Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Everybody's Talking About It

Many of my blogger friends are now thinking of importing their blogs to other blogging site. They do this because they have their own reasons. I wish them luck though because I heard that it would not be easy to do it especially if they choose to use WordPress. It could stir up once mind to really understand the tweaking and knowing that, it turns me off right away. I'd better stay with blogger for I am now familiar with the site.

Another thing they talked about is when you choose to move a domain, there would be a price which is a bit pricey. If only they can just surf on the web hosting directory, they will know how much it cost for a regular web hosting company rather than using WordPress itself. On this site, they get to know the best hosting awards plus a hosting guide, domain names, seo, webmaster tools, and other general web development a person needs to know.

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