Thursday, April 29, 2010

Below 100 Pounds

You Are an Ectomorph

You are thin and lean. You don't put on weight easily.

Ectomorphs are known for being private, introverted, and brilliant.

It's likely that you are introspective, philosophical, and even artistic.

Other people tend to make you a bit tense, but being alone is both inspiring and comforting.

What's Your True Body Type?

I am 5'1" in height and I don't consider myself too short for Filipino standards. I weigh 98 pounds which I am good at maintaining throughout summer. I can be heavier during Winter and that is understandable, cold months make me lazy and I don't do any exercise at all. Gaining weight though doesn't panic me for I don't gain that much weight nor it's hard for me to lose the extra pounds I have. What I do is eat and eat and eat and when I go up almost 100 pounds, I tend to slow down pigging out, do a little exercise or do after 6 which is very effective for me and I am good. I don't need to seriously go on dieting just like other people do. I am normally thin ya know?

A Beautiful Piece

So it is not just me who notice the beauty of mantle clock it brings to one's house. So does my friend in the east coast too. I visited her page one time and I read there what she wrote about how nice it would be to have a piece of one huge nicer clock like mantle clocks in the house. Foe me, I can greatly compare it to hair streaks , if you look at somebody's hair with streaks you would notice it the first time you take a glance at her or him.

Although the clock is a beautiful piece and everybody wants it but not everybody can afford to buy it, it is a unique and rare piece of clock that costs more than any ordinary clocks. However, if a person is really interested of having this clock, he or she can save money and buy it as a treat for himself. I am optimistic, someday we can own one too like the one on the internet that I have been eying for so long. Obviously, we cannot have it right now as we do have too many things need to prioritize in this house and for our family plus there is this up coming big trip to my home country.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Out Of Cooking Oil

Geeezzz! I hate it when I wanted to do something and couldn't do it. I was in the kitchen so excited and was ready to fry me some dried fish to go with my jackfruit with coconut milk. I already heated the frying pan for a couple of minutes only to find out that I am out of cooking oil. I was so dismayed and my appetite of eating breakfast banished.

What makes my heart bleed is that I couldn't buy or get cooking oil until my husband is off. You know, I still use the driving permit (therefore I am not allowed to drive alone) and besides, my car isn't here, my husband using it to get to his work.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kalami singgit buno!!

How Do You Like Being Paid To Shop?

How do you like being paid to shop? Is there such thing ever exist in the world today? It surely is. T.v ads from big department stores offer cash back bonus as long as you shop for their intended amount to be paid back like ten bucks or more depending on how much you spend at their store. Now, if you are a big online shopper just like me you can also avail on some of the stores' get paid to shop program. Sounds familiar to you? You might think upon hearing that is is just a hoax but it truly isn't. Here is what the company says on how it works.

Get Paid To Shop sounds so good especially to shoppers that want to save money. It works by earning 2% cash back for purchasing Market-America branded products and from their partner stores where you can see their logo. And if you refer the stores to your friends that earns you 1/2% percent on purchases forever. It doesn't cost you a dime when you join, get to shop for the things you love in over 3,000 partner stores and earn real cash with no fees BIG TIMe!

My Top, Her Dress

Jadyn is wearing my red top as her dress. I tried putting it on to her hoping that it would fit her because I am no longer wearing it, too uncomfortable for me plus the top shrunk after several times of washing.

Is it my top that is small or my Jadyn is growing fast? Either way, I am happy to know that I could have someone to wear my old clothes.

Defective Eye

For days now my left eye is still scratchy, a little itchy and it gets painful after two or more hours staring at the computer screen. I have experienced it before but the soreness will disappear after a day but lately it feels like it will never go away. Could it be a sign of a defective eye? I will never know unless I consult an eye doctor but in the meantime I don't want to think about that. It just scares me. I am still too young to be wearing glasses you know? Although there are people a lot younger than me who are already wearing eyeglasses but oh please spare me. I could only imagine how troubling it would be as I am not used to wearing eyeglasses in my life.

