Monday, June 28, 2010

functional and stylish

When choosing to buy a watch I prefer something that is functional and stylish. I also prefer buying a watch that has interchangeable straps to match with my outfit color. Yeah, there are tons of watches to choose from depending on the budget. My husband just bought me a guess watch online for my birthday. As expected, it is beautiful! Of course I like it a lot for I chose it before he purchased it. I was also eying for a dolce and gabbana watch but it is a bit costly for me. I will have to set aside my desire to have this kind of watch for a while. Wait until I can get a job of my own. Anyway, these kind of watches will never be out of style nor be faced out on the market, so no there is no harm in waiting.

Dolce and Gabbana are few dollars more than the one I currently have. I could probably save up some money from blogging for this one if I really want to follow my wants and desires. They are just stunning you know? I anticipate for the day when I can finally own one or two of these D&G watches.

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