Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't Be Surprised If.....

....we are chatting and my words suddenly go like this jjmakammghhh...iivcmba00.csssssssss and other unreadable words or letters because it's my baby who does it. Most of my friends that I constantly talking on yahoo messenger already knew about it but for those I just started talking then it would be nice to know this.

My baby has showed her interest to computer since she entered into toddler stage of her life. I do think that before she could turn two years old, she'll be able to use the computer and the mouse as well. For now she is still learning how to move the cursor as well as making strange tapping on the keyboard/typepad.

Laptop-a-Day Sweepstakes

Hey guys! How do you like winning a free laptop? I do since it's free. My laptop has been acted weird lately it's probably because it had been dropped twice already. I only have this for two years and here it is I notice something is not good about it.

However though, I am very much willing and excited to join this fabulous contest that Charter is giving away. The contest is called Laptop-a-Day Sweepstakes that would qualifies everyone of entering only if they register themselves to be one of the contestants. I would do that as soon as I am done taking care of the baby here.

And oh by the way, I am on facebook a lot so I would want to add Charter on Facebook too so I can follow them everyday of the latest news and contests. If you are not on facebook, you can also follow them Charter on Twitter as well. Oh yeah, got to finish this now and register myself at Charter for a possible of winning a free laptop. You should check this out too guys if you want a new laptop for you or for your kids who need it and are in school!



Friday, July 24, 2009

She Has A Newborn

Jadyn just got her newborn doll from her dada 2 nights ago when her dad came home from work. She was sleeping at the time he arrived home and when she woke up, she first saw the beautiful newborn doll on the table and went right towards the doll with a sweet grin on her face.

We both believe that our baby really likes her new doll eh! She handles it like a real delicate baby I can pretty much tell by the way she treat the doll. Lucky baby she has this pretty doll that I didn't have when I was growing up!

protect your baby's future

My baby girl just got healed from 4 days of battling her illness. Last week we rushed her to the emergency room because of the high fever that brought seizure to her for the first time. I tell you it was very scary. The high fever lasted for two days and after it subside there was this troubling rash all over her. Good thing though it wasn't serious, if it was then I could have not forgive myself for that. I feel like I am not taking care of my baby very well that is why she got sick.

But anyways, enough of my ranting. If it means protecting my baby's future, I would do everything I possibly can and for that saving a newborn's cord blood through Cryo-Cell will be my priority next time or if ever I will have my second child. Too bad though I wasn't able to do that with my first baby.

If you happen to read this entry tonight and know someone or you are expecting a child soon, you might consider saving your baby's cord blood to save your baby's future from deadly diseases as U-Cord blood stem cells are known to treat over 75 diseases and have been used in over 12,000 transplants worldwide.

Cryo-Cell has an exclusive premium family service, "Protect Baby, Protect Mom" where they can get the best value and choose to enroll online with Cryo-Cell using promotional code:995PS by midnight of Sunday, July 26th, they will receive special UCORD pricing of $995 for processing, testing and first year of storage plus the cancellation fee is waived.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Long Hair Now

I have been waiting for so long for my baby's hair to grow long so I can put clips and style her hair. It seems like it is growing so slow that only the back part of her head I can twist and put clips on it. I know it's gonna grow long though in the long run. I just have to be patient in waiting for the time I can finally tie her hair into pony tail or simply just hang it down for her to look girlish.

Sample photos below. As you can see I am shooting at the back part of the head as it's the only part I can grasp the hair.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Losing My Traffic

I'm so caught up with this farming addiction that I neglected my most valued readers for the past weeks. I didn't realize how much I am into it until one day I woke up with only three drops in my ECS. Of course I can't let it happen forever and will slow down my FARM TOWN addiction for a while.

Money is important to me, as someone says I always talk about money. Why wouldn't I? Don't we need it?? At least if I talk about money, it's all about how to make it on my own not "gold digging" from someone else's pocket, not even from my husband's pocket. I am sending my family some financial support every month through my hard work and not asking from a single penny from my lalabs and I am proud of it.

