Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cooler Week For Us

What a sudden change of temperature we are experiencing here in Texas right now. It's been two days since we have temperature below 50's. For weeks, we have had 84 degrees F and it was awesome. We were able to wear flip flops, sleeveless shirts and shorts outside but then this week is so different. From 84 down to 48-50 degrees. What a crazy and fickle weather Texas has. But, I am not complaining though. I like it this way, for a change...if we always have sunny sun shine, it would be a bit boring..we thought we could hide our jackets away but no no, not just yet! It will be cooler for the whole week for us here! I just hope my plants that are now starting to grow don't wilt or die...

...... this picture here was taken last Friday when the sun was up high and temperature was up to 80's. Today we cannot even stay outside for five minutes without jackets on or we'll that deep chill the temperature has brought us... and take note, it's gloomy and some drizzles too!

Online Coupons from Upromise

It's no fun to shop when browsing online and you don't know what to buy for specific. Maybe it's just me but I find it boring looking at items on the internet even if they are on sale. I seldom shop and if I do, I make sure I know what I want and that I can get good deals on them. If that very item isn't on clearance or sale section yet, I would wait for the time where I can just pay a half price of it or use online coupons from upromise. I know a lot of people don't know this, that it's not necessary for them to pay for a full price for such a merchandise than will then eventually be thrown in the clearance rack of the store.

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How To Get From Here To There

How to get from here to there, what do we do? To get from here to there is fly in the plane or ride a bus! Are famous lines of a nursery song I forgot its title but it's stuck in my mind right now. It's like riding a Woodbury common bus NYC to discover an entire new city in one day and be back in time for a relaxing evening in New York. Going to New York City doesn't require you to bring your own vehicle for there a lot of options or ways to ride and tour around the city. It's either by train, by bus or by taxi cabs. That's what I like about the place or to be easier, just walk along with other crowds to explore.

Woodbury common busy NYC can also take you to the following states from New York to Boston, Philadelphia or Washington D.C. and explore the historical sites of these famous cities. Looking for brand name savings? Hop on the Bus to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets from NYC for the best sales shopping in town! Rest assured of these buses you will be comfortable with your ride, for each unit has climate-controlled motor coach transportation to and from your destination. You will be accompanied by a friendly, knowledgeable tour guide who will share the fun facts and stories of the monuments, buildings and people of the city. You'll also have some free time to explore on your own and get lunch.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bed Is Set Up

We finally set up Jadyn's bed yesterday after we bought that long awaited twin spring box and twin mattress for her new bed. We've had her white bed frame for quite a while but we didn't have the box and mattress because my husband was looking for a tempur pedic mattress on craigslist but they get sold quickly once there's a new advertisement for it.

When he saw this ad from a man who sells high quality mattresses for a much discounted price, he didn't hesitate to buy a set of his merchandise just to keep Jadyn from sleeping with us in our bedroom. So last night was her first night to sleep in her new bed. Of course I had to sleep with her during the first hour for I doubt she will sleep in her own if I don't lie with her in the bed. It was quite a success for she did fall asleep and went slumber but then when 4 a.m came, she moved to our bed. It was ok though because her dada I guess got his much needed sleep without someone kicking him constantly.

Defending Your Personal Computers

We do have three personal computers in this house, one for me which is my laptop, a desktop for my husband and another desktop for Jadyn that's in her room. Two of which are protected with internet security so they are safe from hackers and criminals. As for Jadyn's computer, it is prone to hacking and other unwanted activity that a criminal could do online in order to commit a crime or just simply they want to screw up somebody.

I am looking for an internet security 2011 for her computer just so I can put my mind at ease whenever she is online. I guess BitDefender internet security can be a good software to use for Jadyn's computer since it helps defends her PC against viruses, hackers, spam, and identity theft without slowing her unit even more. It is an old computer that her daddy was using for a few years, he gave it to her for the reason that it already has some viruses and malware in it that can only be cured if we bring it to a computer repair center and pay bucks for it. We are not willing to do that unless of course this new internet security 2011 I found will do the job just fine. It also does keep your wi-fi connection safe which is good.

