Sunday, April 24, 2011

Little Payday

There are times in our life when we are tight with budget no matter how hard we try our best to budget our money so it can last to the next payday. Prices of commodities these days continue to soar, not to mention gas prices getting so expensive per gallon that it affects many Americans that adds to their financial burden. With this being said, Little Payday helps clients get instant cash before payday. If you need immediate or short on cash, they are there to help you with small loans.

Just three weeks ago my brother in the Philippines wanted to borrow money from us and I told him to wait for my husband's next payday. When payday came, he only paid enough for us, pay bills, house mortgage and for food enough for two weeks. How I wanted to help him but if I force to send some money, we will be the one to end up nothing left for our grocery so I told him if he can make some small personal loans where he lives because we cannot send him the money, not at this moment.

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