Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ridiculous Charge From Charter

We are being charged of the so called "tv service" by Charter of the home repair they've done to us last August. Somehow our modem that we rented from Charter stopped working, we didn't know at first that it was the modem that's defective so we have waited for days to have our internet service back. They said there is a service outage in our area so we trusted them that they should call us once the service is restored. But that call never happened so we have gone for almost a week without internet.

The husband called them what is going on, that is when we found out it was actually the modem that had problem. So they had a technician came over to the house to switch a new modem and voila! We got our internet service back! Weeks later there is a $35 bill in our statement fell in to "t.v service" category. What the heck? $35 for what? for unplugging and plugging the cables back to the new modem? We could have done that ourselves. WE REALLY THOUGHT THAT WAS RIDICULOUS OF YOU CHARTER! Now we are thinking of finding another company that wouldn't rip us off.

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