It can be a good and perfect software to use for today's Internet-connected families, its features include: iPhone-friendly Parental Controls, to monitor and control what websites your kids visit and who they IM with, 24/7; Firewall, to keep your Wi-Fi connection safe from intruders; IM Encryption, for private chatting and more!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Weakness

What melts my heart is when my big girl wants something and say "PLEASE" with matching pity-look in her face. No matter what it is or even if I am too lazy to get up, I can't help but give what she wants since the word PLEASE and her being polite and courteous is there. I am glad Jadyn learned to say words like "Thank You", "Welcome", "Please" and other words that a child like her age should say to adults as a sign of respect. Not all kids in this country who are trained to be respectful and I don't want my kids to be one of those.

I love to watch Supernanny reality show on t.v because it often picture out families who are on the verge of breaking, kids so rotten spoiled who don't respect their parents. But then in the end Jo, the supernanny was able to give them rescue and help their family. That is so ouch and sometimes I ask myself if it's really happening in some homes??? Well, I guess it is for it wouldn't be shown on t.v if it's not.

Make Your Wedding Gorgeous

It is every bride's dream to have a gorgeous wedding once in her life. It's a once in a lifetime grand event so it is just a good idea to make it a fabulous one. Any woman who dreamed of having that Princess-like wedding will be the happiest woman during that special event especially if she married to the man who treats her like one, respect her, love her with all his life!

I know for sure preparing your own wedding is not easy and it can be stressful at times. You have to go through every small detail of it from wedding motif, the kind of table set up you want in the venue, the venue itself, whether it be a garden, beach or church wedding, how many visitors are you going to invite, the flowers, designing your own wedding gown etc. etc. But to make things easier, might as well hire a wedding planner who takes care of everything, who assures you that it's going to be alright. All you have to do is sit back and relax and wait for that final moment when you say "I DO" to each other.

Flowers make the venue beautiful so be sure you hire the professional
Toledo wedding florists whose florists are innovative and cutting-edge wedding florists, who use high quality imported and domestic blossoms for weddings and most of all who offers Budget flexibility for the cost conscious bride. Remember when you are in the stage of searching for wedding flowers or wedding florists around your area, do try on the internet the following key words first wedding flowers Toledo and wedding florists Toledo and good luck in your upcoming tying of knot.

Coffee Is Not For Me

A growing body of research shows that coffee drinkers, compared to nondrinkers, are less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and dementia have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems and strokes. And if you dig deeper on the internet you will find more benefits of coffee to your body.

How I like the taste of coffee that goes from my mouth down to my growling stomach especially when it is drank very hot. I used to drink coffee
in my younger years but as I grew older, I realized I get paranoid every time I have coffee in my system. A small amount of coffee in my body equals to two nights of sleepless nights. Yes, that's how bad coffee affects me. There are times I am tempted to drink or sip coffee but then I am thinking of the consequences after I had it, it's me the one who suffer in the end.

But for those who can drink coffee, you might consider looking or giving gifts for coffee lovers whenever there's a special occasion. I am sure they will be very happy and will appreciate it your gifts especially if what you give are coffee specialty blends.

Potty Training

I am happy for Jadyn! Three days in a row now she uses the bathroom to do the number 2. I swear we started potty training her since she was two. When we went to the Philippines I really thought she will get off the diaper completely but the scenario there is very different here so I let her wear diaper when she poops. Toilets there aren't clean plus there is no decent seat, how could a baby sit on the toilet if the bowl itself is too big for her bottom so I forgive her for doing it in her diaper.

When we were back here, I started the potty training again seriously yet she insisted in doing it in a tiny corner with diaper on. There were days when she pooped at least 2 or 3 times a day which was very upsetting. Not only I was tired of fixing her stinky bottom but also it was frustrating bec. the girl showed no interest in using the bathroom.

But then, we kept telling her she's a big girl now, a big sister and  a big Princess... that maybe encouraged her to do her thing in the bathroom. We couldn't be happier for when she feels like doing it, she now voluntarily go to the toilet and do it. What a relief. I don't have to deal with stinky poop anymore, wiping and changing diapers to a big girl like her is no fun anymore. Way to go Jadyn! Another milestone you've accomplished. I guess now we can move on to get you to reading so you'll be ready for school in two years!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spice Racks

I do love to cook. I love the idea that I can make dishes I want to eat without going out or the need for someone to prepare it for me. Although there are some things here in America that cannot be bought fresh like the fish, seafoods and etc, I still manage to make a delectable recipe out of them especially the fish. I feel that what we can buy here has long been frozen and the taste is so different than a fresh fish but it is a matter how you cook it, the seasonings and the spices you add to it to make it taste good. I do use a lot of spices in my food, fresh ones. We also have dried spices just laying there, untouched.

