Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've been following my "After 6" diet for a week now and I'm showing bit of progress so far. My belly isn't that bulging anymore. At first it was so hard for me because suppressing my hunger isn't in my vocabulary at all. For the first 2 days, it was like I'm in so much pain looking at foods in the fridge and couldn't touch them.

However, days passed and my stomach get used to it until now and still religiously following the After 6 that it gotten better and better. If it's gonna continue then I'll be good to reducing weight atleast 5 pounds maximum.

UGG boots

I have always been dreaming of buying this very nice boots for snow. I could have bought myself this nice pair of UGG Boots if only Texas has a thick snow, thick enough for me to require wearing such kind of boots but no, the thickest we can get here is only 5 inches so far.

But, for all of you who live up North, maybe you can try looking at UGG Boots online and select stylish pairs for you.

Monday, October 27, 2008

ZZZzzz Now

Bye Myspace Comments
I'm going to bed now. Good night everyone! My husband and baby here are in deep slumber already while I'm still up. So sleepy now for I have not taken a single nap today. When there's s something that bothers me, I can't close my eyes and tell my good brain to sleep as well. I hope I can get the sleep I deserve tonight. You guys have wet dreams and wake up in good mood tomorrow! CIAO AND XOXO!

Could be Be Hit By A Virus

I'm on my husband's computer right now because my laptop messed up. It was working good earlier then I downloaded this stupid software that I just made from PPP called Drive Migration software. I am desperate of emptying my hard drive so to free other photos that I might put in my computer later but look what happened, it screwed up my computer.

It's a virus for it totally disabled my computer. It would'nt start up and need an installation disc. The black screen with highlighted words in it saying WINDOWS ERROR RECOVERY recent hardware or software change might have caused it. I don't have the installation disc right here, it could be missing or my computer didn't come with the disc.

Annie has 3 and she's gonna give me one but I just have to wait until Thursday before I can have it in hand. It pissed me off and truly ruin my day! Grrr I hate computer criminals!

She's Not Crying

..good thing my baby isn't crying right now or I'm gonna be totally insane. My computer just failed starting up due to my negligence and can't use it. This is crazy! Of all the things I have, why it's my computer. I can't live without it you know?

It's Monday and opps time. I can't trust my husband's computer when it's time for grabbing opps for it is very slow, as slow as a turtle. Hahayyz i hope this isn't a serious problem though. I hope it's fixable or else I'm gonna regret for the rest of the week.

Cold Morning

First time in Fall to be shivering. This morning is just awfully cool that makes me wear my jacket. I don't normally wear it if the cold is tolerable but today, it's ohhh just cold eh.

I believe it's gonna get warmer later though so it would be a nice idea if I go out and walk around the neighborhood with the baby for fresh air and exercise as well. Ok, enough all this,hope you guys have a nice day and enjoy blogging!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Weekend Is Over

Yeah sounds odd while in fact it's only Sunday and I'm saying that our weekend is over. My husband's days off is over. Back to work again and me to blogging. It's ok though, I just have to entertain myself with the baby, few chores and of course my newly bought english pocket novel.

It's my first time to own a thick english pocket novel as I am not an avid reader for books. I do have a couple novels though but they are in my language, Tagalog. I had them for a year and yet I haven't read all of them 'coz I'm into blogging so much.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall, Beautiful Day

If you are looking for a place that is mild in Winter but beautiful in Spring and Fall, Texas is the answer. Don't mention the summer though for it is scorching hot here and dry, there is nothing worse than that. However, if fair weather in Fall is what you love, then come over here and we all enjoy it together.

Photo above is a shot of my daughter taken early this afternoon in our front yard. It was soooooo awesome and I believe she liked the outdoor and had some sun. So perfect that I didn't want to go inside but it got dark too quickly.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Found My 2 Highschool Crushes On Friendster

You guys if you will not find me in your EC drop inbox or on your tagboard or in my yahoo messenger, rest assured that I am peacefully browsing photos on friendster. Friendster is the only place that I so enjoy staying all day long. It's because this is where I can get some news from my old friends and old schoolmates back home.

So far, I got reconnected to a bunch of them. Mostly are having their own profession now.Teachers, office workers, musician,unemployed, married with kids and others are still single. The most exciting people that I discovered recently are 2 of my highschool crushes. I like digging someone else's profile hoping I could find people I know on their lists and yes I found John Randy and Jake on the internet.

Why I do this? Because I am so curious and eager to know what is going on with their lives after 8 years I lost sight of them. Jake is probably finishing his nursing course or is already working as a local nurse and John Randy is working at an industrial company in Lapu-lapu City.