Back to ECs dropping, if there are no good visitors for a week that could also means I am losing my opportunities which supposed to be mine. However, I am willing to make it up to you guys. I would not allow to let myself ignore those who dropped me. I promise I'll be in your dashboard frequently.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yikes This Is Scary!

...... yep that's my actual screen up there before I shut down my laptop. I tried replacing it with a picture and it won't allow me to do so...

It scared the hell out of me when the attachment above happened to my computer earlier. I was just visiting a certain website then one damaging site suddenly popped out and voila! I got this very strange desktop picture plus a blinking warning on my taskbar that says WARNING: YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED WITH SPYWARE.. blah blah blah. And I said, what the heck? How is this happened.

I will be crying so loud like a two-year old having tantrums if one of my valuable possessions, my computer get infected with worms or viruses. Truly it is panicking for it could get all confidential information I have in my computer plus login information to my finances' section. Waaaaaaa makalurat sa giti ning mga criminal way mabuhat oi!

Good thing though it was just a false alarm. I ran my anti virus software, scan the windows defender and turned it on to really get fully protected from unwanted harms on the internet. I also promise not to open that site I went to earlier so I won't risk my computer anymore.

Life With Charter

People in today's world are living their lives depending mainly on digitals. Of course I am talking about highly developed countries like the US as far as using of digital tools are concerned. It changes their lives constantly and use it to interact with friends, families and here's one sophisticated thing, people seem to learn and play with it.

From shopping online, rental of movies on the internet without going through the hassles of lining up in Blockbuster, reading news online, recent celebrity gossips, share photos as well as playing video games are just few of the many things we can do by using this high technology tool called the internet.

Do you know that one big company provider of telephone and internet services are also now on Facebook? You might want to check out Charter on Facebook to see their amazing contests every now and then. You would be happy to know it if you are a Charter customer because it will be easy for you to join their on going contest. Simply “Tell Us How You Do It,” and by doing so, you can win some great prizes. Each week Charter is giving away either a 15” laptop or a 52” HDTV to one lucky customer who submits their story.

At the end of the promotion, Charter will be giving away a package of one 52” HFTV, one 15” Laptop, and a free year of the Charter Bundle with includes Digital Cable with HD and a DVR, Charter High-Speed Internet and Charter Telephone.

Now tell me if you are not tempted to join their contest? You want a free 52" HDTV? Then submit your story now. Do visit charter.com/yourlife/ and submit your story with photos or video that shows the people behind Charter how you live your life with digital tools.


Friday, July 10, 2009


I feel my baby's struggle right now. I've been there once when I was a young girl. Always I find trouble releasing my waste that my parents needed to help me with an onion bulb only to let it out. It's very depressing because no matter how I wanted to poop, I couldn't. I just couldn't and it hurts so bad in the bottom just like what Jadyn is feeling right now.

If only I could shoulder her burden so she doesn't suffer, I would have done that to make her feel at ease. Believe me or not, she could only poop once or twice a week of course with a help of laxative. They say mango helps defecating but it's of no help at all.

Just too bad though she got the dilemma from me. Why her? Of all people, why my Jadyn naka kuha sa ako pagka toblonon before?

enroll now

I know three women expecting to give birth in the next couple of weeks. They are not in to blogging so I doubt they know about this what they call Cryo-Cell cord blood banking to help save your family's lives in the future. I must tell them how important it is to save the umbilical cord of their babies so they can have something to use when a disease strikes to any of their family members. Wish they can enroll now to receive a special offer that the company is offering to all expectant mothers out there.

All they have to do is learn all the facts and don't trust anyone else but Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank to preserve this potential medical miracle. Then after that, a thoughtful decision should be made because it is for their own good. There are numerous reasons why should you choose preserving your baby's cord blood at Cryo- Cell. First is that Cryo-Cell boasts the industry’s highest levels of quality certifications and accreditations and so many others.

Aside from providing product quality guarantee, the company have helped thousands of clients already and you can read the testimonials found on their site if you want to believe that it's true.


Waiting For My Schedule

I am getting excited as days passed by over me. We have three different appointments coming ahead. First to come is my appointment to my OBGYN then to my baby's pediatrician and lastly to my orthodontics. It's the most awaited appointment I am looking forward of going.