The dried ones were bought by my husband I don't know for sure how old they are. All I can remember is that, there were already in our kitchen spice racks when I arrived here in America, that was five years ago. We moved into our own house and the spices are still there just laying around. I don't know what happen to the old spice rack we have. I think I need to buy a new spice rack so that they will be neatly arranged and can be seen everytime I am in the kitchen cooking food. I know a website that sells spice racks and beautiful wall spice rack at SpiceRackSource.com. It's the ultimate source for Spice Racks of every size, finish, style and material.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lady Antebellum -- Need You Now

This is a song by Lady Antebellum that keeps playing back in my brain right now. I just love this song so much that I anticipate they play this on any grand awarding events like AMA and CMA. Country music is easy to the ears and that you can sing along with the artist plus they do have lyrics that are easy to remember. Let's listen to country music this morning folks to uplift your sleepy soul.

Where To Get Those Tickets

Country music is one of my favorite genre to listen to. When CMA is shown on t.v I make it sure that I have it recorded or watch it the actual time on t.v for I have so many country music artists that I don't want to miss watching. If only I had a job and got extra money to watch them on their concert or events in our area, I would have done that a long time ago. If you are a fan of country musicians, you may get your tickets and view their schedules online on these links here; Taylor Swift Tickets, Glee Live Tickets, Lady Antebellum tickets, Brad Paisley Tickets. Or if you are fond of watching a circus, you can buy your whole family Ringing Brothers Circus tickets and bring them with you and your kids to where they are performing. Enjoy and hope you are happy you found these ticketing websites in which you can get a chance to jam with your favorite artists in the future.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zenni Was On TV Again

Zenni Optical was on TV again and I missed it. Zenni is known for their affordable prescription eyeglasses that anybody who needs a pair of eyeglasses can very well afford to have them. Thanks to them. Stores like Zenni deserve an applause for helping so many people get their clear vision back.

To prove that it was shown on t.v you may click on the url --->
http://www.wzzm13.com/news/specials/13onyourside/158403/216/Super-Saver---Buying-glasses-online?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p and watch it yourself. It is amazing how much you can save for a pair of eyeglasses only if you are willing to. One example is Jennie Carter of Grant who at first was hesitant to switch glasses. After much encouragement from her family and friends, she has made the switch to zennioptical.com. She now pays only $11.90 for a pair.

Where else can you find nearly 3,000 frames these days at a discount price? Only you can find them at Zennioptical. They offer the owest frames with lenses cost $6.95. There are over than 100 pairs that price so you better be shopping for several pairs for your loved once if you decide to buy at Zennioptical's with a shipping flat rate of $4.95 you don't have to worry paying for extra bucks for bulk orders.

Digging Through My Girl's Old Clothes

As I dug into my big girl's old clothes and other baby stuff, I found out that I still have most of the necessary stuff a newborn would need. I am glad I didn't give all of them when I went to the Philippines last 2009 otherwise I will be spending money again trying to gather what my newborn needs during the first few months of her life. How happy I am to have another baby girl on the way because now we have someone to use Jadyn's outgrown clothes and toys. I don't have to start from the beginning trying to buy different colors if I had a baby boy!

I also found out that what I gave out were only really small things like some receiving blankets, mittens, some newborn hats, socks, onesies and some bibs. That is okay though, those are not expensive to buy. I might want to have a baby shower in the next few weeks and I can just include them in my baby registry so those who want to attend the baby shower can pick which one they would like to bring for the baby. And as for strollers, crib and bouncer, I still have them. All I need to do is wash them and I am ready. Do I sound excited? You betcha, just a little bit excited for now...

Time For A Perfect Getaway

It's Spring break, alright? You know what that means when we hear words like that. The very first thing that comes in our mind is VACATION or GETAWAY! It is what most students and parents love this time of year for they can take a short break from school, getting up early to prepare the kids for school, packing lunches, making assignments and projects, taking and fetching them to and from school. Those things sure are tiring. But comes with Spring break, they can unwind and relax their body by going for a short trip somewhere quiet and relaxing.

