Friday, April 29, 2011

The Two Princesses In The Castle Blog

Hi to all my visitors and readers, while I am very pleased of you coming back to drop ECs or hang out in this blog, I would also like to announce to you all the creation of my new blog titled The Two Princesses In The Castle under WordPress platform. Please take your time peeking at this new blog of mine as I have a few fresh postings there already about my pregnancy, my big Princess' milestone and anything related to my soon two Princesses. If you'd like to exchange links or badges, let me know and I am more than willing to add your links to mine as long as you do the same. Thank you so much for your continued visit to my blog/s.

Time To Enjoy The Outdoor

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Yep, March 20th was the official day of Spring. How many of you guys have enjoyed the sun and the beautiful temperature that Spring has brought us? When we say Spring, so many things we can do outside in our very own backyard just hanging out with our dear family. That is what we have been doing here lately. 

Beautiful and sunny weather comes with comfortable seats in the back patio to sit on for long hours watching the kids and other friends playing together. Make sure you offer an attractive and comfortable outdoor furniture from Pier 1.  As for us, we do have a set of table and chairs outside but they need cushions, gladly Pier 1 Imports have brilliant color chair cushions to choose from and take note, they are on clearance. You know how I love buying items on clearance section!

Right now I am eyeing on the cushions and beautiful vases that I could use outside to put in the center table to add a feminine touch it. There are tons of products or merchandise to look at their online store that is so tempting to buy. I just have to control myself though or I will end up spending all my money that is in my debit card. Another thing, since my husband loves rugs so much, I love to have at least 2 rugs. Their rugs are durable, with nice design that could be used both indoor or outdoor which is awesome. 
Oh, I need to do some errands and have to sign off real quick. Be back later and check out Pier 1 Tweetups later to be held in our area. 
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Are Successful Training Her

I am happy to know that my big girl is now completely off the diaper. Thank goodness! After three years of buying her diapers and wipes, we can now rest and stop spending money on something that we will only toss out once soiled. We can only be free of buying diapers for three months since there is another one on the way but despite of that, we are pleased.

Our big girl has learned that pooping in the toilet is cleaner and easier. Mommy doesn't have to clean up her stinky bottom anymore although there are times when she poop a bit in her panties, for some reason she couldn't make it to the bathroom and I tend to scold her for doing that. Other times, I don't even know she pooped. She would just go to the bathroom right away and do her thing. Once she's done she will then tell me that she poop in there. What a great girl.

Natural Calamity

The only thing I don't like about Spring is the calamity that we have to suffer around this time of the year. Tornadoes, hail, severe thunderstorm and worse flooding are our enemies these days and in some places of North Texas they suffer wild fire near Possum Kingdom lake. Just this month alone, we were hit by hail for twice the times already. All of our four cars are park outside with no shed. During the first hail, our white car has got 12 dents on it. That is just awful. It would cost us money on the property damage if this continues which will likely to happen for another month.

However, we feel lucky for what we have here so far are just severe thunderstorm and hail. But for some places, they've been hit by tornadoes that torn down their homes, business establishments and mobile homes. Others have been hit so bad that they had to get rid of the place due to severe flooding. When this occurs, it is very bad! Once the water subside, a home owner must then hire a professional to do the carpet cleaning like To those of you who need immediate service of your carpet, just hire Carpet Cleaning Onion Creek if you live near that area.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #:11 Oh Oh, Bobos!

..........she scraped her knees real hard that's why she cried her heart out loud ....

Rio - The Movie

We are a family who love to watch movies in the comfort of our own home. We don't need to go to the theater to watch movies we like instead we just wait for it to be out on Blu-ray disc and enjoy with the rest of the family for less of what we pay for at the movie theater. A new movie we anticipate to be on dvd is RIO- the movie- From the creators of Ice Age, for sure it is going to be a hit! We love watching animated movies for it bring out the child in us. We have a little girl who is an avid fan of animated movies so we really look forward to watching this movie and possibly own one in Blu-ray disc. It is going to take a while before we can watch it, but I know it is worth the wait so we are patient about it.

