Saturday, June 19, 2010

American Residential Law Group

We were once victims of fraudulent acts before. It happened when my husband was dying to find our own place because we were stucked in a small rental house with a baby. He really wanted to have this house (once occupied by irresponsible Vietnamese family) on their so as the mortgage so we could finally have own place. But these people were so clever in a bad way that they hired an attorney forcing my husband to sign the deed back to their name not knowing that was illegal. We didn't know it until 2 years later when they attempted to sell the house. Well, we wished we consulted a professional for this matter, American Residential Law Group is there to give us advice which we didn't know exist during the time we were battling for them.

To make the story short, it cost us thousands of money to gain back the deed and other stuff for legal matters to clear everything up for this house. I am glad we made it and we are over it now. The losers? They went away finding their nest in the other state.

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