A lot of people have already gone and chose a place for that perfect getaway. Have you? If you haven't decided yet what place to go, here is I can offer you, a website that offers vacation ideas. You can search for vacation ideas by region or by types. This of course making it easier for you and your whole family to decide what sort of things you do and where to go to make that vacation of yours a memorable one.

If I were to go for a getaway, I would choose to visit a place where there is plenty of sun and the beach. There is no doubt I would say "YES" right away if somebody is going to ask me for it. Who am I to refuse such invitation especially if it's about having to have fun and enjoyment somewhere away from home?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Busy To Care About The Outside World

It has been ages since I've done blog hopping. I don't remember the time when I did my last Entrecard dropping, it's just that it is a complete waste of time, not that I don't value my droppers, it's just that there are so many things going on in my offline world that I don't find the need to visit blogs anymore. Besides, most of my blogs are four years old and have been stable when it comes to internet exposure. It has been cached, crawled and indexed in google so I am confident that my blogs have traffic and visitors.

Gardening alone keeps me occupied although I only do it every afternoon. In the morning as I wake up I keep myself busy by doing online tasks if there are any then do Facebook a little bit, lastly fix our brunch then I'll be off from the computer. Come back in the evening for another round of quick computer usage. As to visiting other blogs? Who cares about it? Unless of course you are close to me and I am interested knowing how you are doing, I will take a minute to peek at your blogs.

If I want to know how my friends are doing, I have them on my Facebook so I just go there and read what's written or shown in my wall. I don't need to be lurking someone else's blogs who have long been forgotten nor do "pakialam" on to people's lives that aren't worthy of my precious time. If ever I visit a blog, there is ONLY ONE BLOG THAT I COULD VISIT AND ENJOY READING, it's Bingkee's because I can learn so much from her and I love the way she writes. Although she has long entries everytime she publish one but I do love reading the entire article. She has her own strategy in writing that wouldn't put me to sleep, that makes me keep coming back to her place and read more!

I just don't get why some people would take their time to open my blogs while in fact they know I am not in good terms with them anymore. Could it be they are too bored in their homes that they find entertainment in my blogs for gossips? Or perhaps they care too much for me that they find it hard not hearing anything from me? Either way, I don't understand it. As for my part, I am too busy to care about the outside world. Nevertheless, making pakialam sa mga taw I forgot I met them once in my life, not just my thing eh.

Everybody's Talking About It

Many of my blogger friends are now thinking of importing their blogs to other blogging site. They do this because they have their own reasons. I wish them luck though because I heard that it would not be easy to do it especially if they choose to use WordPress. It could stir up once mind to really understand the tweaking and knowing that, it turns me off right away. I'd better stay with blogger for I am now familiar with the site.

Another thing they talked about is when you choose to move a domain, there would be a price which is a bit pricey. If only they can just surf on the web hosting directory, they will know how much it cost for a regular web hosting company rather than using WordPress itself. On this site, they get to know the best hosting awards plus a hosting guide, domain names, seo, webmaster tools, and other general web development a person needs to know.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Because She Got Quiet

One afternoon, I went looking for my big girl for the world suddenly got quiet and I was thinking where she might be. I called her name several times but no one answered me. I checked in her bedroom but the girl wasn't there. I went to the kitchen and this is what I found (look at the photos). She was on the floor sitting down, sucking her milk that she took out of the refrigerator. It was her first time to do such thing and it shocked me so much seeing her like that. She looked really cute that I burst out to laugh upon seeing her with a gallon of milk beside her, poured some into her sippy cup and most of all, she had a nice milk foot spa at the comfort of her own kitchen.

Honestly, at first I was gonna get mad at her for making a mess, spilling the milk on the floor and played with it but then I realized the scene was JUST TOO CUTE to be mad or upset about. So I grabbed my camera and did not miss to capture the sweetest girl that had fun sipping milk at the same time having her foot spa. Ahhhhhhhh what can I say? AWESOME GIRL SHE IS!

Cruising to Hawaii

Contributed by Cameron Hodge

In the winter my favorite thing to do is go cruising. I have a decent job and work hard all year, and while I don't have a ton of money, the one splurge I make sure I get to do every year is to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise. The destination changes often, however my favorite cruise I've ever done is to Hawaii. I've done a few cruises that are five to six days but when I do the Hawaiian cruise I prefer to go for at least ten days. I've taken Hawaiian cruises that leave from both Vancouver and Honolulu, and while I love British Columbia, in my opinion it is so much better to leave right from Hawaii.