Here is the synopsis of the movie:

"Rio" is a 3-D animation feature from the makers of the "Ice Age" films. Set in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro and the lush rainforest of Brazil, the comedy-adventure centers on Blu, a rare macaw who thinks he is the last of his kind. When Blu discovers there's another — and that she's a she — he leaves the comforts of his cage in small town Minnesota and heads to Rio. But it's far from love at first sight between the domesticated and flight-challenged Blu and the fiercely independent, high-flying female, Jewel. Unexpectedly thrown together, they embark on an adventure of a lifetime, where they learn about friendship, love, courage, and being open to life's many wonders. "Rio" brings together a menagerie of vivid characters, a heart-warming story, colorful backdrops, energizing Latin and contemporary music, and family-friendly song and dance.

Sewing Machine Accessories

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Scottish Accommodation

Finding an apartment to rent nowadays should not be so hard for people who want to settle down with their new family. They can easily find one on specific locations they want to live for a while. If you live in the Scotland and in the UK area and is looking forward to renting an apartment at Edinburgh, you may want to start your apartment search on Scottish accommodation

 Situated in the historic Dean Village by the banks of the Water of Leith, this lovely 2 bedroom apartment is in a very central but quiet location. Or if you may, you can browse apartments in different locations within that area by clicking on the A-Z index above the page and see where it would take you. Good luck though for I know it will take sometime to find that very first nest of yours that you will really like and be comfortable enough to live in it. Edinburgh Apartments offer bed and breakfast, guest houses, hotels and self-catering accommodation. Fast and effective online reservations 365 days.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #:7 Easter Egg Hunting


Jadyn and her friend Abigail went for egg hunting yesterday in Burleson. Thanks to Annie for inviting us to join them at her mother -in-law's egg hunting. My girl had a blast and got candies from egg hunting. Photos are shots of her and the yellow eggs with friend Abigail in yellow dress. And this is my entry for MYM.

....... oppps that's a yellow egg in her hand and there are few already in the basket...
....... so many yellow objects during that day...
........ and these are all the eggs she got...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Easter Means

Happy Easter to all of us! We are going to church today and probably do some egg hunting there or at home later!

An information as to why we celebrate Easter, read on below so we'll know the significance of Easter to Christian world.

According to the Canonical gospels, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. His resurrection is celebrated on Easter Day or Easter Sunday (also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday). The chronology of his death and resurrection is variously interpreted to be between AD 26 and 36, traditionally 33.

Easter marks the end of Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. The last week of the Lent is called Holy Week, and it contains Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Easter is followed by a fifty-day period called Eastertide or the Easter Season, ending with Pentecost Sunday.

Easter is linked to the Jewish Passover by much of its symbolism, as well as by its position in the calendar. In many European languages, the words for "Easter" and "Passover" are etymologically related or homonymous. The term "Pascha", from the same root, is also used in English to refer to Easter.
Easter customs vary across the Christian world, but decorating Easter eggs is a common motif. In the Western world, customs such as egg hunting and Easter Bunny extend from the domain of church, and often have a secular character.

Lifted from the ORIGINAL SOURCE

Prom Dresses Made For You

Junior and Senior promenade is one of the most significant grandest events happen to high school students. Everybody is looking forward to it both male and female. This is the chance where they can dance with their favorite student in school, show off their beautiful figure by wearing those gorgeous and elegant prom dresses.

In the United States and Canada, a prom, short for promenade, is a formal (black tie) dance, or gathering of high school students. It is typically held near the end of junior and/or senior year. It figures greatly in popular culture and is a major event among high school students. High school juniors attending the prom may call it Junior Prom while high school seniors may call it Senior Prom. In practice this may be a combined junior/senior dance.

If you think you don't want to miss this big event and would want to show off that alluring dress of yours, you can choose and go online to look at prom dresses uk or if you simply looking for Dresses to wear to a wedding for your friend, a family friend or a sister, is the best place to be for these kind of dresses custom made just for you!

Little Payday

There are times in our life when we are tight with budget no matter how hard we try our best to budget our money so it can last to the next payday. Prices of commodities these days continue to soar, not to mention gas prices getting so expensive per gallon that it affects many Americans that adds to their financial burden. With this being said, Little Payday helps clients get instant cash before payday. If you need immediate or short on cash, they are there to help you with small loans.

