Thursday, October 27, 2011


I got plenty of stories to tell but I've no energy to do all that. For now, let me tell you guys that we are back in Cebu from Davao. I am all exhausted and just want to lay and rest my body in bed all day long but I don't think I can do that. I can only get my full rest when I'll be home in Texas... four more days left and I'll see my husband and my little Pearl again.

Will write more when I can...I'm currently using a computer at a cafe...noisy and no!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Going Home

We just got our tickets and we are going home tomorrow. I have mixed emotion for this trip. I am kind of excited because I can get to see my family again and I guess it is going to be big reunion for the Seno clan, my brother I have not seen for five years is even there but for the most of it I AM SAD and mourning because it is not the kind of trip I expected to do all my life. This is not for a vacation but for my father's funeral.

I try to be strong and hold my tears from streaming my cheeks while on the airplane..I shall see if I can do that. I don't wanna be embarrassed ;D. It is okay to cry once I get there..but on the plane..hmmmmm...

I will resume blogging when time permits..if not..sorry you all advertisers I cannot just force myself to write while my heart is not in it.

Laptop Carts

I am amazed how my own country is so behind from the rest of the world when it comes to the development of technology. One best example is that there are hospitals or banks that are still using the traditional way of keeping records of patients/clients. In order to be efficient and fast, they should have upgraded to using laptop instead of jotting down information manually every time a patient comes in. I have been to a few hospitals here in the US and I saw laptop carts being pushed by doctors or any professionals in the medical field. One thing I can point out is the laptop cart in the delivery room I was at when I gave birth to my little Pearl. I even saw one corner where they have a laptop storage and I was like, WOW! It was so neat and organized. I thought it was so clever of the staff to come up with the idea of using such a storage for their laptops in order to keep them safe and organized.

I look at laptop storage online at and I guess this is exactly what those doctors or nurses used in the hospital. Well, if they bought their carts from this store then they picked the right store to shop for storage.

WordPress Themes

Two of my blogs are on WordPress platform. I created accounts on WordPress not so long ago for a change. For years, most of my blogs are in Blogger. So I decided to try WP after all they do have custom wordpress theme created by wordpress themes designers that are really cute. But, the only thing I can complain about it is that, it needs some familiarization because for me who is (not a blogging savvy) find it very confusing to use. However though, I still got cute custom blog design for my two blogs that fit for the topic and I plan of changing a layout for my gardening blog.

I don't when I can do that but eventually I will. For now, I am mourning for the death of my father so I just take blogging slowly. I would just probably decline some tasks for my brain can't function very well. And as to changing the layout, that can always wait. When things are better, I would definitely look for the cutest WordPress theme for home and garden.

Dealing With Great Loss!!

I don't know even know where to start... all I know is I'm feeling deep pain right now. We lost our father, our dear Papa Elson. He suffered from high blood pressure and last October 15, he had his attack for the third time and he was gone!

I woke up one morning only to find these messages I don't ever want to hear in my life, CONDOLENCE, Te from my cousins and a message from my brother's wife telling me he passed away! So this is it! I have to face my greatest fear, a death of a loved one. I've never felt this close to my father and when I realized that we've created that bond a daughter and father share, he was taken from me, from us!

September 30 was the last time I talked to him on the phone. He was all happy and smiling as usual, calling him once a month would make his day BIG TIME! I say that because I felt his laughter were so pure and just very happy. I even asked a couple times "nganung lipay man kaayo ka Pa?" and he would say "alangan kay nanawag man ka, An-an na gud na!".

This sad circumstance is so unexpected especially to my father for he wasn't the person that would just sit his butt on the couch all day. He jogged every morning, exercise his arms, hands and legs and most of all he ate the right kind of foods, foods that won't trigger his disease. He'd chew vegetables raw or steam them, he divorced himself from eating greasy foods.. he was also taking supplements that helps the blood flow or whatsoever.

Papa, wherever you are now please know that you will be missed dearly. I may never told you how much I cared and loved you but I hope you knew it in your heart. I don't know what life is like without a father but for sure good memories we had will forever be in my heart......

SOBBING...SOBBING...SOBBING! May God open the heavens for your soul and rest in peace Papa!!!!!