As I type this entry right now, my left eye is also having trouble focusing on the letters on the screen. I even tried covering the other eye to see if this blurred vision I have is just because I just woke up and that my eyes can't focus too well. Or I should just give some more minutes to have my eyes totally awake before I say anything about my concern.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Black Dating Site

If Asians, Europeans and Latinas have their own dating sites in which they can put a profile specifically built for them, so do Blacks too. There is this what they call black dating where black people can get to meet new faces, new friends and new mates of their color. Try checking out, register yourself, make a profile, post pictures and start chatting. Perhaps, your long awaited partner in life is right there waiting for you. Just simple and quick steps you can publish your profile to your potential mate. I have done online dating from the past and got good results.

Another Beautiful Day

Another nice day to be outside. I may have to go for a walk in 30 minutes because days have passed I wasn't able to do our walking for the reason we were busy with something else. Hopefully when we get back, there will be opportunities to do or if there aren't any then I have no reason to stay in the computer. I should just continue digging the dirt instead.

I am just waiting for the food I ate to digest a little bit then we'll be ready and enjoy the sun and nice temperature. Good thing I have two creatures here that love to go walking too. Chichai the dog and baby the human both accompany me with my exercise.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #:3


My Mellow Yellow entry number 3 is a yellow slide at Saguninet Park where we used to live. Jadyn loves to slide or going to the park and I thought we were lucky for the park was only 5 blocks away but then we moved to a different place and I felt bad for my baby because I don't see any decent park around here within walking distance.

Gifts For Mother's Day

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bliss Living. All opinions are 100% mine.

If not because of t.v and online ads I would have not known it that Mother's Day is just around the corner. Amazing how time flies because it felt like we just celebrated Mother's Day by having dinner in the restaurant. And here it is again now fast approaching.

I am a mother myself to a beautiful and smart kid, Jadyn. And I proudly say I raise her to be a good kid although she is only 2 years old but she doesn't have foul attitudes that would push a parent to the extreme. Anyway, since it is Mother's Day soon, may I hint everyone who wish to give me a little something especially to my husband if he is reading this that I would like to have this double charm necklace I found on Bliss Living Jewelry. I think it is a cool piece of jewelry that I can wear everyday, of course it has a name of my baby girl and her birthdate that makes it special.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy Day

Busy day for us. We got tons of things to do outside. We are going to finish cleaning up the bushes we started yesterday so I must see you online world perhaps tomorrow. I will be pretty tired when we are done that's for sure so I don't wish to get online later today. Gonna post photos of the job we have accomplished for documentation purposes. CIAO!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

American Home

Photo above is one of my favorite houses I've seen around our neighborhood. Why? Because their yard looks neat with all the flowering plants Bearded Iris, planted in their driveway and the long driveway they have. I used my phone to capture this that is why it isn't showing the whole property, and darn it I cut the other side of their driveway.

Anyways, I never failed to walk in their street whenever we go out for hiking because I just love staring at all the flowers that are now blooming. I contain my heart looking at their colorful yard (not showing in this shot bec. I took it early Spring, the flowers have not sprung yet) for I know we don't have those in our yard and mind you flowers nowadays is like my version of meth. The more I look at them, the more I get so high like drugs!

Resting For A While

We were so busy today cleaning up the bushes that goes around the house. They are not just ordinary bushes but they are older than ten years so cutting them down wasn't easy as we thought it was. Lots of branches intertwined together that made it so difficult to get to the main branch. Although I didn't do it, my husband did but I saw how he had a hard time cutting them off one by one. I on the other hand, dragging the bushes which are heavy (the big ones) using my bare hands was panting from walking back and forth a hundred times to and from the backyard and front yard. That made me panting so bad like a dog haha.

Anyway, we are not done with our job yet, we still gonna go out there and clean some more. I am just here relaxing for a while while browsing or reading articles pertaining to sports betting, sports betting tips, betting picks and reviews and others. One of the topics I found interesting is this unfortunate student who lost his entire student loan betting on the African Cup of Nations earlier this month when he lumped a whopping £4,400 on Angola to beat Mali in the group stages. If you were that kid, would you willing to put your future at stake just because of your addiction to sports?

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Friday, April 23, 2010

JB In My Dream

Of all people I wanna dream about, these three people that have long been gone I lost contact with appeared in my dream last night. They are the people I am so curious where they are and how they're doing now. Rogen Tumulak and Jufil Basiga were my classmates in grade five. And the other person Abing Carael my first degree cousin left her family for more than 10 years to Manila and since then we couldn't hear anything from her was in my dream too.

