Saturday, December 20, 2008

Utah Mommy and Texas-sweetie United

So the most awaited time I have been talking in my previous posts finally happened today. Utah Mommy and Texas-sweetie got to meet in person after over a year of talking online. Never in my wildest imagination that we can meet personally for Utah and Texas are hundreds of miles away. I can't believe it happened.

Not only she met me and my family but to other bloggers in Texas as well. Rose and Annie got to meet her family too and wowwwwwww we all had a blast! It was like in a split seconds we talked and taking pics together, after that we went home and it wasn't enough for me. How I wished we could stay longer but it was really chilly tonight. No choice but go home and spoil the fun that just started that evening.


Scotty's Princess said...

WOW! Grand eyeball! Very nice... Kita kaha kanus-a? Wahehehe!

SHIELA said...

kadiyot ra diay mo nagkita? sayang. bitaw kita kanus a sab? hehehe


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