Sunday, March 13, 2011

If Only I Was In The Philippines

I am experiencing that absolute peace of mind and quiet in our own home right now. This is the kind of life I've been wanting when I was in the chaotic, loud and noisy home in the Philippines for two months. Don't get me wrong, I loved it there a lot. Philippines is my home country, it is where I was raised and grew up but since I've moved to America and have shown how quiet and lonesome it can be here at all times, I learned to adapt it as well. So every time I go visit to my first home, I kind of freaked out of the daily activities, of the people just all over the streets, of the different sounds vehicles, karaoke and etc are making. These are the things that you cannot hear or have in America. It's a lot of fun but when you have too much of it, you will get irritated and fed up, undeniably you would want to be somewhere you can ponder and think straight.

With all these being said, I love the idea and is privileged that I have been given a chance to live both countries where everything is so different. There are things in a "land of milk and honey" I cannot have/get and this can only be experienced in a developing country, the Philippines. One of the things I so love being in the Philippines is the freedom. I mean yo don't need to drag someone to take you where you wanna go just because transportation of any kinds are always available for you.

If only I was in the Philippines right now, I would have gone to a place where I can eat all the foods I can that are laid on the buffet to contain my ever starving stomach. I am starving for Chinese food DAMN IT since the beginning of my pregnancy but how come no one is listening to me?? Nobody is taking me to the place where I can satisfy my craving damn shrimp broccoli and other greasy foods that I so wanted to eat for four months! Argggggggggs!

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