Huh, I got a comment from JR on my friendster profile and he said as quoted "hayahaya gud amerikano man bana natoman na gyud imo gipangandoy sauna nga maka bana ug amerikano noh? gae ko diha amerikana b. naa diay ka sa states ron with your husband. galing mo talaga friend bilib talaga ako sayo.... ".

These were the guys who never laid their eyes on me during those times when I was so crazy over them. These were the guys who teased me and wouldn't even took time giving their attention to me and worst, gipanghimaraot kay nganu na crush ko nila. They were such a bully if I may say so!

I feel in heaven right now knowing that I am more fortunate than them. Having a wonderful family of my own, a nice husband, a beautiful daughter and living in America. Bleeeh buli nila baho for I've gone to the farthest country I've never thought I can step foot into.

If you are curious enough to see their faces, just ask me on my ym or leave your message here and I'll lead you to their profile on friendster, ok?

Almost Had A Heart Attack

I forgot to blog about the incident that happened yesterday afternoon. I was lying in bed trying to take a nap while my baby was on the floor playing with her stuff including bath products and diapers. Careless as I was, I just let her play and play while taking my time closing my eyes.

Minutes had passed when I woke up and she was having fun playing with the cotton buds(Americans call it Q-tips). The box was opened for I have been using it but there are still 400+ cotton buds in it. It was scattered everywhere while she was still working on the rest that was still in the box.

Of all the things she can think of playing, cotton buds pa jud that it's the most dangerous of all she had in the container. She can swallow some of it or worse poke her ear canal and damage it. Good thing though that God was watching her and that she was just purely playing with the buds. I was in disbelief upon seeing the buds were all over the floor while she was still busy taking the rest out of the box. Naughty baby!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Thought So..

..that we're over with warm temperature but geezzz today is kinda hot still. It was better yesterday. Mild coolness that feels so good on my skin. I was gonna clean the storm door in the front porch but then the heat of the sun struck me so I decided to just leave it dusty for a while.
If I won't forget about it until tomorrow perhaps I can clean it or else it's gonna be like that for the rest of the season. Doing small chores nowadays can be tiresome that even sweeping the wooden floor is a burden to me. Look what computer has done to me? I became lazy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Licky Licky Dog

(a photo captured in action, our dog Chichai licking/playing with my baby...)
Chichai our dog is such a naughty dog for she loves to lick so much. If she doesn't bother me, she would go to my baby and lick everywhere including her mouth especially when Deden has food in her mouth. I caught her many times licking Deden but the baby won't just react to it.
I told about this to my friends and they are bothered of the rabbies might get into Deden's mouth but hmmm no! She had her vaccine for rabies and she's a clean dog. She is an inside dog and would only eat dog food and water.

Cool Morning

I woke up at 5 in the morning today and used the bathroom. When I get back to bed, I had a hard time going back to sleep for I suddenly thought of the financial matters I need to face pretty soon. One of which is purchasing 3 tickets for my family to be able to fly to my home town early next year.

I was awake for maybe 35 minutes or so and couldn't get back to sleep until 6 am. Minutes of fighting with myself since my eyes were still sleepy and yes, I got my nap back. I woke up still sleepy but it's good though since it's already late. My baby woke up too and hmm so nice is the feeling to feel the cool temperature today.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

mbt shoes

It's getting cooler here now in Texas and my baby Jadyn has only got one pair of shoes. I am looking for something cute MBT shoes for my baby girl for Winter so she will be comfortable during cold months. There is this cute pink shoes for kids at MBT shoes website but I think I just have to wait for a little while and see if they are going to be on sale.

Deden and The Pumpkins

Deden and I went to see a place in Flower Mound where there are a lot of people come to see and bring their children to play and take photographs of themselves. I thank Madel for inviting us to see the place because it's really nice there and had fun with them.
I'd like to share photos of my little Princess in her first Pumpkin patch. She looks just so pretty with those colorful pumpkins.

video card for him

The memory is getting slow and it pisses him off. He definitely needs a new video card for his computer so that he can have a faster quicker computer use. There is only one place that I know of buying such a thing. It is no other than I have tried shopping in that shop and their service is great as well as very fast shipping.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Such A Sweetie

(this photo was captured at a Filipino restaurant in San Antonio days ago..)

My baby! My baby! Such a sweetie she is! She rarely have her bad mood. I love her to the max that I want no other baby for a while so I can give all my love and attention to her until she is old enough and ready to have a sibling. I like it when she smiles like that in a picture and she piss me off when I'm in no mood for crying baby haha!

Don't worry my anak, mama and dada love you so much! You make this family happy and complete.

the love for cookies

I never learned to love eating cookies until I got here in America. My friend Rose loves baking cookies very much and I like it alot especially her chocolate chip cookies. Her food is exceptional and for that I want to learn how to do it too. I would love to look at cookie recipes and try making it myself so my baby will learn to love cookies also.