I dreamed we were in Jollibee ordering rice and chicken joy, we were so hungry that we needed to have our order right away. And on the table we were sitting, I demonstrate Jufil and Rogen how to use a laptop and asked their cellphone number so we can keep in touch but for some reason they wouldn't give it to me and I was like.... simple request why it seemed so hard for them to give?

I really thought the chicken joy thing was real. I have been craving for it but too bad can't have it here in America. No Jollibee food chain in Texas eh.I will try searching these people on FB and see if I can get any positive results. I wish I wish I can find at least one of them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Homes In NC

For residents of Jacksonville, North Carolina searching for homes, you may start looking online at Jacksonville NC homes. Prices vary from location, the size of the house, lot and the neighborhood it belongs. For area information and more please explore the website as everything is listed in there.

Once in our lives, we came to the point of looking for our own house, not in North Carolina though but the process is just the same elsewhere. My husband wanted for a bigger lot, quieter neighborhood and easy access to grocery and other business establishments in the city. Not to forget, the price of the house! We have all done our searches until time came that we need to end this for the people living in his own home left the house he owned, so we moved in here and making the place a comfortable one for our family.

Thunder and Lightning Sound

I can describe the sound of my stomach right now, it sounds like a raging thunderstorm with lots of lightning and thunder all over my belly. This is what I get for not eating since last night. I had my last meal at 4 in the afternoon yesterday and it wasn't heavy meal. I only had two small bowls of rice porridge and a scoop of ice cream. I didn't eat at dinner oh except for that one last shot of macaroni salad in the fridge.

Again this morning, I skip breakfast. All I had was a cup of hot chocolate drink then at 11 I had a small bowl of bam-e or rice sticks filipino version. I did not expect this at all, I feel like I am having a diarrhea only it hasn't came out yet. Feels strange and the sound my stomach is producing is really loud. Good thing I'm all alone here.

Fishing Boat Rental

Take the most fishing adventure of your life by using a Charter Fishing Destin boat. Let this humble captain named Jason Mikel with years and years of experience in fishing take you to the fishing sites that you can never forget in your entire life. The Backlash is the company behind this Charter Fishing Destin boat specializing in groups of six passengers to do the following; bottom fishing, offshore trolling adventures and a family of fun fishing. All these happens in Florida, the Sunshine state.

If you have plans of taking your family to a wondrous fishing experience, please make your reservations as early as now. Deep sea fishing in Destin, Florida is just one of the many things you can do in that place and based on my search, more and more people are coming over to Destin just to experience the fun of deep sea fishing that they cannot ever experience in some states. Like here in Texas, it's a huge state and people in North Texas are 5 or more hours from the ocean so deep sea fishing is an impossible thing to do. However, people here in Texas still go fishing but in the lakes, rivers or in small ponds. A deep sea fishing can be more exciting I think.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Toy Cars

Two of those cars in the picture are of my husband's. The blue one with wide back is a Pantera which my husband used to drive when he was a teenager, the next one is the Ford Cobra that is one of his favorites and the last one is a Ford Viper that we bought for Jadyn. Having this Pantera as a model toy car gives me an idea on what the old car shell has been sitting outside for years. My husband said it's a Pantera but he never get around to it for he has had important things to do other than working with that car.

Read The Reviews

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Metro PCS

For people looking for new phones, visit metro pcs website.


I hate how the possum animal looks. It looks very gross and big fat rat. I have seen few of them around here but not this one on the power line in the middle of the night. It left me wondering how did this creature climb on to the power line without falling down?

Schooling And Making Friends At The Same Time

Find out this Residential Summer School London in the UK if you are a foreigner in this land or if you aim to develop your own language skills as well as making friends. Yeah we all know there are a lot of advantages why sending young people to summer schools. It is somehow popular in England for various reasons. One of which is providing young kids or young people the opportunity to grow and learn about themselves, while also developing a new language and making new friends. Find out the school's 4-week program that helps students provide an ideal learning environment for students ages from 11 until 17. This is implemented in the hope of improving their speaking, reading and writing skills in English.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Of The Tulips I Have

This is how my front yard looks like..right now. It has pink blooming tulips that I so love to look at when I go out. I wish I have planted more tulips in the flower beds to have more variety of these. I shall wait though until my husband can pull out all the thick old bushes all the way around the house and replace them with wonderful tulips or knock out roses. I bet it will be beautiful throughout Spring and Summer.

