going To Meet The Twins

WoW I am so excited here. I doubt if I can sleep tonight for tomorrow we're going at Rose's place for our post Christmas celebration together with her visitors, Juliet and her family. This would only mean one thing, me and Deden are going to meet her twins. If you are curious who these people are, just go to My Angels World and see the beauiful twins that Juliet has.

Ok, better finish this post now and hit the bed soon as I'm going to wake up early tomorrow. Adios people! I'll drop my EC when I get home after big pakals again.

engagement rings

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A Good Mother?

We are still here at my FIL's place and we plan of driving back home this afternoon after lunch. It is nice to see him once again especially on Christmas day to let him know that he is loved and very well remembered on holidays like Christmas. We are the only family that visited him and so I am sure he is happy to see us too.

I bet that he is delighted to see his new grand kid, Deden who is a lot bigger now than the last time he had seen her. Oh by the way, before I go any further, we were at the pool/ recreation room last night to play pool with my FIL when in the middle of the game, he gave me the sweetest compliment about how I treat my baby real good as if I'm doing the same thing my mother did to me when I was a baby.

I told him, I couldn't remember my mom treat me well before because all I can remember are the spank, pinch/ squeezes and cursing she gave me and I am doing exactly opposite to my baby. There is no reason to be spanking my baby because he is such a very good baby all the time. I think that was awesome for him to notice that I'm being a good mom to my daughter which I think is true and always be...

laptop bags

My laptop is my second best possession. Without it, I feel I am crippled for it became a part of me since my husband brought it a year ago. Internet and laptop are a must to me. My day without it is half complete.

Wherever I go, I always make sure that I have my laptop with me to be able to communicate with friends online and also do my online tasks even if we are far from home. During the travel, I worry that I might damage my laptop because of the bumps and moves the car makes while on the road. And for that, I need a reliable, stylish and durable laptop bag that protect my laptop. I do have a laptop bag already but the bag alone is very heavy that I can't stand clinging it in my shoulder for minutes because it is just too heavy on my shoulder. With that said, I would like to look at Spire USA laptop bag and buy one for me.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Graphic Pictures, Images and Photos
I am wishing everyone Happy Holidays! May your world be filled with warmth & good cheer this Holy season & throughout the year. Wish your CHRISTMAS be filled with peace & love Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two Hours Of Darkness

I can't believe I literally experienced the 2 hours of darkness in my life. We were in the kitchen, me and my baby were heating the leftover food for dinner when suddenly a short circuit happened that caused all the lights got turned off suddenly. Even the microwave stopped and the rest of the appliances.

The whole house went so dark, too dark to see anything. I didn't know where to find the flashlight so I walked like a blind carrying my baby, very careful not to step on to something and used the feel and touch senses I have just to find the flashlight that I got no idea where it is. I went to the bedroom and there I found the small flashlight and walked to the computer room where our phone is and trying to dial my husband's cellphone number.

To my dismay, I couldn't call him. No phone service, no internet, can't ask any of my friend to let my husband know that we're in the dark and I got no cellphone of my own either. The very light we have is the one in the living room and the flashlight. No tv, no other things to do to entertain myself and the baby.

I told myself, well, we can get through it, it's only 2 hours before my husband will arrive and eventually we'll be back to normal. Good thing though that my baby isn't afraid of the dark so it was just easy for me to take care of her while the lights were out. Put her to bed, gave her milk and went to sleep right away.

Now, I am thankful for I am back to using the computer again and hubby is home, me-- happy again.

There's One Coming Out

My baby has no appetite eating her meals. I have to force her to eat sometimes just so she can have something to fill in her hungry stomach. Yes, she loves milk and will not say no if I give some milk but I don't feel it's enough to sustain her little growing body.

As much as possible, I try feeding my baby three times a day of her solid or table food. If I skip one meal that will haunt me and feel guilty about not taking care of her very well. I feel like I'm not a good mother if I can't attend my baby's needs.

So today I notice that she doesn't like eating her food and wants to fight with me each time I bring the spoon into her mouth. I tried feeling her gum in the upper part and there is some hardness in there that concludes she might be teething. There might be another tooth coming out in the next few days. Aside from the hard enamel that can be felt in there, I also saw there's something in the upper part that is whitish.. probably a tooth eh? Another thing that proves she is teething is that she sticks her tongue out all the time and drools alot.

