Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beautiful Dresses For A Price Below $10

I bought these dresses for my big Princess last time I hang out with my girl friend Annie and her daughter at Grapevine Mills Mall. We were there bringing our little Princesses so they can join the Disney Masquerade held at the said mall two weeks ago. Since we had all our time for a day out, we took advantage of roaming store after store looking nothing to shop in particular then we happened to stopped by Burlington Coat Factory. 

There we found hundreds of beautiful dresses to choose from. There were so many at a fraction of a price that we were having a difficult time which one to buy. Now we both know which store to shop for dresses at a much discounted price. I tell you these dresses would normally cost someone at least $20-$30 in other stores like Macy's or Kohls. Curious enough how much I paid for these two dresses? I only paid $8.99 for each dress with a total of $17.98 plus tax! What an awesome deal. Not only they are beautiful but very cheap as well. 


wifetoalineman02 said...

Thank you Ann for the blog hop, returning the favor back. I love those beautiful dresses for Jayden. What a deal too. How are you is Jayden as a big sister? Is she excited to meett her baby sister?

texas_sweetie said...

thanks sa comment girl. I don't know about Jadyn if she's excited, all i know is that she is aware that she is going to have a baby sister soon. i hope she won't feel jealous or out of place once the newborn is here.


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