Before leaving packing is one of the most major things for me to do before getting on a flight. I like sun, so I pack plenty of bathing suits and cover-ups. A pretty sundress or sarong can go a long way in transitioning you from the pool to an indoor lunch or drink at that bar. I have a dog so he get's picked up by the dog sitter, I make sure to unplug all my appliances and set my home security alarm (Kansas alarm systems pricing) and I'm on my way!

Cruising to Hawaii is the most relaxing and fun thing I get to do all year and I don't think I'll ever stop doing it!

She Is A Big Girl

Perhaps Jadyn understands that a new sister is coming to join us in our home. Or maybe she learns  to be more independent these days because she thinks she is a big girl now. And big girls tend to do some things for themselves not needing their mommy or daddy to do it for them. If that is the case, I am happier than ever that my first born is being responsible these days even though she makes  some mess but I don't mind it. If this is what it takes for her to learn and make her actions to perfection then it is perfectly fine with me.

....... first photo shows Jadyn slurping the eggdrop soup at a Chinese restaurant last Friday... She finished it all plus rice I put in her plate... she was probably starving at that time because normally she would just play with her food.
........ after lunch we did some grocery shopping at Target... photos above and below show how she helped us unloading stuff into the counter so the cashier can scan them. She looked like she enjoyed what she was doing that it sends a joyous smile to my heart while watching her.... 

It Hurts

So many people in America are striving hard in order to survive, to make ends meet. Some are out of work for so long and others are having double jobs just to keep up with their bills every month. What hurts even more is to face foreclosures and soon enough home owners will face the bitter reality that soon they will eventually leave their home and give it up for the reason that they can no longer afford to pay the monthly mortgage. How awful and sad that is.

On a lighter note, now is the right time to look at Free Foreclosures or Real Estate Owned Foreclosures and buy your home if your pocket is not hurting for most houses at these times are at reasonable prices. You can search for Free REO foreclosures in your area by simply visiting the links given above and explore. I have visited the website itself and I see current foreclosure listings in different states. Most of these houses or properties are really nice ones, I feel so bad for the owner having to give up their home.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Words She Say

Jadyn's words we often here lately are "mommy/daddy I am happy here". She says those words when she is watching something funny or something that entertains her on t.v or on youtube. It is amazing how a simple cartoon or kid's show pleases one innocent soul like Jadyn. If she likes what she is watching, all I could hear are her giggles as if she was playing with a lot of kids.

I am telling her several times over if she is happy, mommy is happy too and we both laugh together. I know my girl pretty well, she is easy to please. Just give her what she wants or tune in to stations she is familiar with then she calls it happiness. However, I wish her to be cooperating with me when I try to teach how to write some alphabet letters or read with me when I want her to, if she does that I would be absolutely happy with her.

Moving Services

I can't see myself moving in ten years. I've experienced moving just twice in my life. My first time was in the Philippines but it wasn't as hard as the second one, here in the U.S where we had to move our possessions equivalent of years of stuff we acquired. We have lived in a small rental house four years and when it was time for us to move to a bigger place, that is when we hired Local Movers and gave us Moving Estimates. Of course some companies would charge high fees as they have nicer trucks and they offer free driver to the truck but we searched for a much nicer deal on moving service.

Here's what should people do first, find out or get Local Moving Quotes compare prices or if they intend to move in farther states, they will have to hire Long Distance Movers to help them out and of course they should be aware if there will be additional charges afterwards. All these services will be provided by one company that has been on the business for so long.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

If Only I Was In The Philippines

I am experiencing that absolute peace of mind and quiet in our own home right now. This is the kind of life I've been wanting when I was in the chaotic, loud and noisy home in the Philippines for two months. Don't get me wrong, I loved it there a lot. Philippines is my home country, it is where I was raised and grew up but since I've moved to America and have shown how quiet and lonesome it can be here at all times, I learned to adapt it as well. So every time I go visit to my first home, I kind of freaked out of the daily activities, of the people just all over the streets, of the different sounds vehicles, karaoke and etc are making. These are the things that you cannot hear or have in America. It's a lot of fun but when you have too much of it, you will get irritated and fed up, undeniably you would want to be somewhere you can ponder and think straight.

