Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Are Successful Training Her

I am happy to know that my big girl is now completely off the diaper. Thank goodness! After three years of buying her diapers and wipes, we can now rest and stop spending money on something that we will only toss out once soiled. We can only be free of buying diapers for three months since there is another one on the way but despite of that, we are pleased.

Our big girl has learned that pooping in the toilet is cleaner and easier. Mommy doesn't have to clean up her stinky bottom anymore although there are times when she poop a bit in her panties, for some reason she couldn't make it to the bathroom and I tend to scold her for doing that. Other times, I don't even know she pooped. She would just go to the bathroom right away and do her thing. Once she's done she will then tell me that she poop in there. What a great girl.


anne said...

congrats anne, at night time? dili na siya mag diaper kay akong gamay diri ang problema nako kay sa night time, kay I have to let her wear pa with diaper. I am hoping someday ma ok ra.

texas_sweetie said...

oo dugay ra siya wala ga diaper ug gabii jud day, salig rapud ko deden as in wa pud raba siya nangihi oi, mag pull ups ra siya ug manglakaw mi ug layo nya dugay manguli pero bisan ingon naka sul ob siya ana kay mohagad man paadto CR kay mangihi siya.. hinay hinay lang gud si Faith eventually maanad rajud siya.


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