Monday, June 28, 2010

Like Baby Like Doll

Baby and I have quite a fun time at the mall yesterday. It was a good day to be at the mall were SALES raging all over the store. I found a dress at Sears that worth 24 dollars marked down to 9.99. Of course I bought it since Jadyn and her doll can have the same dress which is so nice to look at. I believe, not only the mommy loved seeing how her girl matches dress with the doll so does Jadyn herself. They just loooooooook so cute in their dress eh!

house designs

Planning of remodeling or building a new home for you? Check out available house plans and house designs online for a detailed view of the houses and information. I have seen some models of houses in that site and the one that I really like is the country style house.

functional and stylish

When choosing to buy a watch I prefer something that is functional and stylish. I also prefer buying a watch that has interchangeable straps to match with my outfit color. Yeah, there are tons of watches to choose from depending on the budget. My husband just bought me a guess watch online for my birthday. As expected, it is beautiful! Of course I like it a lot for I chose it before he purchased it. I was also eying for a dolce and gabbana watch but it is a bit costly for me. I will have to set aside my desire to have this kind of watch for a while. Wait until I can get a job of my own. Anyway, these kind of watches will never be out of style nor be faced out on the market, so no there is no harm in waiting.

Dolce and Gabbana are few dollars more than the one I currently have. I could probably save up some money from blogging for this one if I really want to follow my wants and desires. They are just stunning you know? I anticipate for the day when I can finally own one or two of these D&G watches.

Me 20 Years From Now

This is a fun thing to do on the internet. I am so curious how I look 20 years from now! Weeeeeee honestly, I don't feel threatened of my looks shown in this computer enhanced graphic here. It doesn't look that bad at all and guess, who would want to be so concerned of my looks when people my age look the same as me.... 2o years from now.........
Try it yourself too if you are curious how you look 20 or 30 years from today.

Burnt Pizza

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Look at that photo above. Can you tell what that is? That is my pizza the other day. I craved for pizza, luckily I got one in our freezer. I seldom crave for pizza and when I do, I eat two big pies of it. But then, I burned my pizza and I was so disappointed of myself. I left it in a 400-degree temperature in the oven for 17 minutes resulting to burning and scorching of the pizza that even a dog will refuse to eat it.

On the other hand, I didn't feel I wasted the food for it wasn't a good quality pizza and I didn't like the taste either. I just have to buy for a better and tastier pizza like Freschetta FlatBread next time. With Freschetta Flatbread, I can choose three different kinds. They are Zesty Italian, Roasted Garlic and Spinach, Pepperoni or 5-Cheese. Zesty Italian sounds appealing to me which I would gladly buy for a dollar off coupon that I could use on this site

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Different Sizes In Bikini

Summer reveals different sizes of men and women in bikini. I have seen a lot of fat assess rather than firm and sexy ones in water parks. Why is that? Based in my personal experience, American women are slimmer and sexier before they have a child but once they get pregnant and after having a baby, they turned into a giant monster that seemed too hard to get back to their pre-pregnancy body. No offense meant to people who are obese but that is just what I see wherever I go.

If you want to argue with this, just take a look at the photos below.... solid proof of them..

....... I guess you have an idea of who that woman in orange stripe top (me-- 2 years after having my baby, I am not sexy but I can still call myself thin) above versus the woman behind her.. American versus Asian size are way too different...
........ I find these two photos right here to be sexy although the lifeguard below looks in her teenage years yet she looks athletic..

.........and here are the bigger women carrying their kids with layers of fat around their waist and belly. I always thought that "mine" is so big that I try to control how much food I eat now but I shouldn't feel pity for myself for I know there are those a lot worse than me....

What Style

Before we could begin building our new home, we all should have home plans to look at, compare size and style, the price itself and most of all the location of the future love nest are some of the important factors to be considered. I have visited the website before and I have seen different styles of houses there. Three of them that I really like is the country, city and just the regular one that suit ones taste when it comes to houses.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Last Visit

June 20-21,2010 on Father's Day and my birthday was probably be the last visit to the Freedom House in San Antonio for the person we used to visit there a lot is gone. When I took these photos below, it was such a very beautiful, pretty and calm day. The house was just a walking distance away from the guest room so when my husband told me to come to the Freedom House we did it right away.