Just three weeks ago my brother in the Philippines wanted to borrow money from us and I told him to wait for my husband's next payday. When payday came, he only paid enough for us, pay bills, house mortgage and for food enough for two weeks. How I wanted to help him but if I force to send some money, we will be the one to end up nothing left for our grocery so I told him if he can make some small personal loans where he lives because we cannot send him the money, not at this moment.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lady Officers Throughout The World

I received this forwarded mail in my yahoo inbox and thought of sharing it here so everybody can have a good laugh. Scroll down and see how you going to react with the last two pictures. Really, they are the winner in size lolz...Have a nice Saturday friends!


Hong Kong





North Korea




South Korea



United States

Hold Your Party At The Park

When we say "party", it involves people, food, children and adult, gifts/presents and FUN. It is an occasion where people gather together to make up with each other or simply just enjoy the music and the food. One can have a party on different venues. You can even hold it at the park and you don't have to make it so formal for everybody.

By doing it in the park, you don't have to worry about having to pay for the lease, besides parks here are beautiful and clean. Plus they are complete with Site Furnishings such as Adirondack chairs, Picnic Tables and Park Benches. So long as the weather permits, a park party is cool. Your guests can get to enjoy the fresh air, the sun and the outdoors. Kids have plenty of space to run around and play! So next time if you are thinking of having a party of any occasion, you might want to consider a park is great idea to hold it. This way everyday doesn't have to worry about the clothes to wear anything that is comfortable and suits with the weather is fine.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Princess Jewelry

She believes she's a Princess. She truly is our Princess since she was born until now. When you ask her name, she would say I'm Jadyn Princess, oh diba makalingaw?

To really make her feel like one we bought her a fake Princess jewelry set that includes a crown, a wand, a pair of earrings, a ring and a necklace. That made her very very happy only for one day. We know our Jadyn very well, she could play her new toy for one full day and after that she gets tired of it and the next day she wouldn't bother touching or playing with it again. So these poor jewelry of hers are scattered all over the house and some of it are broken into pieces! Good thing the set is only five dollars that doesn't hurt us much watching it fell apart.

Cheap Ink

I was first introduced to computers when I started freshman in college. Back then, being able to use a computer is such a great accomplishment for we were poor and we didn't have one at home. There were few units in my high school but I wasn't able to touch/hold even a mouse. It was like ten students in one computer unit ratio so I decided to enroll at a computer school in college.

I had a hard time understanding how it worked, I didn't even know how turn the power button on/off, much worse no idea how to make my own presentation, I had to constantly ask my laboratory seat mate how certain things are done. When we had projects, I would go to a cafe where somebody can assist me and I always asked for a cheap ink so I could only pay less for each of the page printed. There were inkjet cartridges available in my time and I thought, they make good print outs for 5 pesos per page. That price for me was too much!

Now that I am in America, buying a printer ink seem to be not a problem anymore for we can just find a cheap ink for our printer almost everywhere. Also stores would offer their customers to buy in bulk in order to save more which for me is a great idea when it comes to buying an ink.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pretty Bad Hail

Siren blaring all over soon as that sound went off, bad golf ball size hail started falling! We had that yesterday afternoon that surely made some damage to our already damaged roof and cars parked in our backyard with no cover/shed. It was so bad that it changes my husband's mood. He was worried of the damage it would cause to his sports cars. When hail finally stopped, he told me he saw a dent on the Porsche. I don't know how many dents he can see today when he comes home to inspect the cars! Poor husband. If only there is something we can do to keep his cars protected...argssssssss! It's Spring and it's the season for hail, thunderstorms and tornadoes. Bad, bad, bad!

.... first photo are small pieces of shattered hail on the rug at the back door...
......... second photo are hails that are smaller in sizes that fell and hit the concrete...

.........the ones on the grass are bigger...they could've been bigger if I took picture of them right away...they are kind of melted in this picture...still they are big...

Blue Looks Good

I love how postmen or letter carriers look on their blue Postal Uniform. They look neat, very respectable and I don't find them irritating. Blue is my favorite color and I am glad the USPS chose this color to be their everyday uniform. Whenever they come deliver our mails, I know pretty well that it's the postman coming in front of our house and that I feel confident with them and I feel safer and trusting to them knowing that they are men working for the government to bring good news, bills or whatever they have for us every day.

