Monday, March 28, 2011

Bed Is Set Up

We finally set up Jadyn's bed yesterday after we bought that long awaited twin spring box and twin mattress for her new bed. We've had her white bed frame for quite a while but we didn't have the box and mattress because my husband was looking for a tempur pedic mattress on craigslist but they get sold quickly once there's a new advertisement for it.

When he saw this ad from a man who sells high quality mattresses for a much discounted price, he didn't hesitate to buy a set of his merchandise just to keep Jadyn from sleeping with us in our bedroom. So last night was her first night to sleep in her new bed. Of course I had to sleep with her during the first hour for I doubt she will sleep in her own if I don't lie with her in the bed. It was quite a success for she did fall asleep and went slumber but then when 4 a.m came, she moved to our bed. It was ok though because her dada I guess got his much needed sleep without someone kicking him constantly.

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