Jadyn and I made two stops on our way there, we stopped by at the deer statue for she wanted to climb on it real quick and stopped at the stone sign for the second time to take pictures... those times we kept delaying to get to the house were precious. If we didn't make those stops, we could have seen my father inlaw barely alive.

When we finally were able to get to where he was, he was already dead fifteen minutes before we arrived. That struck me so much for I never had a chance to bid goodbye to the good old man. Fortunately though on Father's Day, a day prior his death I was able to greet him Happy Father's Day, talked to him a bit and touched his warm hand.

........... it's been the home of my father inlaw for the past two years, we too learned to love the place.. each visit to him is a big fulfillment to us and that is of course always appreciated by our dear father...

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Homes In NC

Finding a home is a lot of fun at the same stressful. There too many things to consider in choosing your own home such as the location, accessibility to businesses and schools if you have kids, the kind of neighborhood it is in and most of all the size of the house and how much does it cost. That the job of a real estate company like Jacksonville NC real estate to help you with your most critical decision when it comes to choosing a house for you to start your family with.

Just So Funny

I just grabbed this from someone else's album on facebook. I just thought it was so hilarious for a baby this age, wasted from drinking that very strong liquor in the Philippines. Can you imagine your child to be doing this in reality? Hmmm of course no but there's a probability it is happening just like that Indonesian boy who smokes 40 cigs a day after being introduced to it by his own father. How sad!

Second Pair Of Eyes

If you are curious enough to know what I am up to lately, I am glad to tell you virtual world that I got so hooked into playing bejeweled blitz on facebook lately. It's like most of my time is spent playing this game. I don't know what's in my husband mind seeing me like this. He is off for one week due to the death we just had last weekend so he is taking the whole week off to give himself sometime to mourn for his loss.

Anyway, so here I am on the computer all day long, my eyes are kind of overworked too. The gems on bejeweled blitz have very strong colors that I feel like I am poked with real sharp needles in my eyes. I guess I need to consult an eye doctor for this before it gets severe. A pair of eyeglasses should be recommended then it is fine with me as long as I won't feel that throbbing pain anymore. Of course, is the only place I want to buy my eyeglasses if ever the doctor urges me to wear them. I have visited this website a couple times before and I find their selections to be the best of all online stores I have been to.

The Beach Is The Place To Be

I am getting really really bored now. It is summer with triple digit temperature once in a while. Even if it's below 100 degrees still it feels a lot hotter than the current temperature because of high humidity. With that being said, I am stuck inside the house all day, I have nowhere to go. Procrastination seems to be my friend these days. I often let my mind wander and be in place like the beach staying in a hotel in Myrtle Beach, enjoying the long sandy beaches, feeling the warm seawater in my feet and most of all, just chilling all day long with my cold drink. I can't help myself from missing my home town too. In a small city island is where I want to go where abundance of fresh seafoods, plenty of beaches to choose from and surrounded by sweet family and friends is awesome.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Refuses To Be Potty Trained

Jadyn's potty training isn't what as I expected it to be. I thought it would be just easy for both of us but everytime I put her in the toilet bowl she would refuse to do the number one or two. Yeah, she'll sit down there only for a few minutes, play a bit and when she gets tired, she'd scream for help saying, MOMMY, HELP! Those words will be uttered until she is gotten out of the bathroom.

The photos I attached here only prove how she is when I try to put her in the toilet. It is always a fight between us every session I try to potty train her. I guess she is not ready yet.

