Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Like Soulmates

I am more than glad I got to reconnect with my old friends back in highschool these days. Slowly I am finding them. One of the many friends I long to hear again is this girl used to be my classmate in highschool and I have been searching for her on facebook but unfortunately, I couldn't find her. Just recently, one of her friends added me there and through her I found this gal and voila! We are now talking.

We had our first chat this morning since our last contact in year 2007, I believe. We talked for over an hour and that seemed wasn't enough. We had too much to catch during our lost times and I am looking forward to voice chatting with her again one of these days.

I have no regret I dusted off those that don't deserve to have a space of my friend's list in my facebook for I have plenty to reserve for my old folks. Now I am welcome to add some more of my friends whom I lost contact with. So nice is the feeling upon finding them at long last.


anne said...

unsaon man pag delete girl? hehhee

texas_sweetie said...

sayon ra open ilang profile dayon sa very bottom naay delete or block nga option ako dritso naku block kay samok mga alidondon cge lupad lupad.. if i could block them from lurking into my blogs too i could have done that long time ago kay samok cge panglili wa naku sila imbayta dri


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