Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Afternoon

We started our day kind of late so we ate our lunch late too. I cooked my family water spinach adobo or in our native tongue, adobong kangkong. I got a whole bunch of spinach to separate the leaves and the stems that took me half an hour to prepare the thing then another half an hour to cook it. We finally had our lunch ready by 1. It was so delicious and tasty, the husband ate all of the food in his bowl that makes me feel good for he ate filipino food and of course, rice today.

Since we are fed, the husband is off to bed so does the baby and I? Am getting sleepy and will hit the bed as soon as I post this one too. It's the last day of my husband's day off so it is just right to be lazy as we were very busy and active yesterday.

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