Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How Do You Like Being Paid To Shop?

How do you like being paid to shop? Is there such thing ever exist in the world today? It surely is. T.v ads from big department stores offer cash back bonus as long as you shop for their intended amount to be paid back like ten bucks or more depending on how much you spend at their store. Now, if you are a big online shopper just like me you can also avail on some of the stores' get paid to shop program. Sounds familiar to you? You might think upon hearing that is is just a hoax but it truly isn't. Here is what the company says on how it works.

Get Paid To Shop sounds so good especially to shoppers that want to save money. It works by earning 2% cash back for purchasing Market-America branded products and from their partner stores where you can see their logo. And if you refer the stores to your friends that earns you 1/2% percent on purchases forever. It doesn't cost you a dime when you join, get to shop for the things you love in over 3,000 partner stores and earn real cash with no fees BIG TIMe!

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