Senior Living

As you all know, we just lost a family member who was dear to us, my father's husband passed away four days ago that left an excruciating pain to each of us, most especially to the sons he left behind. He died under the care of senior living in the Air Force Village in San Antonio. Long before he was ill, he was meaning to move to a place somewhere closer to us. So my husband went to look around for Senior Living Dallas TX and he found one which could be the potential place for my father inlaw to be living for the rest of his life but since my husband isn't the trustee, he couldn't do anything about moving his father although he tried his might to make the old man's wish a reality. Unfortunately, nothing happened after that because his brother didn't want to move his father at all.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dry Eye Treatment

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All Your Accessory Needs

I found a website just now on where you can find the following hitches, ball mount, loading ramp. There are more good quality stuff including truck and car accessories on this site. You should check this out yourself and learn how you can save great deals for Summer. They offer free shipping on orders over $145 so you got to take advantage of that before the promotion ends. Tons of great quality stuff to browse. You don't want to miss this website, bookmark or save it so next time you want something from their store you can easily access to it.

Bonding With My Child

Digital cameras make such great company when I am bored and being alone with my baby. Not it only does accompany me but it also captures sad and sweet moments of my life. When I couldn't think of anything to do, I turn my boredom to my camera and just click and click it until I am satisfied of the result.

Photos attached below are of me and my baby in our guest room while visiting the late FIL. I am glad that my baby now loves her picture taken too so I have a partner now cam whoring.
....... cam whoring with my baby, one Sunday late night...

Keep It Tight

We've traveled a lot down to San Antonio as you all know because my father inlaw lived there. We didn't mind traveling for five hours each way just to see him and greet him on special occasions. All these we did it for our dear father Morgan. As we drive on the road, I see big trucks of any sorts transporting goods all over America.
Some of these trucks carry heavy equipment securely strapped in with a tow strap. They must make it sure that everything will be tightened and fastened otherwise a disaster could happen on the road. So despite of the long drive, I can get to enjoy riding in the passenger's seat because of so many interesting things to see along the road.


Getting a hitch for our car was a good decision. We have it for three years now. It has been so helpful to us especially when we needed to transport heavy and large objects by connecting a trailer through it. Well, the main purpose of getting a hitch before was for us to be able to put or install a bike rack at the back of the car then carry our bikes to the trail just so we can do our exercise. We didn't know that we can do more than that.

If you need one, look for a hitch store in your area or visit They have over 500,000 accessories available for you to browse. Find out how you can get real summer deals this season. You can also avail for a free shipping for orders over $149 by entering the code upon check out located at the very front page of the website. is a home to accessorize your vehicle whether it be an SUV, a truck, a car or a mini van. If you need tail lights, floor mats, LED light bars, tonneua covers, vent visors, net bars, seat covers and etc, everything you are looking for from the simplest to a more complex parts, this is the place to be.

From Time To Time

I cry from time to time because of the death of my father inlaw. There are plenty of memories to be treasured than to mourn of our loss but I cannot help it. I, too is deeply affected of his passing. I wonder what life would be for the sons in the next few days, months and years? We will no longer see him but knowing that he is in peace now somehow gives us ease in mind.

I am waiting for him to appear in my dreams just like what my grandfather did to me after his death. I would really love to see Pops Morgan my dream so he can tell me how and where he is now. Anyway, I will just wait for that time. It has only been 3 days since he was gone...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Payroll Service

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USA Players Welcome

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sad On My Birthday!

I am happy! It's my birthday today yoooooohoooooooooo! While I celebrate life, my father in-law is fighting for his life also that makes my natal day a sad one at the same time. He's been ill and he gets worse everyday. It's been four days he hasn't eating anything not even a drop of water. Hohohoho, I am worried, I am sad and I miss him already.