I can easily recognize them wherever because of their distinguished Postal Uniforms wherever they are. Just like any other uniforms like policemen, navy or firefighter uniforms they have someplace else where they can order theirs. I have been to a place where the store just exclusively sell uniforms for people working in the government and a postal uniform was one of the uniforms that are available in that one particular store we went to.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WW #10: Statue Of David

Our A/C Is On

I hate turning on our A/C. As much as possible I'd like to save energy by opening doors and windows in the house all day but days here in Texas are getting hotter as we get into mid April. I think I have no choice but turn it on anyway to be comfortable. You wouldn't believe if I tell you, we reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday and it was then late in the afternoon I realized both me and my girl were sweating in our nose so I had no choice but turn it on.

The A/C has been on since then, today is a bit warmer than yesterday so putting A/C at work is a good idea. I guess I am gonna let it running until the temperature cools down to 70's. It is crazy because now that it is warm, I long to have a bit of snow. Some people in other states are tired of snow, I can almost hear them screaming on my Facebook.

I've Been Blogging For Over Four Years

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ashworth College for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I set up a blog over four years ago hoping that I could have an outlet of my emotion living in this lonely world. As you all know I am a Filipina myself migrated to the United States a little over five years ago. Living far from my native home isn't easy for I had to deal with homesickness a lot especially during my first few years here. And blogging is there to help me cope a little bit.

I never thought that I could also earn from blogging by joining paid blogging sites. Since the birth of my original blog which is, I couldn't stop writing. Months later, I realized I loved what I am doing so I made a few more. Blogging not only became my journal but as a source of income as well. Throughout the years of blogging, I feel like I only improved a bit. I somehow felt that I need to develop my skill in writing as well as building my vocabulary and know more about tweaking.

Another thing is that, I will never forget how blogging helped my family in the Philippines financially. I sent my  money from blogging to them every month for 2 years. Not only that, it paid for our tickets going to the Philippines and asking a penny from my husband. I thought that was so great!

I heard that Ashworth College offers six months to become an accredited Professional Blogging Career Diploma. That is great news for all of us bloggers. They will provide us with turnkey instruction and support services to create, publish and  promote and manage any type of blog, vlog, podcast or webcast. I love the idea of getting a diploma such as this in order for me to enhance my knowledge in the very latest blogging techniques. This is of course for my own good and to make more money from it.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Blue Angels

The Blue Angels show was the highlight of the 2011 Air Expo we went to last weekend. They were the ones to perform last despite of the scorching heat of the sun so we have waited a bit until they finished. Besides, traffic was so bad that we chose to leave later after most of the crowd had left.

I wished I had a better camera, a fast DSLR one to capture the beauty of the Blue Angels in the sky. There were so many performances that I missed because of this cheap camera I have. I chose to stop using it in the middle of the show because it just pissed me off. Anyway, I am glad we were able to attend the air show. The whole family had a blast except for our little girl who found another way to entertain herself instead of focusing on watching the Blue Angels above her.

Canadian Pharmacy

I just refilled my prenatal vitamins the other day. I've been taking my vitamins consistently and it every time I only got one stab left for five days it worries me. It's just that these vitamins are kind of pricey. If there is no insurance and ten dollar coupon off each refill would cost us a freaking $50 for each month. Amazing how expensive they are!

Since we were busy this last weekend, I just ordered them by calling it in the pharmacy of our choice, it's so convenient to do that rather than going personally to the place and have it refilled. I guess it is the same way as a Canadian pharmacy too or better Canadian people can just refill their prescription drugs or vitamins on aCanadian internet pharmacy. I wonder if they also have pricey Canadian vitamins like what I am taking? Anyway, there should also be Cheap Canadian drugs available in their country since not all people can afford their medications.

Mellow Yellow Monday #:1 Cute Yellow Airplane


This is me and my little girl at the 2011 Fort Worth Air Expo just last weekend. I love this cute yellow U.S Navy plane among the planes they have on the base. It's like a toy but no it's actually a real airplane that could fly high and bring you to the sky. I wish I could take a picture of my girl in the cockpit of this plane but we were in a hurry to look at other planes so I missed the chance of her in there!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Well Protected From The Sun

I made the right decision dressing Jadyn on long sleeves, tights, socks, shoes, sunglasses and hat yesterday to the Air Expo for the heat was pinching our flesh. It was 78 degrees Fahrenheit probably but it felt like it was hotter than that although the breeze was cooler but that didn't help at all. We were out for 4 hours in the sun with only very little shade that an umbrella gave us. My husband got burned the most especially in his face, he was all red when we returned home yesterday, poor guy!