What Happen To Paid Blogging Sites?

Tsk tsk tsk... I am empty handed now. It's been so so slow for my blogging since December 1st. I don't know what's going on to the biggest paid blogging site lately. There are a lot of red opps come out each time they release them but there is almost none for 0 PR blogs like mine.
Also one thing I notice is that 5 payout opp nowadays demands 200 words each. Unlike the old days that is usually just 50 words composition and voila! You can submit it right away that will give you a chance to grab another task to do. Could it be that they're also affected with the crisis?
Honestly, I lost my motivation to do the refreshing thing on their site because I end up getting nothing. My days ends and I don't make money at all. This is soooo tiring, everyday of my life I do nothing but trying to wait for opps... call me pamugasay because it's true and I won't deny it. lolzz...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Utah Mommy and Texas-sweetie United

So the most awaited time I have been talking in my previous posts finally happened today. Utah Mommy and Texas-sweetie got to meet in person after over a year of talking online. Never in my wildest imagination that we can meet personally for Utah and Texas are hundreds of miles away. I can't believe it happened.

Not only she met me and my family but to other bloggers in Texas as well. Rose and Annie got to meet her family too and wowwwwwww we all had a blast! It was like in a split seconds we talked and taking pics together, after that we went home and it wasn't enough for me. How I wished we could stay longer but it was really chilly tonight. No choice but go home and spoil the fun that just started that evening.

Saying "No" Once Is Enough

Our baby girl continues to amaze her parents everyday. I put my baby to several tests already and she proved to me that she's smart. When she does things that can hurt her or possible damage awaits, I would say "No baby!" in a soft and gentle tone voice. She listen to me and stop it right away. She then turn to me, crawl towards me and give me that sweetest smile only her can do. What an awesome feeling!

Guess, I would have to keep doing it so she'll know that one word is enough for an intelligent girl like her. We are so proud of her really. Weeewww way to go mommy! I should say I am doing the right thing so far...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Maybe Tomorrow They Will Be Here

Oppps as written in my previous post that I will see Utah Mommy today but we missed it. They're probably still on the road right now and still driving towards Fort Worth. They stopped by at New Mexico and they probably had fun in that state that is why they did not make it here today.

Perhaps tomorrow we can finally meet. We shall see then. According to Rose, who has been NM before, it will take 14-16 hours to get there, that's a long drive eh! Anyways, I just wait for the Stout Family to arrive in our place and hangout together.

sleep number bed

Getting 7 or 8 hours number each night is precious. If I don't get enough sleep myself I become cranky and grouchy all day that is why sleeping at night very well is a must for me. A good kind of bed like sleep number bed to sleep on contributes to getting the sleep you deserve. Do you own a nice bed that is comfortable and cozy at night? We do!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meeting Utah Mommy Tomorrow

So I only have one night to go before I can finally meet my dear co-blogger friend, Utah Mommy. She is not just an ordinary online friend to me. She is one of those that I consider friend and close to my heart though she is living couple of states away from me but we do get along very well when we chat on the internet.
Talking silly jokes, nonsense things, laugh together, cry together or other things that common ordinary housewives do during their spare time, chit chat to whatever comes in our mind . At last, tomorrow we will be able to see each other's family! I am having countdown now.. one.. two.. three.. four.. until they step foot in Fort Worth!
Weewww I am so excited now!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Happy Together

This is what my destiny brought me. This is exactly what I've dreamed when I was a teenager. To marry an American man, start a family and have a cheerful lively baby.
We are not rich and not poor either. We are simple yet living in a decent life with full of love and happiness. All these I am thankful to the only creator, our God Almighty. I can't ask for more. I am happy of what I have now!
The picture attach is caught in the act of me and the baby giggling so loud while I'm trying to kiss her little feet. So nice!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Beds Of Flowers

This photo was taken in Dallas Arboretum last October. The place was like a paradise to me. I always wanna go back there, hopefully this Spring season because they surely have new different flower species planted the entire place. I long to see thick beds of tulips in my own very eyes.

