Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have to pursue my driving to get my ass out of the house at least once a week. I am getting so tired of this being stuck at home even going to a nearby grocery store to buy my facial moisturizer and I can't do it for the reason I can't drive alone. Oh driver license when can I have you? I took a big break in my driving for I was out of the country for two whole freakin' months and since I arrived last February I haven't been able to have that courage to get behind the wheel again. Promise this weekend, I will be the one to drive the family elsewhere. Getting that DL is the only thing I really need to get over with because I have been here in America forever yet I'm not driving. I came here way ahead of a lot of people but look at them, they are already driving... geeeeeeeeezzz why did I keep putting it off while I have had plenty of time to practice?

I've driven to freeways or highways a couple times already and learned to gain my confidence since then, I guess I still have that confidence until now so I really have to continue getting behind the wheel until I can be ready to take the road test again.

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