With all these being said, I love the idea and is privileged that I have been given a chance to live both countries where everything is so different. There are things in a "land of milk and honey" I cannot have/get and this can only be experienced in a developing country, the Philippines. One of the things I so love being in the Philippines is the freedom. I mean yo don't need to drag someone to take you where you wanna go just because transportation of any kinds are always available for you.

If only I was in the Philippines right now, I would have gone to a place where I can eat all the foods I can that are laid on the buffet to contain my ever starving stomach. I am starving for Chinese food DAMN IT since the beginning of my pregnancy but how come no one is listening to me?? Nobody is taking me to the place where I can satisfy my craving damn shrimp broccoli and other greasy foods that I so wanted to eat for four months! Argggggggggs!

On Their Own

I wish kids in the Philippines have the same training or brought up by their parents the same as Americans do. At age 18, they tend to seek their own life outside from their parents' home, would rent a house or go somewhere to go to college. They will find a job while attending school, of course they would need their parent's minimal help but not to the extent of depending on them until forever. Unlike the Philippines, they don't have a sense of independence even when they get married or have children, they would stick or continue living under their parents' roof if possible until they grow old. Worse, they even let their parents (some if not all) look after their kids.

In America, young kids at least eighteen years old have already started building their credit so as they grow mature they already have a credit score. That is a good thing about them that I admire. Although, not all American kids are responsible enough to do the thing. Others don't think that if they don't handle their spending carefully, it can also ruin their credibility in the future. That is why they are advised to not delay any payments so to maintain that clean reputation from credit companies. If one is interested and would like to know how their credit is standing, they can have a free credit score here. This free credit score is brought to us by FreeScore.com. They are a leading provider of credit scores, reports and consumer credit information, along with identity theft protection services.

Key logger

Our girl started using her own computer at age two. Since she is still a child, her knowledge to what sites she is going to use are limited. There are many educational websites that most toddlers and kids above 5 can go to in order to learn. In fact, starfall.com is where my Jadyn learned to read the alphabet letters, recognize numbers and different colors and shapes. It is such an awesome website that is used for teachers and parents for their kids and I am thankful it exist on the internet.

As Jadyn progressed, she finds youtube to be an alternative to starfall. There, it shows plenty of kindergarten rhymes and songs but I don't think she is interested with that. What she likes watching most on youtube are cartoons like donald duck, mickey mouse etc. Meanwhile, I am at ease her using the computer since she is only a child and doesn't know other sites other than those two mentioned sites. But when she is grows old and are smart enough to explore that there could be more fun and exciting websites available, I might consider getting a Key logger manufactured by brickhouse security. This is to instantly and secretly captures passwords, chats, screenshots and more. It is easy to use, works with any personal computer including laptops and most of all it provide total surveillance - means it records all computer activity even on the other user accounts.

This is of course for the sake of our own child so that we will know what she is up to in the computer when we are not watching her. I am yet to read the product review in a minute. For now, let me explore more of this product as I am convinced this can really help us in the future.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What Do You Think Happened?

For sure just at first glance of this picture you can ask yourself what happened here? You would think she fell off the bed or did she? 

The story is that she chose to sleep on the carpet rather than in a warm comfortable and soft bed one afternoon. I kept calling her to sleep beside me but she didn't listen. She just continued watching t.v and I on the other hand, went to dreamland for minutes and when I woke up, the world was quiet. I looked for her but no answer until I got up and there I found my girl lying on the floor. Silly girl for choosing the floor over the bed to sleep on.

Apply For A Credit Card

I should have done this very thing before but why in the world I keep putting it off? Main reason why I did not or have not done it because I am hesitant as to what sort of credit card company to apply. But since I found this website wherein they provide credit card reviews I may now have ideas as to which credit card to choose. I should apply for a credit card so I can accumulate credits and establish a credit under my name that will be helpful in the future. Possessing a credit card here in the U.S is important. I guess there are only very few people left in this country that have no credit cards and that includes ME!