On the 22nd of this month, I can finally have my braces on that means it's the start of me wearing this metal thing in my mouth towards a brighter sweeter smile. It's my lifelong dream to be fulfilled and thanks to my husband for this. Today, he went to the ortho office and pay the full amount they've given us so they can get started in the next two weeks. God I am so excited!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's A Blu World

Have you entered the BluFrog contest yet? If you still remember I posted about this contest a couple of weeks ago, you probably are familiar with it and I heard it's going to its final days now. So before it's too late for you to win a massive of cool prizes you better go to the BluFrog website right away and learn how you will be entered in their three methods.

Blue Frog is a wildly healthy energy drink for people who can't content themselves with some other energy drinks out there. You have got to try it to believe that it generates enough energy in your body. It is made with real healthy ingredients, real fruit and most of all lower calories and carbohydrates. It is the best healthy energy drink you can try ever all your life and you will not regret for choosing the healthy drink.

If you are watchful what you give to your body then this must be the only energy drink in a can you have been looking for. Read the facts to believe it by simply going to BluFrog's official website now. I think it would be a good idea if I try buying two cans for my husband of blue frog and see if he likes it. If he does, then this could be his favorite drink from the time he starts drinking it.


Hurting My Eyes

This is crazy. This farm town thing is not making my eyes any better. It's been days now since I'm suffering from red, scratchy, itchy and sore eyes especially the one on the left is just so terrible. I feel like I can no longer stay at the computer as I want to because it's unbearable for me.

I would like to slow down now though because it's only me who's suffering. Anyways, I'm on the top level now and there is no contest running on FT as to who's got the highest level. I learned that I should not take it too seriously.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

auto body irvine

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Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Sorry Gen!

I am talking to a close friend of mine in Washington right now. We are talking about how she feels the dilemma a Filipina has to experience living far from her homeland, this is what we call "homesickness". I am so sorry mi amiga I can't do anything to help you with that. I feel you and I hear you. I've been there too and it took me a while to recover from it.

Stupid is the filipina to say that she is not feeling homesick. She may be not homesick right now (as I know a person who is conceited to say she is used to the loneliness in America now) while in fact she's only been here for weeks. Huh time will come she'll realize what she got herself into and when that time comes, I will just laugh my ass off! Poor girl.

Not only we suffer from "kamingaw", we also have to adjust to the weather changes, the food and the idea of not having someone around that you know and not being able to go out where you wanna go without dragging your husband with you it's because commuting in this country isn't that popular. You'll have to have your own vehicle to keep you moving. Yah know what I mean?

For you Gen, hope you'll get over it! When you need someone to carefully listen to you, I'm just a click or a phone call away from you. Just call my name ug TABANGAY TA DUHA SINGGIT KAMINGAWWWWWWW SA KALIBUTAN!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Triple Digit Heat Today

Umaga palang, feel ko na ang init ni haring Araw! Ah tagalog na ha! waa hehehe... seriously, it's gonna be a triple digit heat here in Texas and I'm not loving it. When I took the baby outside at 8 this morning, I can feel that heat as if the sun is at its peak already.
Yesterday was awesome. It was only around 80s and used only the ceiling fans. No way I could turn the small airconditioners on because it was just mildly bearable. I doubt if we can go out in the front yard later today because for sure it's not gonna be nice outside.


Facebook? I'm on there no need to ask that. In fact I am using it everyday for my game called farm town as well as checking out Offeretti - Offers, Deals, Coupons, Savings, Specials. I love to shop and save so it is just right to use offeretti for big offers, savings and discounts. How about you? Do you use facebook so much?

Premium Finance

Get rid of hassles of paying your insurance in full amount because that could only adds up to your stressful mind if you keep thinking how are you going to be able to pay or afford your very important insurance. With Premium Finance it helps you smoothen the cost of your insurance by simply enables you to pay your premiums in regular monthly instalments throughout the policy period. Worried about rate interest? Not with Premium Fince for they have the most competitive rate interest ever compare to other finance company.


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