Saturday, July 18, 2009

Losing My Traffic

I'm so caught up with this farming addiction that I neglected my most valued readers for the past weeks. I didn't realize how much I am into it until one day I woke up with only three drops in my ECS. Of course I can't let it happen forever and will slow down my FARM TOWN addiction for a while.

Money is important to me, as someone says I always talk about money. Why wouldn't I? Don't we need it?? At least if I talk about money, it's all about how to make it on my own not "gold digging" from someone else's pocket, not even from my husband's pocket. I am sending my family some financial support every month through my hard work and not asking from a single penny from my lalabs and I am proud of it.

Back to ECs dropping, if there are no good visitors for a week that could also means I am losing my opportunities which supposed to be mine. However, I am willing to make it up to you guys. I would not allow to let myself ignore those who dropped me. I promise I'll be in your dashboard frequently.


""rare*jonRez"" said...

huhuhu! sa three drops guro nimo, basin isa ko sa tulo! am i not? :D

Ritchelle said...

Mag FT nalang gud ta gud.

Grampy said...

We all wander off from time to time. I do it when I get a chance for a get away. Even though we have a laptop we don't use it.

Narayan Sukla said...
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Dorothy L said...

That's the good thing about blogging...your traffic picks up as quickly as it drops off. :)

We all get sidetracked:)


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