Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not A Good Game To Play

My eyes were fine today until I thought of playing bejeweled blitz on fb. This game gives me so much fun but it cause me headache and blurred vision after a couple of rounds playing the game. Gosh, bejeweled really hurting my eyes.

I stopped playing 5 hours ago and here I am still suffering from headache and painful eyes. I promised to myself before that I'm not gonna play this kind of game ever again but somehow just eating my words lolz... there's just nothing else to do when baby is playing that is why..

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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Not So Good Monday

There is only one good thing about my Monday here so far, it's just that I am alive and was able to get up from bed and do my usual thing in the computer. Other than that, hmmpp let me write one by one.. my back is aching from curling up position the whole night like that of a fetus. I do this to comfort myself or when in heartache. I got two big sores in my tongue caused from biting too hard in it last couple of days so eating for me is kinda difficult. Eyes are hurting so bad from crying and hmmpp if you wonder why, don't ask me. I'll keep it to myself nalang!

Another thing is my baby isn't feeling very good. I wonder how she got caught with cough and cold. All I know is when we got back from grocery shopping yesterday, she already had cold then evening came, she barked like our dog. At this point, she is still sleeping and it's already 11:40 a.m. Good for her so she can get the lost sleep from last night's coughing.

Haaayyzzz why life has to be difficult. It sucks seeing my baby being sick.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Blogger trophy

Guess what? I received a Blogger Trophy from Andrea of and for that I am so thankful of her for giving me this one of a kind award.

Receiving this one is just like receiving the grandest award from EMMY lolz! I would love to give this to people who I think deserve to win the same thing as I do namely; Chilay, Mary Anne and Claire! Hope you guys accept this very special award just for you!

save your future

Do you have a family history of stroke, diabetes, heart disease or breast cancer? These are the questions that I need to think seriously because my parents suffering one of the mentioned diseases above. My father especially, has had a stroke a year and a half ago and for that I constantly worry about his health. He is currently under medication and honestly, I have no idea as to how long he can live after 2 several episodes of stroke.

If I cannot correct the past, maybe then I can prevent myself or my children and husband to experience the same thing as my father did. Since, I know that there is something I can do to keep this from happening in the future, I would rather act now than regret later. Through C'elle stem cell collection, I can make a difference. C'elle is offering you an affordable way to protect your or our future. For just $299 ($400 off the regular price!!! ) and enter the Promo Code CN400.

What does C'elle do? It collects collects and saves potentially life saving stems found naturally in menstrual blood. We women are sure glad to know about this and I would want to get a kit for myself very soon and get started in preserving my menstrual cell.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Problem With My Baby

One of the many factors why my Jadyn got skinny is that she is difficult to feed nowadays. Sometimes, I fight with her just so she can have something in her stomach. Other times, she would voluntarily open her mouth and take the food I feed her but after 2 or 3 teaspoons of feeding, she'll be done. The following subo will be rejected until we get to the point of forcing her to eat.

I try giving her snack such as apple slices, biscuits/ stripe fudge or anything that she might want but same thing, she would only eat a little and waste the rest of the food. Hahaayyzzz my baby so hard to feed. I thought she will never changed. Before she would just eat anything I give to her...

best buy at

I am a shopper myself either online or at the local malls. When I am bored, I would just browse for nice stuff on the internet since I don't drive. It is fun to do, convenient and most of all I don't waste gas for it only takes a matter of clicking my mouse and voila! I can shop whatever it is that I need with great great discounts.

One of the best shops that I so frequently visit is where everything is truly a best buy from household, children, outdoor, electronics and many others. I shopped at this store a few times and I like how fast they ship my items.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Youngest Job Applicant

Attached is a picture of my baby at Tom Thumb grocery store in the machine where people can sell themselves for possible job they can get. It is how it's done here in America, just go input your information and job experience in the machine to become one of their teams in the future or apply online. No need to wake up early morning, fall in a very long line and hand your resume manually to the right people

As easy as mouse-clicking, voila! You expect for a call for interview in the next days. Ako baby mura korek pud doing her thing while waiting on daddy to finish at the counter.

Cord Blood Banking

I have been hearing about this cord blood banking thingy before and I just didn't mind it since I wasn't that interested during that time I am not yet planning to have a child. When I was pregnant until I gave birth to my baby I still ignored the fact that it can save my life, her dad's life or any of our relatives in the future.

I keep reading the benefits of having it preserved at a cord blood bank and it awakens me that we really need to treasure our next baby's cord blood. I am kind of thinking twice though because most of the banks that do this are pretty expensive. But now that I have known this very sole company called Cryo-Cell everyting seems to be acceptable.

I value my family so much that I want to do anything and everything just to make them happy, safe and most of all provide the only cure I can possibly give when they get very ill, God forbid. Now, I am so determined that if ever we will decide to have a second baby, its cord blood will go directly into preservation for our future's sake.