Skin Care Products

With all the beauty products out in the market today, how do you choose your own beauty regimen? Would you go for a brand, its contents or the price? As for me, first of all I would do a research on that certain product and its maker. Then I will check the label if it contains harmful chemicals or does it contain those essential minerals that I can benefit by buying the product.

With Murad Skin Care Products, you can be assured that you got the right line of products if you should choose to use their Acne Products and Age Spots for they truly work. For acne solutions, they only sell gentle yet effective acne solutions which is the answer to your problem.

And when it comes to treating age spots or brown spots, Murad has developed Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel. Clinically proven treatment that helps fades brown skin spots very fast at the same time improving your skin texture and tone. This should give you beautiful and even-toned skin which most people hope.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Plus Size Dresses

What I love about shopping in America is that stores offer clearance sale with the most marked down prices of clothing, baby stuff and in almost everything. Aside from that, they do sell several sizes of clothing for adults from double zeros to double extra large. If you are petite then you look your size at a petite or junior's section of the store or when shopping online, you'll click on the page that says petite. People have different body type and built, different sizes as well so do the dresses.

I am glad to know that shoppers can just shop for the size that fits them. Like the one I know in other states, two of them are plus sizes so I told them to shop for plus size dresses because that surely would fit them right.

While back in the Philippines, if you are a little bit chubby, therefore you are a bit different than everybody else. Because the normal sizes there are from XS to Large. You cannot guarantee it will be easy for you to shop for your clothing because stores there won't normally sell plus sizes.

Chubby Tot My Lovely Sunshine!

I'm getting fonder of her everyday. I can spend hours and hours just playing, cooing along with her and talking to her as if we understand each other. There is something that lies between us that bond us together as mother and child. Seeing my child/ren happy makes me happy too. 

Photos below is my 2 months and 2 weeks chubby tot little Pearl. Her smile what greets me when I wake up tired every morning. When she give me those heart-melting smiles everything goes fine for the rest of the day. She is my sunshine, my lovely sunshine...yes, that's how she is to me!

Due Diligence Checklist

When running a business we ensure things are running smoothly all the time, employees are doing their job in a timely manner and most of all things are going as they are supposed to be. Also when sharing the most critical business data or information, it should be at its most confidential way of sharing from one computer to another or from one company to the other. This can only be done through the use of what company is offering.

They have what they call Merrill Datasite which is a virtual data room services provider that offers a secure and highly efficient method of sharing critical business information for electronic due diligence in M&A advisory, banking M&A, mid market M&A review, transfer of small business ownership when selling a company, document warehousing, mergers and acquisitions due diligence, succession in family business or when buying a business, and many others including due diligence checklist.

Aside from that they also cater legal translation and language translation services. Their Merrill Brink International is known to be the leading provider of financial, legal, life sciences and corporate Translation Services for global companies. So in case your company needs any of these services mentioned above, you may refer this website or click on the links here and it should get you directly to the site itself.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Preparing For Cold Weather

I am so into online shopping for clothing lately. I shopped specifically for my two little girls. The first born needs new clothing for the coming cold temperatures ahead. She has had outfits from last year but you know toddlers grow faster than you can imagine so here I am now hunting for bargains on the internet. If I think I can get a great deal into something in that particular site, I try to buy one or more items so to so save the shipping or to avail the free shipping promotion.

Of course, I would not only browse for clothes for my little girls, I get to shop for myself as well to be even with them hehe. Right now I am on Aeropostale's sight browsing at girls cargo pants. I really feel I need a new pair of cargo pants because I deserve it. I blog hard so I deserve to buy something for myself as a treat. Anyway, if you feel like shopping just like me, please head to Aeropostale website and take advantage of their Bulldog sale of up to 70% off price as marked. Graphic tees for example starting at $17.50 or mix and match for $18. Hurry shop now before it's gone.

Mellow Yellow Monday: New Play Area


The last time we went to the mall with my first born we were amazed to see the newly constructed and improved play area. Last month, we were there and everything was gone. I was a bit worried what if they won't put the play area back again, where are the kids gonna go? It is the closest place we can go to so my little girl can play so that concerned me a bit but then just two weeks ago they actually moved it a few feet than the original place. I love how it looks now, more colorful, more fun to play with and most of all it's clean since it's new!