Jadyn on the other hand, not a single sunburn you can see on her skin. She was well-protected from the sun plus she used my umbrella most of the time we were sitting on the concrete while watching the planes. Next time we will go to an event like the Air Show, we would make sure that we bring three umbrellas for us so we will be at least have some shade.

Cluster Mailboxes

Mailboxes are used to receive mails or to keep your mails secure. It is important to have them around because if not, where would the mailman drop your important letters or documents? If you have a business then you should be able to secure a fine and high quality commercial mailboxes which can be found at They also have apartment mailboxes for apartments, obviously and another thing is that cluster mailboxes are available. is the ultimate source for Cluster Mailboxes of every size, finish, style and material.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beautiful Dresses For A Price Below $10

I bought these dresses for my big Princess last time I hang out with my girl friend Annie and her daughter at Grapevine Mills Mall. We were there bringing our little Princesses so they can join the Disney Masquerade held at the said mall two weeks ago. Since we had all our time for a day out, we took advantage of roaming store after store looking nothing to shop in particular then we happened to stopped by Burlington Coat Factory. 

There we found hundreds of beautiful dresses to choose from. There were so many at a fraction of a price that we were having a difficult time which one to buy. Now we both know which store to shop for dresses at a much discounted price. I tell you these dresses would normally cost someone at least $20-$30 in other stores like Macy's or Kohls. Curious enough how much I paid for these two dresses? I only paid $8.99 for each dress with a total of $17.98 plus tax! What an awesome deal. Not only they are beautiful but very cheap as well. 

Travel Show

We don't have any subscription to Direct TV or a
Satellite TV at home but if ever we are chanced to watch one in a hotel when we are traveling, we make it sure that we never missed watching a travel show. Why? Because through it, we can learn something from a place and its history that we have never been before. I just find it so interesting to know what other places could offer to its tourists or visitors. For we never know, someday we will be able to travel with the whole family and decide to go to a place where our kids can enjoy at the same time learn something from it.

How about you people, what do you like most watching on t.v? For all I know, we all have different likes when it comes to watching tv programs. Another thing I like to watch is documentary or all about crimes.

Silky, Long And Brunette!

Silky, long and brunette... that's what Jadyn's hair is. I really thought at first that she will stay bald until age four. When she was a baby, she only had few hair strands on her head and it was very fine hair that you could see the scalp even in the pictures.

As she grows older her hair is getting thick as well but the strand remained fine. Despite of that she maintains to have manageable, soft and straight hair just like mine. And as to the color, she got it from her dad or it could be the natural color of a mixed baby?? 

Find Your Education

In education, there is no age limit. Anybody from all walks of life can go back to school at any age as long as they have the money to send themselves to school to get a degree. It is never too late for someone to enroll at online college if she or he prefers rather than going to a campus. In America or maybe in some other countries, online colleges making it easier for students , working moms and adults to study on the internet.

There are many schools offering different vocational, short term courses, associate and bachelor degrees in which one can choose by going to If he or she is looking for an online degree programs in healthcare that is so possible to find there and which college or university offering the program. And if a financial aid is needed, a student can just get a a Free Application For Federal Student Aid at for. All these can be searched on the website above or links provided.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Simple Chore

I assign my big Princess to do the dusting of our tv stand every morning (for some reason the t.v loves to attract dusts no matter how I try cleaning it, the next morning I see some dusts in there again). Two consecutive days she is doing it then this morning she dusted her own keyboard and computer. A simple chore every day can make a difference. This will teach her to be independent and help her mommy. Eventually she will learn doing big things in this house so I will be freed from doing some of the chores, simple chores a girl like Jadyn can do. I believe she likes her job for I don't see or hear her complaining when I tell her to clean the tv. In fact, she is the one who voluntarily do it herself, she would just find that very cloth for the dusting and she will do it. Lucky mommy I am!

Used Cars In Tampa

Come to think of it. When you buy a new car from a dealership, you pay for the whole price, takes months or two years to pay off the whole amount but you have a brand new car to enjoy. But, the thought is, the moment you drive your car away from a dealership's parking lot you will not expect it will retain its value the same price when you bought it, your car would surely depreciate in value. So when you decided to buy a new car, keep in mind that you have to love it and make sure you are going to keep the car forever. If you decide to just sell it one day, you will not get the same amount of money as what you paid the car for.

