Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thunder and Lightning Sound

I can describe the sound of my stomach right now, it sounds like a raging thunderstorm with lots of lightning and thunder all over my belly. This is what I get for not eating since last night. I had my last meal at 4 in the afternoon yesterday and it wasn't heavy meal. I only had two small bowls of rice porridge and a scoop of ice cream. I didn't eat at dinner oh except for that one last shot of macaroni salad in the fridge.

Again this morning, I skip breakfast. All I had was a cup of hot chocolate drink then at 11 I had a small bowl of bam-e or rice sticks filipino version. I did not expect this at all, I feel like I am having a diarrhea only it hasn't came out yet. Feels strange and the sound my stomach is producing is really loud. Good thing I'm all alone here.

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