I hope, I hope I can go back there... I can't wait for that time to come and enjoy the Arboretum once again.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Amazing Weather

Sometimes I ask myself, is it really Winter now? The weather here in Texas is sporadic. It keeps changing each day. For 2 days now, our temperature is sooooooo good. I can't believe how good it was today, it was 77 degrees F and is soooooo nice. In fact, I was able to use our back screen door and opened 3 windows atleast so to keep the fresh air coming in.

I fried some dried fish because I know I can't do it when it's cold outside, can't open the windows, that's why. I don't wanna kill my husband for it stinks so much. Thank you Lord for such a wonderful day you've given to Texan people today.


I know many of you out there are struggling to lose weight. This is not new to me for I myself once struggled so much on how to lose weight. I wasn't persistent enough of my method, I would still be stuck in 105. I was thinking of trying to take something that could help me burn my fat like Leptovox. I haven't tried nor heard it before but I am willin to take risk so to get back to my original size which is 0.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Twin

This is my baby Deden. She was 9 months when I took this photo of her with her Tita Annie. Notice the facial expression? My friends say she got it from me which I believe is true for I likely to do that expression.

One time, when we visited my new OBGyne, the woman in the reception area told me that I got a twin. I asked her back, who? And she replied, "your baby". She was the first person who ever told me that and I am thankful for that nice compliment that she gave me.

Phentermine works

If my "After 6" diet method didn't work for me I could have used this widely used drug called Phentermine sold in the market today. Thankfully, after weeks of suppressing my hunger I am now down to 101 lbs. If you try to lose weight, either you try my method or take Phentermine, it is as an appetite suppressant drug and has been widely used to help obese patients to suppress hunger and lose weight.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miswa Baby

I just finished feeding my baby her dinner. She had nothing but little bit of rice and half bowl soup of miswa. It is cooked with sauteed garlic, sardines, water, miswa and onion leaves. I put ample amount of garlic in there so to help us cure the cold we have.

Anyways, baby liked it a lot, she ate it non-stop until she finished eating it all. That shows filipina side of her. I trained her to eat what I eat so it won't be hard for me to feed her while we're in the Philippines. Good girl she is as always.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2050 Haircut Style

I looked through all my photo albums in my computer and I found these hilarious photographs of my husband's head. I meant to post them sooner but it totally forgotten. One evening, he was doing his own hair as he always does. Sometimes he doesn't do it right so I need to atleast make it better.

The night he cut his hair he didn't call for help and then when I saw his back, this is what I found out.. look at pic number one...

... hmmm what is this style? crooked pahak pa jud... then I came to the rescue and straighten the cut myself... second pic look at that...
... I don't know what was in my mind that is why I couldn't make it right. Pahak sa kilid.. I was laughing too hard that I almost peed in my pants. He asked me to shave even more so to make the bald spot disappear.. so I did it, his head turned out to be like that of a bottle cap "takob suka" as we call it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Twins

My baby is close to both of her parents. She doesn't mind who is gonna take care of her as long as it's between me and her daddy. I am glad that she is close to her dad so I can leave her for a while and hang out with my friends this Friday.
I was kind of worried when she was smaller though because she didn't want to come to her dad. As soon as she's with daddy's hands, she would burst out to cry and wouldn't stop until I take her back. I wonder if she is gonna miss her daddy when we're in the Philippines?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Whatta Mess

Is this the start of being hit by the strongest whirlwind? As you can see, the floor is so messy for our little creature was having fun giving her mommy a job to do. We can no longer put books or newspapers within her reach for she surely play with them, tear them into pieces or scatter them all over the floor.

It's ok though for I can still handle the mess. Once I am tired of following after her mess then that will be the time to really start packing things away from her. Same thing in our bedroom, right now it's a lot of mess in there and I would just fix it before I go to bed tonight.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Woud-Be Bride Filipina Swept To Sea

I was horrified when Rosalie called me to come read the online news' headline about a bride-to-be Filipina being swept away to sea in the Oregon coast. Poor girl, if she didn't come to America, she would still be alive until now but.. maybe it's her fate to die that way.

