Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Custom Cars Part 3

am glad I was able to attend the custom car show for I really enjoyed it there, the cars, the people, the weather was superb at that time we went there. It was the second time I have ever been to a car show, the first one wasn't this big and it was in Hulen few days after I arrived in America.

Now, that we know where the venue for this big show we plan of going back there next month if we could fit it in our schedule. The car show will be held once a month in Dallas so we better not forget about that.

... lovin' the ass of the one above...
... Red Acura NSX 2005...of course with me near it.
... White L... L is for Lamborghini
.... one of my husband's favorite is the Ford Cobra... when I saw this I went WOWED for this one.

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