Truck Accessories

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Mellow Yellow Monday #: 2


Time for mellow yellow Monday again, my most favorite meme of all for yellow is everywhere. It is not hard to find in every picture I have. My entry for today is this yellow flowering bush I saw at Dallas Arboretum garden weeks ago. It is a big bush that it caught my eyes. I can actually see it everywhere even around the neighborhood but the one in the garden is the biggest yellow bush I have seen.

Loan Modification

When we first moved in this house, the very first thing we did was to get a Loan Modification so we can survive paying our home mortgage for years. If we wouldn't do it, I don't know where else are we going to get the money to pay for extra bills and food. For the cost of monthly payment of this house was a little over a thousand bucks and we are a single income family of three.

So we worked on gathering the papers that the bank required so they can process the loan modification we need. After two months of waiting, we were granted a 30-year to pay at 825 bucks a month. Now we are doing good at house payments.

I was just shocked though because it left me wondering if BOA was giving our information to other loan companies for several junk mails kept coming to our mailbox almost everyday for weeks. Companies that trying to offer us beautiful loan modification and other things.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Night time

A simple shot of our humble home at night time. I just thought of taking pics of how it looks at night time and I must say, it is cozy and peaceful inside. As you can see the only brighter side of the house is the living room for that is where we usually spend long hours in there, the rest of the house should be dark, all lights turned off when not in use to save electricity.

P.S..taht little human figure near the door is no other than my baby girl, D.

Clearer Vision

If you want to get your clear vision back just like before, let Dr. Thierry Hufnagel do the miracle to you. He is a lasik surgeon that could perform the surgery in as little as few hours. If you don't know it, lasik is the most often performed surgery in the US and is guaranteed you can see as normal people have 20/20 vision. Visit this surgeon's website now and find out what he can do to help you more.

Friday, April 16, 2010

She Loves Cars

I believe Jadyn has inherited her Dada's love of cars because she too, showed interests with cars. I bought her a toy car which is shown in the pictures below, the stripe blue one is hers and the other two are of her Dada's. Anyway, one day after we went from the car show, Jadyn asked me to take the two cars along with her original car so she can play with them.

I didn't know that until she seriously play them for an hour. I was stunned. How could a baby girl get interested in playing cars? Cars are supposed for the boys.

Better Internet Provider

It's been 5 months since we are subscribing the current internet provider, it is the second provider we have tried and so far so good even though sometimes my laptop suddenly gets cut off from the internet but I believe it has something to do with interference somewhere.

The first internet provider we had could no longer give us the speed we used to while we were still living in the small rental house at El Campo Av. We are at a different place and obviously ATT has very low signal or strength here so we opted to using a different one.

I know there are several internet satellite providers out there, but how do we know if the company we choose is reliable enough when it comes to giving you the kind of speed you need to make your life going? Some cable companies suck but with Wild Blue high speed internet satellite, rest assured that you can have a high speed internet access over satellite to virtually everywhere in the U.S. Or you may fire the company that still offers dial up connection internet. By using the service of Blue Dish, what you get is lightning fast connection, no delays, no more dialing on and most of all enjoy all the downloading of everything you can ever do from the internet.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Switch To Gecko

Gieco insurance is popular of their caveman and gecko advertisement. They are doing a great job for launching those commercials, since then their name has been the talk of the town around here. I am talking about gecko here because I think I found one and had a closer look at it in our second bathroom.

It was my little girl who saw it first and brought me to the bathroom where it was sitting for a while and had a chance to capture this little creature. Cute is the gecko, isn't it?

For the Love Of Sports

When I was growing up one of my favorite sports was watching basketball game on t.v. Everytime NBA or PBA games are on, rest assured I will always be there, always present to watch the whole game until it ends. It wasn't just me who was hooked to it, I also had with me my brothers, neighbors same ages as me and the whole neighborhood was crazy about this game.

