Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dog Lover She Is

Baby girl's love of dogs has grown stronger over the years I can tell. Wherever we go and she sees a dog, rest assured baby girl will be delighted to greet and pet the dog even if she doesn't know its name. She has her own dog named Chichai and she became her bestfriend as they grow together. The dog is only 2 months older than the baby so they feel like they are sisters, too bad the dog was born to be a dog but despite of that, Chichai feels she is one of us.

....... photos above and below are of my Jadyn walking her dog around the block. Guess she liked it a lot but I couldn't trust her holding the leash for our dog is a sneaky one and I was afraid she would just run away from the baby and let loose.
.. the photo below is of my girl at Lowe's. She saw this huge puppy in there and she couldn't help but get near the dog to play, talk and pet him.

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