Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Busy To Care About The Outside World

It has been ages since I've done blog hopping. I don't remember the time when I did my last Entrecard dropping, it's just that it is a complete waste of time, not that I don't value my droppers, it's just that there are so many things going on in my offline world that I don't find the need to visit blogs anymore. Besides, most of my blogs are four years old and have been stable when it comes to internet exposure. It has been cached, crawled and indexed in google so I am confident that my blogs have traffic and visitors.

Gardening alone keeps me occupied although I only do it every afternoon. In the morning as I wake up I keep myself busy by doing online tasks if there are any then do Facebook a little bit, lastly fix our brunch then I'll be off from the computer. Come back in the evening for another round of quick computer usage. As to visiting other blogs? Who cares about it? Unless of course you are close to me and I am interested knowing how you are doing, I will take a minute to peek at your blogs.

If I want to know how my friends are doing, I have them on my Facebook so I just go there and read what's written or shown in my wall. I don't need to be lurking someone else's blogs who have long been forgotten nor do "pakialam" on to people's lives that aren't worthy of my precious time. If ever I visit a blog, there is ONLY ONE BLOG THAT I COULD VISIT AND ENJOY READING, it's Bingkee's because I can learn so much from her and I love the way she writes. Although she has long entries everytime she publish one but I do love reading the entire article. She has her own strategy in writing that wouldn't put me to sleep, that makes me keep coming back to her place and read more!

I just don't get why some people would take their time to open my blogs while in fact they know I am not in good terms with them anymore. Could it be they are too bored in their homes that they find entertainment in my blogs for gossips? Or perhaps they care too much for me that they find it hard not hearing anything from me? Either way, I don't understand it. As for my part, I am too busy to care about the outside world. Nevertheless, making pakialam sa mga taw I forgot I met them once in my life, not just my thing eh.

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