Before when we come down here to see him, the very first thing he would give me is his big hug saying "Hi, baby" and warm welcoming arms of his were expected. During the last three visits he couldn't afford to do that anymore as he is very weak and ill. So unfortunate that he could no longer watch his new grandchild grow. Oh, Lord if you plan of taking him soon, I pray that You welcome him in Heaven, forgive his sins and let his soul be in peace with You! above was taken yesterday, Father's Day. I am glad we made it here on time for Father's Day to visit and spend it with him.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nesting Buddies

It's a season for birds. Birds that you cannot see during Winter is here all summer long multiplyng everywhere. They even built a nest in our front porch. I thought they only made it to rest on it during night time but one day I saw there were four peeking heads of small baby birds. They were so cute and I wished I had a quick touch of them but my husband hindered me from doing so for the parent birds might leave and stop feeding the small ones. Now the birds are gone, the baby birds are capable of flying and free. My husband removed the nest so they won't come back anymore, I just don't feel comfortable having them especially in the front porch. Poops in the front porch looks unsanitary.

American Residential Law Group

We were once victims of fraudulent acts before. It happened when my husband was dying to find our own place because we were stucked in a small rental house with a baby. He really wanted to have this house (once occupied by irresponsible Vietnamese family) on their so as the mortgage so we could finally have own place. But these people were so clever in a bad way that they hired an attorney forcing my husband to sign the deed back to their name not knowing that was illegal. We didn't know it until 2 years later when they attempted to sell the house. Well, we wished we consulted a professional for this matter, American Residential Law Group is there to give us advice which we didn't know exist during the time we were battling for them.

To make the story short, it cost us thousands of money to gain back the deed and other stuff for legal matters to clear everything up for this house. I am glad we made it and we are over it now. The losers? They went away finding their nest in the other state.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Woohooo it's summer time. A lot of people find summer a lot of fun than any other seasons of the year. Waterparks are the perfect destination during summer for the entire family. That I must agree. There is no other way in beating the heat but being soaked in the cool pool water. But, as we stay in the sun for long hours we could actually exposing our sensitive skin to sun's damaging rays. What do we do to prevent that? Lotions to protect our skin and at the end of the day, it is advisable to put on something that could also help relieve stress and lessen wrinkles. The only place we can find these lovely products is at A little fact about the company. Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology Oxis International, Inc. (OTCBB: OXIS) is the premiere provider for the potent antioxidant, Ergothioneine and through their patented synthetic manufacturing proces

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Wish Granted

I jumped for joy when I received the package in the mail yesterday. I actually received two, the one from Old Navy I ordered last week and the other one in a small box that my husband bought online for me. wEEEEEEEEEWWWW I am blessed, I am spoiled by him. I wished to have this cute GUESS? watch and he bought it as his birthday present for his wife.

I am just very happy I got this watch, it is so light and pretty. I know it is nothing special compared to expensive watches out there but the thought of having it is beyond compare. Do you know the feeling when you really love something and you are dying to get it, you asked your husband to buy it for you and he bought it for his wife with no hesitation? That is exactly what I feel right now, I am overjoyed. Hmmmmmm I am one lucky wife. I knew he was not going to disappoint me and I knew I am gonna get what I want. Very nice husband, indeed!

....... I can wear this forever and not wanting to buy another watch as I am falling in love with this one... thanks a million times to hubbylabs...goodness gracious!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Resisting Temptation

I am proud of myself for resisting temptation just moments ago. I browsed at Victoria's Secret website looking for sale and clearance items when I suddenly remember I received a $10 off my next purchase attached to the catalogue they sent me weeks ago. A ten-dollar off is such a huge amount of discount to let it pass by.

So there I went to the site, just browsing though for I don't feel like buying for clothing at this time then I moved on to their Secret Garden collection, I found myself choosing three different smells of lotion and a body mist, clicked on check out button and actually entered the offer code when I remember, wait a minute, something is wrong here. Why would I buy for something I don't really need? Although the final price of merchandise purchased is only twelve bucks but heyyyyy that doesn't give me justice from spending so much lately.

What I did is before I could hit the PURCHASE button I quickly closed the window and left my computer, tore off the coupon attached to the catalogue and hid it in my wallet. You may think I am crazy for putting it in my wallet but it is safer there for when it's there I will only forget it until it expires. So that was my story this morning. I was able to stop myself from online shopping which I know I will regret later for spending money instead of saving it.