Mailboxes And Such

Every day I am wondering as to when we can get our home remodeling projects started. We are waiting for something to happen that could really help our plans be realized. The question is, WHEN? We have had some heavy downpour for the past two days and I am concerned whether we are going to have a leak in the roof and potentially damage our stuff inside the house or will there be hails and damage all four cars parked outside? Or strong gusty winds could knock down our mailbox and lose our important mails that will come in the next days because the mail man has nowhere to put the mails? Too many unanswered questions.

While that linger in our minds, we cannot stop hoping and continue making plans for the better of our home. Part of the plan obviously is to look at mailboxes and mailbox posts and hopefully replace the ancient mailbox we have. Also, looking at address plaques make me want to include to have one as well so people can clearly our address from the road.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy After Bath

This is my little Pearl. This is how she looks after taking a bath. She wouldn't cry a second instead giving her mommy this kind of happy face after she gets out the tub. What a darling she is! Babies are supposed to cry when being bathed but my little Pearl? Nuh uh! She is one tough girl and I believe she loves the warm water dripping in her delicate and tiny body. Love you baby girl!!

Fine Quality Mailboxes

If you would go outside and examine closely our mailbox or if you pass by our street and pass by our hourse, you will notice our mailbox is kind of crooked. It is attached to a wood right now and standing there temporarily as it is right now because we still haven't found the will or the budget to buy a new one.

Although our mail box doesn't look good, but at least it is not the only ugly mailbox in this street. There are other houses as well that retain their old mailboxes. If we were to buy a new one, I would love my husband to look at these kind of mailboxes I am eyeing right now. The Classic Mailboxes, Gaines Mailboxes and Keystone Mailboxes. The keystone mailboxes especially are gorgeous and are made with fine high quality materials.

What I love about the idea of shopping a mailbox at is that they offer free shipping on all Gaines mailboxes that if a customer choose to buy the Gaines mailboxes. Aside from that, this company is your ultimate source for Gaines Mailboxes of every size, finish, style and material.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lowering Our Monthly Utility Bills

First day of November which is next month will be our two years anniversary since we moved in this house. Amazing how times fly so fast. Yes, we have been living in this house for almost two long years yet we haven't done major jobs to keep the house more comfortable for us and to lower our monthly utility bills. It sucks because we are waiting on the execution of the Will so we can have that budget to have our house repaired and replace all things that we need to get rid of.

Anyhow, we do have plans, a lot of plans to be exact for our home. Major jobs need to be done so we can save money on utility bills. During the hot summer months, we have had at least two astounding electricity bills that we never had before. A/C unit alone needs to be gone, we need new roof because shingles are literally blowing off, definitely need energy efficient windows, the ones we have are at least a decade old or more, also not forgetting attic need to be insulated to ensure not wasting so much of energy.

Yes, I can go on and on forever enumerating the major repairs in this house but I don't want to bore you with that. Major repairs need major budget as well that is why we kept putting off these jobs for the reason we don't have the budget as of now. Maybe there is a company out there that will allow or give us home repair grants. God, please help us. You know our hearts' desire! Promise when we have money, we will hire attic insulation contractors right away so to get our attic insulation started right away.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ridiculous Charge From Charter

We are being charged of the so called "tv service" by Charter of the home repair they've done to us last August. Somehow our modem that we rented from Charter stopped working, we didn't know at first that it was the modem that's defective so we have waited for days to have our internet service back. They said there is a service outage in our area so we trusted them that they should call us once the service is restored. But that call never happened so we have gone for almost a week without internet.

The husband called them what is going on, that is when we found out it was actually the modem that had problem. So they had a technician came over to the house to switch a new modem and voila! We got our internet service back! Weeks later there is a $35 bill in our statement fell in to "t.v service" category. What the heck? $35 for what? for unplugging and plugging the cables back to the new modem? We could have done that ourselves. WE REALLY THOUGHT THAT WAS RIDICULOUS OF YOU CHARTER! Now we are thinking of finding another company that wouldn't rip us off.

Need Help Moving?

Moving from one place to another can be difficult and stressful. Been there, done that. And my husband and I both swear never again will we move again in ten years for we did the move all by ourselves with out the help of Movers. The result? It was so stressful and very tiring especially to the husband who did all the lifting of heavy furniture and other stuff. If we would have hired a moving company, things would have been easier but no, we wanted to save some money that is why we did the most unthinkable job ever.