We gather together in one house and made our sports betting. Back then, we did it manually for we had no computer no internet connection during the 80s, you know. So what we do is, whoever wins the game, the person who bet the winning team will also win and the prize is picking on the opponent's fist ten times. Weird as it may sound but that is how we did it before.

Now in the new era, sports betting is easy. With just a single click on your mouse, a comfortable seat in your home then you can do all this over and over again. To do your sports bets you just have to see or visit websites that offer sports betting. Could it be basketball betting, baseball betting, boxing betting, soccer betting, hockey betting and many more.

The only website I would highly recommend to do all these things is, your ultimate guide to sports betting. On this site you can learn the important tips and tricks of those mentioned sports above that enables you to place your smartest bets on sports. Also, on this site, they are showing their clients or visitors their most top rated online sports betting books. Learn which book comes number in their list. Not only you will know which books are best rated but you can also get to read reviews of top clients who frequent their sites. Visit them now, simply click on the links above.

Like Soulmates

I am more than glad I got to reconnect with my old friends back in highschool these days. Slowly I am finding them. One of the many friends I long to hear again is this girl used to be my classmate in highschool and I have been searching for her on facebook but unfortunately, I couldn't find her. Just recently, one of her friends added me there and through her I found this gal and voila! We are now talking.

We had our first chat this morning since our last contact in year 2007, I believe. We talked for over an hour and that seemed wasn't enough. We had too much to catch during our lost times and I am looking forward to voice chatting with her again one of these days.

I have no regret I dusted off those that don't deserve to have a space of my friend's list in my facebook for I have plenty to reserve for my old folks. Now I am welcome to add some more of my friends whom I lost contact with. So nice is the feeling upon finding them at long last.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fuel Doctor

Have you heard of this product called Fuel Doctor FD-47? It is said to help drivers increase MPG for up to 25%. What it does is it reduce emissions, increase fuel economy and increases power. How is this all possible? Might as well click on the link provided here and watch the video of this new product. I hope it gives you a clear description as to why you should buy this product and hopefully helps you with saving some money in your fuel.

For some people that travel a lot or whose job involve a lot of traveling, savings on fuel is something they could do to help themselves a little bit. A few cents of savings could make a great impact on someone's budget, right? Do you agree with me guys? So if you really want to make a change, why not try this new product that is out in the market today? Hopefully, fuel consumption wouldn't be much of a burden to you.

I may not know anything about car but at least I am helping you introducing you guys this useful fuel doctor thingy. To my readers, I am glad you came across this blog and able to read this entry as this might be what you are looking for.

Sleepy But Have To Look At This

The termite guy who just did an estimate in treating termites in this house just left. And just as he disappeared I felt sleepy right away. My plan was go to bed straight after he is done so my baby and I can take a nap but I almost forgot I still have to finish my laundry before leaving it otherwise it will be forgotten until tomorrow.

Anyway, as much as I wanted to go to bed, might as well entertain myself on the computer by looking at Spyder clothing while waiting on the laundry. I kind of awaken of what I am looking right now though so it's good I found the website where I can buy Jadyn's next winter coat. I know it is too early to be talking about that but I better buy it now before I could totally forget about the coat. I don't want her to be suffering when it is Winter time only to find out that she has no suitable coat to protect her for the ones she has is already outgrown by her. Thanks to I got several colors and sizes to choose from plus their coats are mostly on sale, not forgetting the free shipping offer too when you spend over 50 bucks.

Good Looking Young Man

... and I am proud being related to this young man shown in the pictures below. He is the one in the middle with dashing smile and a real tan skin tone and TAKE NOTE, he is still single. Not only he is successful in his career as a Philippine Coastguard but he is also a good looking young man, do you agree? He is my first degree cousin in my father's side. I plan of meeting him again in Davao when I can visit my home country sometime in the future. I missed all my cousins even though it's been decades had passed since I last saw them.

Protect Your Identity

Last night while I was reading new walls of people in my list on facebook, there is this woman who posted about It is a website that provides your basic information available to the public for view. When I visited the site, I tried typing in my name and my husband's name in there and it showed. It even showed the wealth and income meter of my husband plus the complete home address, number of people living in our household. I was so shocked because what if someone would spy on us and use those information against us?