If you are applying for one, please apply and search at www.financeglobe.com. One of the credit cards available for you are chase credit cards. You can also apply by type and brand, by features and by rewards.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have to pursue my driving to get my ass out of the house at least once a week. I am getting so tired of this being stuck at home even going to a nearby grocery store to buy my facial moisturizer and I can't do it for the reason I can't drive alone. Oh driver license when can I have you? I took a big break in my driving for I was out of the country for two whole freakin' months and since I arrived last February I haven't been able to have that courage to get behind the wheel again. Promise this weekend, I will be the one to drive the family elsewhere. Getting that DL is the only thing I really need to get over with because I have been here in America forever yet I'm not driving. I came here way ahead of a lot of people but look at them, they are already driving... geeeeeeeeezzz why did I keep putting it off while I have had plenty of time to practice?

I've driven to freeways or highways a couple times already and learned to gain my confidence since then, I guess I still have that confidence until now so I really have to continue getting behind the wheel until I can be ready to take the road test again.

Decorative Rain Chains

One and a half weeks from now will be Spring. When that season arrives, we would expect plenty of rain and tornadoes throughout the whole season. What choice do we Texans have? We should be thankful because we do have short Winter here that means less cold months to suffer. Spring is my second favorite season of the year for it is when flowers bloom, trees grow leaves and everything will be colorful.

Speaking of Spring, we are so ready for that. Our garden is set up and guess what? We do have extra barrels spare to catch some rain to use in watering our plants during hot Summer days, this is of course to help us save some money on our water bill, yah know? All we have to do is install faucet on each of the barrel and probably install a rain gutter chain into the barrels, not only it is useful but also it serves as a decorative sort of chain in the backyard or if my significant other prefers to use other rain chains style or the simple type then it is fine. We can also use some garden rain chains to save ourselves some trouble walking into the garden to water the plants.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adorable Children's Wear

Everybody knows that I am pregnant to baby number two. I will be officially mom of two by end of July or early week of August. We don't know yet what's the baby's gender going to be but we are excited. Whatever it is, we will be more than happy to have it as long as the baby is healthy and happy just like our eldest. If it is a baby girl, it is okay because she can wear or use Jadyn's outgrown pink dresses and stuff. You know baby girls' dresses are so cute and adorable. Or any childrenswear can be pretty as long as the mothers know how to mix and match pretty well.

If we are going to have a "boy" that will be perfect too but chances are pretty slim so I won't hope the next one will be a boy. It will depend on what God has given us, really. He is the one who blessed us with this baby and that He knows our hearts' desire so I leave it all up to Him. Anyway, children are gifts of God. They are so precious and should be taken care of and loved by the parents. They bring so much love in to the home, happiness and laughter. They make a family complete so it is just right that kids are treated well. And for that they deserve the best of things parents can afford including nice clothes and toys.

Speaking of clothes, a UK based clothing store is the best choice for parents living in the UK. They have good quality clothing for boys, girl, babies, unisex, hosiery, footwear, accessories, swim sea and fun and a whole lot more. They offer free UK delivery when you spend 75 pounds or more. Check them out now.

Moments With Her Daddy

Our dog thinks or feels she is human too. But too bad for her she was born to be a "dog". If she was human we could always bring her wherever we go or whenever we go out but because she's a dog there are places that we go to where dogs or animals are not allowed so she finds herself always left alone in the house.

Though she is an animal, that doesn't mean she is not a daddy's girl. Just like our Jadyn, Chicha loves to play, cuddle and most of all loves spending sweet moments with her daddy too (I should say she's a rotten spoiled girl). Photos below show how she loves being with daddy. I must admit, Chicha has grown to be an adorable dog and I like her now than before. She is more cuddly and sweet after that two months we were away from home. If she were to choose between me and her dad, she would choose her dad because my husband is more gentle to her. 
.......... when Chicha has the chance to feel her dad's affection wherever it is or no matter time of day it is, she has it....
.......... two photos are the common scenes every night where we all sit together for a movie...she would sit on my lap first while her dad is eating and when he's done, she will just leave me and go to her dad's lap...

Tarps Etc.

Home owners are willing to invest money in modifying their home just to make it comfortable and cozy for the whole family. In order to achieve the desired project one has aimed to achieve, he should have clear specifications and projects in his mind as to what things need to be done, replaced or improved in his home. Once he has decided what those things are then he is set to making his goal into action. If he thinks repainting the interior of his home then that is great, he just have to have all tools  and other things necessary like a drop cloth to keep the paint from dropping on to the furniture or floor in order to make this project started. Or if one plans to add a back porch or simple work area that would only use clear tarps, that is great too.