Air Duct Cleaning

I didn't know that a house has an average of at least ten or more air ducts depending on the size of the house of course. Our house is quite large and it has a total air ducts of 14. Before we moved in here five months ago, my husband made sure that the house is cleaned including the air ducts. He hired a professional house maid and people to do the air ducts too. Man, I couldn't believe how thick the dusty all over the house and worse in the air ducts. It looked like it hasn't been cleaned for a decade which is very apparent when the the people opened the screen for air ducts. It was really yucky, indeed.

If you live in San Antonio and wants to have your air ducts done, please contact or vist air duct cleaning san antonio. Wish you can find that cleanliness you want to achieve especially the air ducts to keep your kids from asthma or allergy attack caused by dusts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dog Lover She Is

Baby girl's love of dogs has grown stronger over the years I can tell. Wherever we go and she sees a dog, rest assured baby girl will be delighted to greet and pet the dog even if she doesn't know its name. She has her own dog named Chichai and she became her bestfriend as they grow together. The dog is only 2 months older than the baby so they feel like they are sisters, too bad the dog was born to be a dog but despite of that, Chichai feels she is one of us.

....... photos above and below are of my Jadyn walking her dog around the block. Guess she liked it a lot but I couldn't trust her holding the leash for our dog is a sneaky one and I was afraid she would just run away from the baby and let loose.
.. the photo below is of my girl at Lowe's. She saw this huge puppy in there and she couldn't help but get near the dog to play, talk and pet him.

America's Favorite Giftcards

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I used to have a hard time buying gifts for other people and my husband it is because I don't know what they want. Looks like they possess everything they need in this world that makes me confuse when it comes to buying them presents on special occasions. This was my problem before I discovered FriendGiftr. It enables users to buy and send real digital and/or physical gift cards to friends, family and associates.

Thankfully friendgiftr exist for it takes away the burden in my mind. Father's Day is coming up soon and I definitely want to give my husband a $75 value worth of giftcard to shop at Kohls. He loves shopping for his work stuff at Kohls you know? What makes this giftcard unique from other cards is that the person who has it can just swap the giftcard out for a different merchant for no additional cost. Another thing, he can also split the gift card across multiple merchants, enabling the ultimate user choice and control. And most of all, users can use the service from their site on Facebook, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. So if giving presents such a burden to you, try using Friendgftr giftcards.

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What I Want For My Birthday

I know when I like something for I cannot take my eyes off it from the very first time I laid my eyes upon it. It was on Facebook when I was informed that GUESS USA currently taking additional 40$ off on sale items. I browsed through it but didn't find anything I like until I discovered this interchangeable straps watch. My birthday is coming up soon and all I want to receive is this cute watch on my day. I have already sent an e-mail to my husband hinting what I want from him...I shall see if he's gonna buy it for me,...if he doesn't, I'm still gonna buy it for me using his money..poor man no choice.

Description below;
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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Day At The Pool With Irish

Irish is Annie's sister if you don't know it. She came all the way from Pennsylvania to visit her sister in Texas and to meet some Annie's friends as well that includes ME. I was able to meet her three times during her whole stay here in the state for a month. I was glad we were able to bond a lot before she could go home. I treasure the moment I had with her for we don't know as of yet when she is going to be able to see us here again.

Last Saturday we went to the nearest water park and brought the little ones, Baden and Bigail to the pool so they can have a splash. Not only the little ones did enjoy the water but the adults as well. It was so fun that all of us were talking and laughing the whole time we were there.

Avalon Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Windows and the Open-Air Balcony

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Like everybody else, I, too have my own wishes and dreams. Dreams that haven't achieved so far. A dream of visiting Europe is one of them. I frequent on Facebook everyday of my life because I get to see or look at pictures of people in different places particularly those who just have their Europe trips. I am somewhat envious for I know how costly it is to travel to Europe.

