Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Much Of A Water Drinker

I am having trouble giving my baby some water when she finish eating her food. Not a single meal she can drink water because she would do anything she can only to refuse drinking water. Whether by bottle, by spoon or sippy cup she would not accept it. I worry that she will grow not being able to love drinking water.

Sometimes she has a hard time releasing her waste because of constipation. It might be because she is not much of a water drinker just like her mommy. What can you recommend guys? I am open to any suggestions you may have out there, just leave it here or on my tagboard. I would appreciate it so much!

1 comment:

Nita said...

Try giving her some juice bale 1/4 of juice tapos the rest water na. She might love it. Ganyan ginawa ko daughter ko dati and now, sya na mismo ang humingi ng water.



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