An online store I know where they sell custom made tarps, tarps for sale at low prices, poly tarps, canvas tarps, canvas covers and etc, just go to MyTarp.com. They are the Tarp Superstore. They have selection of profession tarps.

International Movers

It is very much normal for a person or whole family to seek the greener side of pasture in the other side of the fence in order to survive and to improve their lives. I have known few families who bravely done Overseas Moving and or International Moving because they find that greater opportunity is available for them in other countries. That is understandable. They only want what is best for them. But with this being said, moving to other countries is such a big decision need to be considered. However, if they have that dream to become better, they would do it no matter what it takes even if it means moving the whole house with them.

That is why there are International Movers built or born as businesses. They help families move to their new overseas home. One particular company that does this is the International Sea and Air Shipping that has been on the business since 1948. They do International Shipping that include full moving services from export packing, crating, steel container loading, and shipping to unloading and unpacking. Specialty moving services include the international shipping of CARS, BOATS, ARTS, ANTIQUES and PIANOS.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Disney Bedding

We moved Jadyn's crib to our bedroom in preparation for the new addition to the family. We bought her a twin bed frame which is white and a set of used furniture which will require a small touch up before we can move them to her bedroom. At this point, all she has in her bedroom is the bed frame. We are still gonna buy the mattress that fits with it.

Of course, we upgrade her bed to twin size, she also needs new bedding which I purchased two days ago. It is a Disney Bedding, Kids Tinkerbell Light Up Comforter Sets. Collection includes comforter set, sheet set and decorative pillow. Comforter features touch-activated lights which I am pretty sure she will love a lot. Aside from that I also bought her a Tinkerbell Twin sheet set that includes flat sheet, fitted sheet and one standard pillowcase so she can have a matching comforter and sheet set. I am anxious for my order to arrive and set up her bed room to make it look like new. Hopefully, all her furniture will be in the same color as to her white bed.

Bright Beginnings On Facebook

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I had my first child, my girl didn't get her nourishment from me for long. It only took her four months and she quit getting milk from me for some reason I don't know. Since then, I used bottle feeding to her. If only I have known about Bright Beginnings before, I would have bought it the entire time my baby girl was on formula.  The reason why is because they have different formulations of this milk;  organic formula, soy-based formula and milk-based formula or to be easy on baby's belly, a gentle formula is available too  plus there are coupons I can use to buy on diapers.com.  Aside from that they offer free shipping on orders above $40.  

And since I am on Facebook a lot might as well, find Bright Beginnings on Facebook and LIKE the page so then I can always get the latest offers and promotion they have. Besides, most people in my friends list are moms too. This way, they can see it so then they will invite themselves to add Bright Beginnings on their LIKE page as well. It is cool, Facebook is making everything easier. You moms out there who read this, I would like you to take a peek on the either links above and see what you can buy there for your little ones.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tidy For A While

I cleaned up Jadyn's bedroom yesterday because I can no longer stand the clutter that's been there for weeks. When I want to get something in her bedroom I had to do tiptoeing and careful enough not to step on any of the small toys she has. I know it's not gonna stay organized like this but at least I managed to fix the clutter for a while. It took me at least half an hour to put things in order and vacuum the carpet afterwards while it only takes her five minutes to scatter everything! Tidying up her room isn't easy and I hate doing it.

......... right now all stuff toys of hers are in the proper places, not a single toy on the floor is seen and it's obviously just vacuumed in this room.

...... her small closet where I put her books, toys in a bucket and more stuff toys up above so she can't reach them....

Translation Services

People who speak at least two or three languages can make good money in their skills. I admire those who know different languages for it is not easy to even learn at least one. If one should choose a tourist guide or works for tourism, he should have at least knowledge on the basics of languages that a company requires for him to speak.

But if a person choose to hire translation services then it is fine too. A translation company online is here to help twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With better, faster and cheaper service you can now have all three. You just have to choose in which level you would want to get either Bronze offers just enough translation for informal communication, Silver offers quality and affordable translation for all purposes and the highest level is Gold in which you can have unrivaled quality for your critical contents. Visit Übersetzungsbüro and upload your files to receive a personalized quote.


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