I remember vividly, someone told me to make a greater deal when traveling in any parts of the world is by cruising. I was ecstatic. The very thing that came in my mind talking about cruising is the Avalon Waterways. I heard this vessel has a Panorama boasting to 1550 percent more suites than any other river cruise vessel on Europe's water and that it is the first ship of its kind. I took a virtual tour of this ship's new visionary Suite Ship at and I was like WOW! It is so amazingly beautiful. The vessel's Panorama Suites are 30 percent larger than the standard industry stateroom. If would be able to stay at one of those suites, I would be more than lucky. What I like the most is the panoramic window, it allows me to view the beautiful scenic places, mountains and scenic views from my own bed without leaving the ship.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Afternoon

We started our day kind of late so we ate our lunch late too. I cooked my family water spinach adobo or in our native tongue, adobong kangkong. I got a whole bunch of spinach to separate the leaves and the stems that took me half an hour to prepare the thing then another half an hour to cook it. We finally had our lunch ready by 1. It was so delicious and tasty, the husband ate all of the food in his bowl that makes me feel good for he ate filipino food and of course, rice today.

Since we are fed, the husband is off to bed so does the baby and I? Am getting sleepy and will hit the bed as soon as I post this one too. It's the last day of my husband's day off so it is just right to be lazy as we were very busy and active yesterday.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cool Bike

I am not into bikes. However, I know what cool bike is when I see one just like this very new white and gray with chrome wheels bike parked in Home Depot lot one day. It looked like it was in the movie that Nicho Cage starred which I forgot what the title was.

I Screwed Up

I think my computer is screwed up now. It acted up on me yesterday afternoon. I didn't do anything with it except open websites that I visit frequently. In the middle of my stay on Facebook, a small window popped up sending a notification a website has been blocked. And when I closed the small box everything went crazy. I suspected it was from the website I got from dropping my ECs earlier that day. I kept opening the site for 3 times even if I received a warning from my antivirus that it was dangerous.

As a result I lost my yahoo messenger, google chrome and internet explorer cannot open websites. If I type yahoo or google on the address bar, it leads me to a very weird website that I have never been before. I feel so frustrated trying to figure out things what happened to my computer.

I downloaded back my ym but still couldn't log in, this disabled me from listening beautiful love songs on yahoo. Thankfully though that my mozilla is still working and that I can just listen to Internet Radio, Talk Radio or Online Radio so my love for music goes on.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Enough

I just spent 20 minutes on the treadmill on a hot Tuesday afternoon. I almost forgot we have treadmill tsk tsk tsk. Gaining two pounds over several weeks is hideous. I should have no excuse for becoming 100 pounds despite of the scorching temperature that we now have. If I can't walk around the village, there is a treadmill in the back porch waiting for me to use but what I have done the past weeks? I am pigging out to the extent of forgetting getting on the scale.

For most people weighing a hundred pounds isn't bad. In fact, two of my friends are wishing to be down to that weight while on the other hand, I, is trying my might to be 97 or 98 again. If I was in my home country this wouldn't be so difficult to do but I am in America where everything is so easy even washing dishes can be done in just a push of a button, so how do you expect for me to lose weight so easy?

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Triple Digit Temperature Is Coming

Yikes! This is it! My dreaded season of the year is here! Hohohoho Oh Lord, help! According to the forecast, the triple digit temperature will start as early as tomorrow and the following days until maybe the end of summer is going to be triple digit as always. Tsk tsk, I hate it! Too hot that it gives me headache at the end of the day. It sucks, you know what I mean?

For some, summer is their favorite season, not for me. I prefer to have a mildly cold temp rather than facing the hot summer temps. Summertime is also when I likely to get bored. I couldn't go for a walk nor do gardening for it is just too hot for me to bear.

Le CO2eux Soireé

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you missed last year's Recyclage de Luxe Show, here is your chance to watch a follow-up of it. Watch the embedded video below. Le CO2eux Soireé is what this video is about. It is actually a four part variety show that was created to launch Stella Artois’ new lightweight bottle, which contains less glass and therefore produces less CO2 emissions.

