Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost Had A Heart Attack

I forgot to blog about the incident that happened yesterday afternoon. I was lying in bed trying to take a nap while my baby was on the floor playing with her stuff including bath products and diapers. Careless as I was, I just let her play and play while taking my time closing my eyes.

Minutes had passed when I woke up and she was having fun playing with the cotton buds(Americans call it Q-tips). The box was opened for I have been using it but there are still 400+ cotton buds in it. It was scattered everywhere while she was still working on the rest that was still in the box.

Of all the things she can think of playing, cotton buds pa jud that it's the most dangerous of all she had in the container. She can swallow some of it or worse poke her ear canal and damage it. Good thing though that God was watching her and that she was just purely playing with the buds. I was in disbelief upon seeing the buds were all over the floor while she was still busy taking the rest out of the box. Naughty baby!

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