"NESKOWIN, Ore. — A romantic marriage proposal on the Oregon coast turned deadly for the bride-to-be when a wave swept her out to sea." To read more on this just visit or click it here Romantic Proposal.

I hope her body will be recovered soon so the family can bury her in the Philippines.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


We bought this sky blue doggy pad originally for Deden to put in her playpen but it is too big and too bulky for her so I just let it sat beside the pen until one day the dog Chichai igat used it without any permission.

Deden only likes to use it when on the floor but I don't like her crawling all the time. If she does, she'll get on the pad with the dog of course and they'll play together.

Good thing though that the dog is sure kind enough to share her pad to Deden and not feeling jealous about it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lemonade Award For My Cough

Huh, strange is my title lolz. How can a lemonade award cure my illness? Ah just doing it for fun folks. ANNEbianca awarded me with it so here I am now doing the tag for her. Anyone is welcome to grab the award as it is for free. I don't have 10 blogs to tag so I just let you snag and do it. Don't mind the price though, I'm giving it to you at my expense.

The Rules of this award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How Bitchy I am

You Are 37% Bitchy

You're a pretty sweet person, and you're definitely not prone to bitchy outbursts.

Sometimes, though, you can't help thinking mean thoughts about people. But at least you don't act on them!

How Bitchy Are You?

For people who don't know me, they often first get an impression of me being mean but it's not true. I am good and loyal to the ones who are nice to me. Several friends can tell that to you if you ask them. I can be a real bitch if you dare mess up with me. Try me and you'll know you cannot defeat me. I am only here trying to live life at its fullest.

Dropping ECs from My Inbox

For months it's in my thoughts that dropping from my inbox is a lot of hassles compared to bookmarking of sites method. I was doing the latter method for the entire time I'm on EC world but then I realized that not all of the sites that I have bookmarked on return my drops. I lost the game and decided to find another way on how to make my dropping smooth, fast and easy.

Then not so long ago, a friend of mine whose name is Twerlyn gave me a tip on how to drop ECs real quick without leaving from drop inbox. Ok, guys I'm sharing it here now what she told me. Go to your drop inbox and choose "cards you haven't dropped on" then hold down and press CTRL key then just click and click on the cards that shows.

I tell you, it works for me now. I used to think of dropping as "MOUNT CALVARY". I suffer and consumed much of my time. Now, I think of doing it as a hobby.

cheap auto insurance

In the Philippines people that have a car or two is considered rich. Here in America, it's way too different. You need to get a car inorder for you to go to work and do other things. We do have 4 cars in total and for that it's a burden for my husband to pay for car insurance each every three months. I'm trying to convince him to switch for a company that offers cheap auto insurance so it will be less expensive on his budget. Well, it's up to him if he listens to me or not, after all it's him paying for the insurance not me.

Just When I'm About To Eat

....that is when I found out that I have nothing in my pot. Too hungry but can't eat my meal yet for there's no cooked rice in the pot. It happened to me many many times already. Because of chit chats, ec dropping, I've completely forgotten to cook rice for me.

Now it's kinda late for me to take my medicine. I don't want to taking medicine when stomach is empty for it's gonna make me sick. It sucks you know? Does it happen to you too? You're drooling over yummy food but then there's no rice to eat your viand along? duh duh duh!

Monday, December 1, 2008

No Effect

I am suffering cold and cough right now. I bought a zicam chewable remedy for it and it has been 2 days since I am taking the medicine and yet still no effect. It's not giving me the relief I want to feel even just for a moment.

If only there is a retail or sari-sari store nearby just like the Philippines, I could have bought a dozen of Neosep or anything to help me feel at ease. Geezzz it sucks for I keep blowing my nose that gives me headache and it is truly painful everytime I wipe my nose.

Not Over Yet

Feels like Fall hasn't passed yet since not all of the trees are bald right here where I can see them. Though they are very colorful and slowly falling, I don't feel like it's Winter already. Same to our temperature. The coolest it can get is only 40 plus during night time and 50s in the mornings and afternoon.

It can also get chilly and very windy at times but for me it's fine. I can still wear sleeveless even if it's kinda cool outside. Photo attached is of me and my baby with the beautiful golden red leaves for remembrance before the trees totally get bald.


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