This show was also inspired by 1960s television programmes and is aired ‘live’ from inside the new bottle. To those who are fans of 1963 shows, this is your opportunity to bring back the old time for the show is featuring the first ever music video by Marina and the Diamonds’ hit single I Am Not a Robot – alongside a live set from The Mystery Jets, performing their yet to be released single Dreaming of Another World.

I am very sure that most of you Brits are familiar with this show. I am not but I am more than interested to watch it for I admire oldie shows too. Wait until I have some free time and I definitely going to watch it. I don't want to miss it as I seldom see shows like Le CO2eux Soireé nowadays. I know you will be happy to be able to see it too.

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Trash Forgotten

The sound of a big trash truck reminded me that it is our trash day here in Edgecliff Village. I almost forgot to bring the trash out, the next trash day will be in Monday yikes that will be too long to wait for an old garbage we have to be picked up, it would make the garage so stinky!

Well, anyway, it is already out now. I am just a bit thankful for garbage people aren't done in this side of the street yet so I have ample time bringing stinky bags of trash out to the curb. What was I thinking last night? All along I thought trash day will be tomorrow, but apparently I was so wrong eh. Tsk Tsk... this could be a sign of old age?? Hope not.

Watch Movies Online

Although we have a solid subscription for movies in Netflex we are not guaranteed that we can have something to watch every weekends. We normally get our movies three or four times a week but there are times when there is nothing good to rent online so we wound up not having anything during weekends. Good thing though we have other source of entertainment, the cable t.v. Aside from that, we can also get to Watch movies online at

This is good because we can watch new releases movies like the Sex and the City 2 and so many others that would be interesting to be watching with my husband. Thanks to this website for offering a free movie to people who often get bored at home, just like me. I anticipate watching one of their featured movies tonight, we are going for a painstakingly five-hour drive again so a good movie at the end of the day will be a good idea. Wow, I am excited because I know what to watch this evening.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Karaoke At Our House

Me and few of my selected friends had a blast yesterday celebrating Memorial Day in our house. I cooked Filipino foods for them and I am glad they liked it especially the pregnant Irish. I made them hornish chicken stew with horseradish leaves, grilled pork belly and mackerel fish, fried dried fish and of course, rice. It wasn't a big feast for us but it was enough to fill our stomach with our most favorite dishes.

After pigging out in the kitchen we then proceeded to the living room where we had our karaoke for 4 hours. Even Annie's better half nakikisalo na rin. It's nice to have friends come over sometimes for it helps me relieve boredom and loneliness. Thank to them for they really made my Monday. Looking forward for more small and simple gatherings in the future.

....... me and Sheryl
..Abby and Baden playing in our living room
....... here are the frustrated singers in Fort Worth... and below is of us having lunch together..

America's Favorite Brand

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

It was a dear friend of mine who first introduced me a hormel brand chili during Christmas of 2008. She invited us to come over to her house so we can all share a small Christmas banquet together. At first I didn't like the taste of the chili but as my taste buds get used to it, I liked it more and more and I was eating the Hormel chili like Americans do.

My friend's recipe is perfect during Winter for it is kind of spicy that it really make you sweat after eating. From then on, I was inspired to make my own at home and the husband loving it a lot that he request for different recipes for it. And take note, he wants only one specific brand, the ones that are from Hormel. Luckily, they have varieties of chili from the classic Hormel chili con carne to new, premium Hormel Chili Master varieties such as white chicken chili and roasted tomato, and from Dinty Moore cans to new Dinty Moore HeartyMeals varieties such as chicken pot pie and noodles and beef.

I am looking forward to trying another recipe in the future. If you want to try making new chili recipe or anything that you feel like eating, just visit and browse for different truly delicious simple recipes, you can also share yours there. Oh before I forget, Dinty Moore and Hormel Chili are having their 75th anniversary. Please join them by visiting on their site. Just click on the link provided above.

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