When we have a decent oven, I can do that. For now, I would just love sharing Rose's cookies hehehe. Sometimes I feel the work of others is more tastier than mine.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


When we go to a restaurant specifically buffet restos, I can see a lot of different people of any size come to dine in. When I'm there, I feel confident of myself since buffet restaurants are fat people's favorite hangouts. There they can eat anything they want without limit. And that I am too small compared to them, that is why.

When I'm home alone and look at myself in the mirror, I feel disappointed because I see fats covered me. When I try my old small clothes on, I could see the layers folding each side of my body. I really want to exercise extra hard now so to get back to my old self before baby.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pinay's Day Out

It's nice to be able to go out of the house today. Thanks to Annie and Tony for they allowed me to come with them and watch Dinosaur Live show in Omni Theater. I had fun hanging out with you today guys really! Cam whoring before and after the show made the laag more exciting too.

From Omni Theater we headed to the mall nearby since it was still early to be going home and all 3 of us agreed to it. Who would say no to malling? Ako fah? haha even just window shopping is fine with me. Though the baby was with us the whole time, she wasn't a problem at all for she just behaved a good mother wants her to. Deden made me so proud today! Love you much my baby!

at the entrance of the theater
... entrance gyapon.. a quick pose before going inside
... the show is about to begin... pose real quick..
... Deden and the twin statue at Old Navy store..

Goodluck On Their First Meeting

My cousin has finally have her first internet serious relationship. She may not tell me but I know she had couple flings among white men already and none of them were serious. Hopefully, this guy that she is communicating with right now is hers. They are gonna meet for the first time in person this coming Oct.16 and surely they're both excited to it. Crossed fingers to both of you Marissa and hmmm Josh!

Not Much Of A Water Drinker

I am having trouble giving my baby some water when she finish eating her food. Not a single meal she can drink water because she would do anything she can only to refuse drinking water. Whether by bottle, by spoon or sippy cup she would not accept it. I worry that she will grow not being able to love drinking water.

Sometimes she has a hard time releasing her waste because of constipation. It might be because she is not much of a water drinker just like her mommy. What can you recommend guys? I am open to any suggestions you may have out there, just leave it here or on my tagboard. I would appreciate it so much!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hitting the Bed

Bye Myspace Comments

OK, time for me to bid goodbye in blogging world. I am tired and sleepy. Baby is crying because she is sleepy too. Guess, it's very late for a baby to be awake at this time. It's now 10:40 pm in our place and yet she's still up. She's been calling me but I just ignore Deden for I had to finish few opps I grabbed before I totally quit my addiction of computer.

I hope you guys sleep peacefully tonight and wet dreams. Ciao ciao everyone! See you again tomorrow bloggy dear muah muah to you!

All The Love In The World

I guess most of you guys are familiar with this group called "The Corrs" for they were so popular years back. All of their songs are just so good to listen. They were one of my favorites before that made me so crazy over music.

When I get very tired and boring, I just turn to youtube and search for my fave old music like this one in the video and they'll calm me down and ease my lonely heart.

What Shall I do?

I've chatted to my old friend in the Philippines last night and when she saw me on the webcam she called me "tambok" fat or chubby in english. It's been a long time since she had last seen me on the cam that is why she uttered that I'm tambok. She said that I look good though, it's not bad at all huh! She said I look like "dalaga" now compared than how I look before, too skinny!

Then I asked my husband if I'm that fat now and he said I'm fine. Though I know it's not the kind of body that he wanted. He wants pure bones and skin hahah which I don't like because I'm tired of it. Now my problem is how I'm gonna be able to lose the baby bump that Jadyn left for me?

I still have a little bit of bump and softness in each side of my body..ewww haha! This is the price of having such very pretty baby,Deden!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Right Before My Very Eyes

We were sitting at a neighbor's pathway under the shade this morning. I was tired from walking and it was kind of breezy so I decided to stay outside for a while with my baby. The neighbors across where we sat went out of their house and sat on the chairs in their front porch with their dog on the loose.

Moments later, the dog walked across the street going towards us to see the baby and suddenly I heard the tires screeching in front of us. The dog almost got hit by the van. If the driver wasn't so quick stepping on his break, the dog could have been hit or worse died right before my very eyes. Then, after the animal recovered from the shock, he continued walking where we were and smelled the baby that scared me because I thought it was going to bite the baby plus it was a horrible looking dog... as in bati jud ug nawng.. bulldog breeding and gray in color!

I came to a realization that accidents can happen in just a matter of seconds and any time of the day even in a quiet neighborhood just like ours. Good thing though that we were safe as well as the ugly dog.