In my own opinion, why would you want to pay $200 or $300 for such a car every month if you can buy a used car like Ford Focus and Toyota Camry for much less and you get to enjoy the same features or capabilities that a new car has? Buying a used car means being practical and saving yourself some money.

If you live in Tampa, Florida and are looking for used cars, try Check out their wide selection of used cars and trucks available from Park Automall in Pinellas Park, next to Clearwater Florida in Tampa Bay. If you want you can also visit their video blog here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

She Won't Get Overweight

I am positive my girl won't get fat for she is eating healthy. There is no chance she could be obese for we are teaching her to love eating the right foods at home. If you give her vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, olives or other types of veggies, she would eat them wholeheartedly. These are the kinds of foods she normally eats and surely would choose them over french fries or any deep fried foods that you can buy from a food chain. Definitely no eating of junk foods or sodas for we don't have them in our fridge.

We are lucky parents for having a child that has no problem eating the right kind of foods. When she goes to school someday, I guess she would be one of the few kids that would pick veggies in the school canteen.

Acura Dealer In West Palm Beach

I know a few friends living in Florida. When I say friends, that means I know them in person from way back high school or someone I met in the Philippines before they came here in the U.S. Two of them are now starting to look for a car so they can practice driving, they specifically are looking for an Acura car. Well, it's good because I have a website to the West Palm Beach Acura Dealer since they are living close to that dealership. The other one whose husband is driving an Acura is looking for a place to have oil change for his car. The same place mentioned above offers the service so might as well give them the link to it. The website has its own blog as well where customers who are looking to buy used Cars in West Palm Beach can read or have a reference in which car should they get, how much it cost and the features of each brand. It is such an interesting blog to be reading about before buying a used car to make sure there are no problems with the unit itself.

Online Trading

While most businesses have closed, there are establishments that are really doing great these days. People who are lucky enough to survive during these times are in good hands. They must continue what they have started so they make profits more. If you are one of those that aren't affected by the economic turmoil and want to venture out something new, why not try doing the online trading or stock trading? Or if you are always on the go, you can monitor your accounts through mobile trading. It is easy to join, just register and visit any of those links above. On the site you can check on the different investment products and services. Choose different account types of online brokerage accounts to fit your investment objectives. For more information about the website, just simply visit them right away. Enjoy trading and hope you will have a great time with what you are doing.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Shower, Probably Not

As I dug through Jadyn's old and outgrown stuff, I realized I still have most of her things. All those pink girly stuff are still folded in clean drawers like new. Since I am having another girl, I am debating myself whether to have a baby shower or not. At the end of the day after long hours of thinking about it, I came up with the solution to not have a baby shower since I still got everything that a newborn needs. I don't see the need for it at all.

We just need to buy few of those receiving blankets, newborn onesies, sensitive skin newborn diapers and wipes and that is all it. Those are the things we can very well take care of since they are only minor things and easy to get. I know that my friends would like to throw me a baby shower party but I don't think it's necessary.

Splashin' In Summer

It really feels like summer is getting near and I hate it. It is my most dreaded season of the year due to the fact that it can get real hot here in Texas every summer. For three months we should expect that triple digit every day which for me is too much! While some states still have their white snow on the ground, here in our area we already have above 80's temperature for the whole week. I can't believe I feel hot now and then and the fact that I need to turn on our ceiling fans makes me to just jump in an icy tub and stay there for an hour.

With all these being said, I cannot stop the earth from moving... summer will be here in the next months whether I like it or not. So to beat the heat, a nice splashin' in summer in above ground swimming pools can be a good alternative. I wish we can have one of those above ground pools so Jadyn and I can get to enjoy ourselves in our backyard.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Family

"Happy" -- the only right word I can describe my family. We live our lives with love and appreciative of the things we have. Even the big Princess, Jadyn feels it. She often say, I'm happy right here mommy, daddy! Thank God for the gift of family, they fill the void in my heart and they complete me. There is one coming that will add to our happiness, I am anxious for the very day.

We are truly happy- that's how we are and that is obvious. I cannot trade my family with anything in this world for without them I won't be whole again. We don't need those luxurious things in the world or have lots of money to be happy, just by being together that's what makes us happy.

One weekend, the happy family went to visit a beautiful garden perfect for the little kid run around and chase birds, for the mommy to breathe some air and for the daddy to have an exercise!


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