Friday, June 25, 2010

The Beach Is The Place To Be

I am getting really really bored now. It is summer with triple digit temperature once in a while. Even if it's below 100 degrees still it feels a lot hotter than the current temperature because of high humidity. With that being said, I am stuck inside the house all day, I have nowhere to go. Procrastination seems to be my friend these days. I often let my mind wander and be in place like the beach staying in a hotel in Myrtle Beach, enjoying the long sandy beaches, feeling the warm seawater in my feet and most of all, just chilling all day long with my cold drink. I can't help myself from missing my home town too. In a small city island is where I want to go where abundance of fresh seafoods, plenty of beaches to choose from and surrounded by sweet family and friends is awesome.

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