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I will have to ask for my husbanf if we got a good insurance coverage for all of our 4 cars and if he said it's kinda high, I will have him visit the site above and probably switch car insurance company.

Exercising Makes Me Feel Good

It's been a long time now since I quit doing my exercise at home then I realized I need to do it once again for I'm no longer happy with what I see in the mirror. Belly instead of getting back to normal it is now more softer and have a big bump.

Two days in a row I went walking in the neighborhood with the baby with me and after that I use my dumbells to do more exercise which makes me sweat a little bit and not feeling lowsy throughout the day. It's soooooo good to be able to sweat you know? It ease away pains keep me alive.

colon cleanse

I chatted to a friend online last night and she told me that she cried because of the bad news she got from her online boyfriend. He just discovered that he has a rectal colon cancer. So bad of her for she's been waiting for him to come visit her in the Philippines for 3 years. Worse is that, now that he's sick, I doubt if he's still going to see her.

Poor poor girl. With her bf's condition, I told her maybe it's not yet too late for him to have a colon cleanse. Who knows it's not on the last stage yet.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Up In The Marketplace Again

I am confused and I don't understand what's up with the big blogging site nowadays. First, I found out that my name appeared on the top 10 list of today's highest earners while in fact I grabbed no opps since I got up very late and opps were already gray. Secondly, I was kind of crossing my eyebrows when I was about to submit the only opp I have for today when I have other option in which blog should I want to post my entry on.

What's wrong? I am no longer hoping that they'll put me back in the marketplace again since the day they removed my 2 other blogs from their system. However, I'm hoping that atleast the other blog remaining will stay but hmmm I got 2 blogs now. Could it be that they made a mistake cutting off my blogs? Or they realized that I'm one of their older postie and that they want to keep me. Whatever their reason is, they're the only ones who know it. Thanks anyway for putting this blog to the marketplace once again.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Asking For More of Ironman

My husband and I are just finished watching the movie titled Ironman. For the whole 2 hours the movie was playing, I was holding my breath because it is just too good. It can only be mean one thing when I do that... that means I like the movie a lot. I have seen several very good movies and Ironman is one of them.

I know what a good movie is and Ironman is simply the best. It gives me thrill, heart-pounding moment each time he makes his move to defeat the enemy out of his own sharp mind through his invention. I told my husband that I want more of Ironman. I was disappointed when it ended. You have to watch this movie people and you will not regret spending your time watching it.

Moving Company in Boston

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I wished I'd told them about a reliable and trusted moving company. Boston Moving is in the business to help you pack,store, move and unpack your life. They take the responsibility in handling all your valuable stuff. They believe moving is more than just storage space, strong back and trucks. They also believe in putting absolute trust in taking extra care of your things and others. So next time you move, get Boston Moving's service for you can trust them completely.

If you are looking for a smooth transition, they are the experts in that field from CEO down to the drivers are well-trained and know what they are doing. I suggest you visit their website address and look for other services they are offering aside from unpacking your lives.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

going nowhere

A local friend invited us to visit her place supposedly this weekend but we call it quits for her place is quite far from here. It is 30 minutes drive from where we live. My husband is free on Saturdays but she refused because it's their family time. She asked if we can be there during weekdays, sure no problem but I am concerned of my husband driving farther only to see my friends which I'm not in favor of doing.

We can just hang out may be in the mall because it's the closest place I can think of meeting her. Hopefully, when Rose is back to the country, we'll be able to gather together and have some fun.

let's play casino, I'm bored

I have always been thinking of learning how to play Casino even just for fun because there is nothing else I can think of doing in this lonely house. I don't want to be a gambler you know? I just want to learn new things like Casino for a change. Some of my closest friends know how bored I am now so therefore, a little bit of entertainment will not hurt.

I want to know and so curious why there are a lot of people are so into this game or worse got addicted to it. As if they don't mind losing so much money as long as they can satisfy their wants and that is all that matters to them. Well, I believe we can always try and if we feel like we can't do it then stop. Playing Casino online will be a good idea,don't you think? If you want to play this kind of game, go ahead and tell me so we both can play together. There is a new casino site that I just knew, go to Hope you like it there and enjoy playing with the rest of the addicts. Either you want to play casino, poker, slot or any other type of games in your language. Hurry now and entertain yourself.

baby playing with my pearl earrings

So fortunate of me to have received a free pair of pearl earrings courtesy of I like my pink pearl earrings so much because they look good in my ears. They are genuine freshwater pearls sent by the company to me. For that, I am so thankful for you guys! is making the beauty of pearls available and affordable to everyone. They do have tons different kind of pearls in their shop to choose from. You got to look at their collection now!


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