Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Classroom Audio Systems

It has been a month since I received that notice from the immigration telling me they received my application. I am waiting on the approval notice which for me is taking too long, I am thrilled whether my application will be accepted or denied. God forbid, I paid a good amount of money for that application. Getting my sister over here seems to me the right decision so that she can have a better life. Right now she is in 5th grade. By the time she is almost done in high school she should be here joining with us in the United States.

If ever the visa processing is finished before she graduates high school that will be awesome so she will experience how it is studying here. I know there will be a huge difference between here and the Philippines' way of teaching. Classrooms here are equipped with the right tool for students to learn, probably they have the right classroom audio systems. Students here are lucky.

While back home, teachers have to speak aloud so students can hear them. They don't have any classroom audio or classroom amplification that enables students of 50 plus to hear clearly while the teacher discusses in the front. I even doubt if they even have a good conference audio systems. Poor is the country that the government cannot afford to provide what the people or schools need.

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