As I was very shocked, I just stared at the computer screen for couple of minutes and didn't know what to do. I wanted to delete our names there but I don't know how. See, I now know how important it is to have identity protection because once it is stolen from you, you will be in big trouble. Once a hacker or criminal can get your important information, it will be so hard for you to get back your life you used to have. I hope it won't happen to us since our information is all over the internet. God forbid!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #: 1


Here goes my first entry for Mellow Yellow Monday. It's of my Jadyn taken last year. The date printed in the picture isn't correct, as you can see my baby didn't have much hair on this picture so obviously it was taken last year.

Jadyn was at Tom Thumb's grocery cart when I took this one. She was old enough to realize that she too can drive the so called car cart and so we put her there and she enjoyed it.

Landscape Design

What I love about Spring is that I can get to walk around the neighborhood with pretty flowers, birds chirping, nice cooler wind and plenty of sunshine. Those are the joys of my life during this season. Not only those, I can also get to see beautiful Landscape Design in every house I pass especially on the West side of the village. Houses there are a lot bigger and more expensive. You can tell by the way how they keep their houses in good shape as well as the yard itself. I can certainly point out which yards are done by landscaping professionals and which are not.

Many of those houses have just great landscape design that makes me admire how they have done it. I can't help myself but wish I was a designer too so that I can work in a landscaping company someday. It is pretty much a good business here because not only residential areas need landscaping but commercial businesses need it too.

How about you? What sort of design you like to have your yard designed? Would rather do it yourself or hire someone who knows the job too well and can make a complete yard makeover? In my opinion, if you have the budget and can survive without spending it on something you don't really need, then why not go ahead and look for a landscaping agency to have the yard work done?

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sleeping Position

Jadyn is two years old and 4 months yet still do the fetus sleeping position. Many times I caught her sleeping like this and I thought she was soooooo cute. It reminds me of her infancy, I so missed those days when she did the same position with chunky cheeks and big arms. Sigh! If only I could turn back the hands of time, she was just the cutest in my eyes when she was below one year old. Don't get me wrong, I still find her cute today but a little bit bigger with so many tricks that please us.

LA Plastic Surgery

I have been following every episode of Dancing With The Stars this season because I find it entertaining. There are several couples in the competition that I so love watching dancing gracefully. Three of my favorites are Jake Pavelka, Nicole Zchezinger and Pamela Anderson. For some reason, I am curious how these people show off their dancing ability to the public.

Pamela Anderson however has no dancing background before when she was asked by the media and how come she dances so well? Could it be that she is lying or I don't know. All I know is that I really like her when she dance. I watched this celebrity figure in my younger years and back then, I admired her so much because of her nice body figure. Now that is older, she still has that tempting sexy figure of hers. She is probably one of the products of Los Angeles plastic surgery because in the eyes of many, she is so sexy and one hot momma. Her breasts too, although they look fake to me and again perhaps another enhancement of
los angeles breast augmentation yet I love her still. Pamela now is a bit wrinkly but mind you guys, she still has a body that everyone drools. Ah the power of Mommy Makeover. Well, she has all the money in the world and she can definitely afford to do multiple cosmetic surgery as many as she wants.

Anyways, if you are one of those people that want to be looking good at your best, you might want to consider visiting the LA Plastic Surgery center or in their website. They can do whatever you wish will be fixed in your body like breast lift, male chest surgery, breast augmentation and many others. On their site you are shown before and after photos so make sure when you open it there are no children around you to be safe. You will see the drastic change of the breasts that are being fixed.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Woke Up Happy

It's strange for Jadyn to wake up happy this morning. She rarely wake up like this and I find it you know, kind of strange. We have been trying to keep her from crying and I guess we are doing a little good on this journey. Once her dada gets up in the morning the first thing he does is prepare Jadyn's chocolate milk and put in bed beside her. Once she is awake, she can just grab and suck the drink. That obviously doesn't give her a chance to cry. And because of that, she gets up happy, smiling and talking a lot.

Good girl as she is but she also has her moments, but not as bad as other kids though. Jadyn is fairly good all the time but there are times if she doesn't get her way, she'll throw a fit, again as I am saying it isn't so bad..