So if you read this and have plans on moving, you listen to me. Look up for some real good
Moving Companies to help you do the moving. If you live in Canada specifically in the Toronto area, find Toronto Movers near you so you will be from moving hassles and other worries about not doing a good job packing your stuff resulting to damaging them. A professional mover should know what to do to keep your valuable belongings safe.

Wordless Wednesday: Aren't They Cute?

Classroom Audio Systems

It has been a month since I received that notice from the immigration telling me they received my application. I am waiting on the approval notice which for me is taking too long, I am thrilled whether my application will be accepted or denied. God forbid, I paid a good amount of money for that application. Getting my sister over here seems to me the right decision so that she can have a better life. Right now she is in 5th grade. By the time she is almost done in high school she should be here joining with us in the United States.

If ever the visa processing is finished before she graduates high school that will be awesome so she will experience how it is studying here. I know there will be a huge difference between here and the Philippines' way of teaching. Classrooms here are equipped with the right tool for students to learn, probably they have the right classroom audio systems. Students here are lucky.

While back home, teachers have to speak aloud so students can hear them. They don't have any classroom audio or classroom amplification that enables students of 50 plus to hear clearly while the teacher discusses in the front. I even doubt if they even have a good conference audio systems. Poor is the country that the government cannot afford to provide what the people or schools need.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday: Cutie Pie Little Pearl


Yes, I proudly say this is my very own cutie pie little Pearl here. She just looks like her grandpa thank goodness. Her grandpa Morgan was a good looking man and I am glad little Pearl got her looks from him. It's like a reincarnation, we lost someone we dearly love and someone was born two months ago! We are lucky, we have a constant reminder of how her grandpa's face now.

ImTOO DVD Ripper

I am using Windows Vista as my operating system. I have not upgraded to Windows 7 yet. My computer is at least almost four years old and I am pretty sure the programs along with other software installed in this computer since we bought it need an upgrade. I have used the music rip software in this computer several times from the past, and now I don't even know if it is still working nor it does need some upgrade as well. How awful huh for not being sure if some features of this computer still working or need upgrades.

One day when we have the money, I would like to have a DVD rip software bought from so I can easily rip movies in my computer and watch it wherever I go, whenever I feel like watching movie. ImTOO not only has ImTOO DVD Ripper but they also offer DVD ripper software for movie fans online. If you ever need a DVD ripper of some sort, I would like you to visit on their site or simply click on the links here and see what other program or software available for you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shaggy Rugs Are On The List

Looking at the things we have, what caught my attention the most are our rugs. The ones we are using right now are old, dusty, lots of stain in them and most old fiber is falling apart because they are of my father in-law's rugs. Also our big girl's bedroom need a coordinating shaggy rugs for her shaggy carpet. We can buy new rugs hopefully before this years ends, God hear our wishes.

We have been waiting forever for the Will to be executed, waiting for the husband to receive his part but then it is unclear as to when it is going to be over. The processing is slow as turtle that we almost lost our faith with them. Anyway, shopping for rugs are one of the things that topped our list for the home.

I know exactly where to find good quality rugs. If we cannot find them at our local home improvement stores then is a good place to be shopping for rugs and other stuff pertaining to the beautification and improvement of our humble and cozy home. The company has all types of rugs available in a large variety of sizes, styles and colors. They are known to be the online rugs retailer based in London, UK and have been in the rug industry for many years.

I'm Glad I Did It

I am glad I took my Jadyn out to the mall yesterday for I put a smile in her little innocent face and a joy to her heart. It was my way of making up with her because I felt like I have not been giving her enough of my attention since the baby was born. When I told her mommy and Jadyn are going shopping, she got very excited with the news and told her daddy about it. Good thing I don't need to ask the husband to drive us for he already knew what he needs to do.

Calling International Can Be Expensive

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
I just spent twenty dollars on international call I made to my family in the Philippines. Twenty dollars give me less than two hours of talking with them. Twenty dollars isn't enough  for me and can only do this once a month or it will be too much in our budget if I call them more than once in a month. As much as I wanted to talk to my family often, I cannot do that.
But with this Straight Talk International Long Distance Service, I may get a better deal rather than my current subscription. With this flexible prepaid calling service it enables me to make international phone call from cell , home or office phones. 
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