Read the testimonial below!
My children are the most precious gifts that I will ever have and I want to do everything I can to make sure they are well. While I was pregnant with my first child, I would see articles and ads about cord blood and it bothered me that it was so expensive but what if I one day needed this blood. The reality of having only one chance or it really went in the garbage kept me wondering if I would regret not investing. What if he had cancer or his dad or I were sick, would that blood have been the cure? Through research, I came across Cryo-Cell International, Inc., a company with the most reasonable rates and the assurance of two holding facilities.

When I was pregnant with my second child, we wondered if one bank was enough? Finances were tighter and should we spend the money? Then we realized that his brothers blood might not match for the new baby. The next day, stories were breaking about how Cord blood had saved or changed the lives of children, one cancer, one cerebral palsy. Then we discovered that a friend was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. He didn't bank his daughters blood and wished he had. Three years prior, I lost a friend to renal cancer when she was 29. We felt like it was our answer.

We are just beginning to see miracles that this blood can bring. We have two "life insurance policies", that is how we look at it. If anyone in the family gets ill, there is a chance that the blood could save our lives. If we don't use it, then it is there for our son's children."


Friday, April 17, 2009

My Appreciation

Hi guys! My sincerest appreciation for taking the time peeking into my sister's blog. I'll try to work on the comment section why it seems not working for you. I am happy to know that she is blogging now, through it I am able to hear the latest news and gossip about my family in the Philippines.
Keep visiting this blog or the Little Kutitap's blog and I'll get back to you asap I feel your presence here. Have a fine Friday night!


If you are on a serious diet and currently taking some diet supplements or something to clean the harmful chemicals of your system, you might want to do your job first before taking any products whether it can be beneficial or cause harm to your body.

If you answer yes to that and taking Colonix, think twice and visit the linked word Colonix and see the negative article about the product. We will see if you want to change your mind or not.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Visit My Little Sister's Blog

An aspiring little kutitap has now entered the blogging world. She is my little sister named Alexia, 9 years old living in the Philippines. She started blogging in February and continuously doing it until now. As a matter of fact, she keeps her blog updated daily.

What makes her blog unique is that, it is solely written by her. Unlike other kiddie blogs, she is the one and real author of her own blog where she puts everything in her thoughts everyday in a kid's life. As young as 9 years old she is able to construct her own english sentences which is very unusual for a filipino kid of her age to write. Although there are some grammatical mistakes in her words but its sure enough understandable to know what she means.

Friends, I would like you to visit her humble home called: Alex, The Little Kutitap blog. I promise you will enjoy staying in her blog by simply reading the little girl's writing! She will appreciate it if you leave your comments there as well.

web hosting choice

I spoke with my cousin in the Philippines the other night and she was talking about getting her own domain as well as own web hosting. I told her where I got my domain for a cheaper price and for the hosting, she should investigate different websites that offer real deal for it because web hosting is a bit pricey compared to that of getting a domain.

While there are tons of websites out there offers a promising hosting price, still you cannot be sure which ones are the cheapest. Good thing though that is there to help her out and to decide which one to choose for her. Oh a little information about is that it is a free research guide that helps users choose the right web host for their personal or business website.

If she followed my advice to visit before purchasing a hosting then she is in the right path. Another thing that she can get from this website is that it provides an easy and simple site to help her choose which one is suitable for her small site.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Is This How To Use A Pacifier?

If you guys can demonstrate to me how to use a pacifier correctly then show me so I can teach my baby to do it. The video shows that my baby is not used to using a pacifier. Yes she used it quite a while that was when she was still a newborn to deceive her when she cries but that's it. After two months of babyhood, I took it away from her because I am afraid that it will be difficult for her to stop.

I thought of sharing this video of her here because it's so funny. She simply doesn't know how to the pacifier, to see is to believe! Watch the video!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Loving Dada

I am truly blessed for having such wonderful man in my life. Not only he treated me like the luckiest woman alive but also he gave me a very beautiful baby. My husband is such a loving dada to our Jadyn and to our dog. I have no regret I married this man. With our without camera, he's the best dad I've ever known so far.

Photo above is captured when he just arrived home from working out, as you can see he got a handful of lil creatures! That is the usual scene here when my husband arrives home!

Westagate reservations

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can't Log In On EC Site

Just when my kakugi nisuol for dropping ec cards, that is when the site is down for some weird reasons. It's been a long long while since I haven't dropped my cards and I so missed doing the task. I am sorry entrecarders (I know there are some of you who left to be loyal dropping your ecs to mine) because life here has been very busy.
I already have a toddler so just imagine the big responsibility I have for my baby. At times I can get very busy during day time, baby won't let me type in my computer instead watch her programs in cds or learn ABCs. It's ok though, she is curious and learning which I am so glad about to know.
Hope tomorrow EC site will resume working and for that they will let me in so I can hit back all the cards that have been dropped to mine.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Riding Her Pet

Oh oh! Deden is playing roughly with the dog in this photo. She made chichai as her ride the day I took this shot. Even if she did it to her, chichai remained calm and playful to her.
Baby trusting so much of her dog that she is not even afraid that Chichai is gonna bite her if she gets hurt!

Dallas Texas hotels

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The website mentioned above is also good for searching local points of interests and popular area of attractions. So visit them now, again at


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