Colorful Longboard Skateboards

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Custom Cars Part 3

am glad I was able to attend the custom car show for I really enjoyed it there, the cars, the people, the weather was superb at that time we went there. It was the second time I have ever been to a car show, the first one wasn't this big and it was in Hulen few days after I arrived in America.

Now, that we know where the venue for this big show we plan of going back there next month if we could fit it in our schedule. The car show will be held once a month in Dallas so we better not forget about that.

... lovin' the ass of the one above...
... Red Acura NSX 2005...of course with me near it.
... White L... L is for Lamborghini
.... one of my husband's favorite is the Ford Cobra... when I saw this I went WOWED for this one.

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Next time when you travel, try use Cosmos and you will be amazed how this website helps travelers save money while building a bank of unforgettable moments.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Custom Cars Part 2

Here are couple more of the cars we have seen at the car show last weekend. These cars were famous in the 50s. Are you ready? Here they are, enjoy! Looking forward to posting more of the cars soon.
Yes, they are old but they cost a fortune if you gonna buy one.

Another Addition To The Collection

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alvin and the Chipmunks. All opinions are 100% mine.

We are a family whose nights usually end by watching good movies. I don't know why it felt weird if we skip watching a movie even just for one night. What we do is renting blu-ray movies from netflex but sometimes we don't have something to watch during weekends because my husband forgets getting online and choose a movie for us and that makes us all bored. Weird huh.

Speaking about movies, I am dying to own this movie called Alvin and the Chipmunks that is now available on blu-ray and DVD. We just love this movie and I am so excited watching it with my family. We don't normally buy DVDs but since this one comes in double DVD pack including "The Squeak Along" bonus discs then we shall go ahead and take advantage of the pack for the price of one. If there is a family friendly film that I would like to keep, I would love to have this one because it is going to be another great addition to the collection.

So if you also love it, let us buy it now. I tell you what, I have visited and have tried their mayhem yourself page and my baby just couldn't stop it. Anyways, if you want to try the mayhem yourself too please do so. More Munk Mayhem there and I guarantee you, you will have a blast just like my baby.

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Jadyn and the Texas Bull

Again these photos were taken at Dallas Arboretum with my Jadyn and the bull covered with moss. You might see the bull as plain plastic or unrealistic statue but hey the plants covering its body is actually a moss. Cool huh. How creative they are. They really know how to attract visitors to come visit their garden.

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Information lifted from its original source, YAHOO HOTJOBS

Standby Mode

One of the most dreaded things I want to do is after laundry and I have to fold each washed cloth one by one. That takes forever especially the undies and the socks of my husband. Each time I wash them, I know I am going to be the one doing the folding and perhaps the ironing although I only iron clothes once in a blue moon. With this being said, I got a few clothes and polos on standby mode right now. They need ironing for I left them too long in the dryer. But before I could start the chore, I may have to look for a flat iron case first before anything else. This is important or I won't be able to do my job properly. I had a flat iron case before but somehow we lost it during the moving.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Custom Cars Part 1

Batch one of the sleek cars we took at the custom car show up in Dallas last Saturday. All four of us, me, my husband, Mike and the baby enjoyed it there. There just several fine cars to look at during that time and they all amazed me especially those that are 40 years or older.

...above and below photos are two different colors of Lamborghini. I was happy to be able to get closer to these cars and touched them..nyaaaaaahahaha.. just an expensive sports car that I can only have in my dreams..

...above photo is of my husband looking at the Jaguar's engine. I don't what year is that but I am pretty certain, it looks sleek and pretty... to me..


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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Off To The Car Show We Go

It's 8:23 in the morning central time, I feel sleepy. I woke up an hour ahead of my usual waking time. Why? Too excited. Car show off we go later. Yayy custom cars I like it. I can get to see different sleek cars from the past and the present. I love cars although I know nothing about it, but the look and the sexiness itself drives me to the extent of wanting to go from one car shows to another.

My husband loves cars too and he influenced me with it. But anyways, I shall go and take a shower now so we can leave at 9:30 for the auto show is an hour drive from where we live. Chaaaalaa chalaaaaa just freakin' excited to see sleek babies!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

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