Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Weakness

What melts my heart is when my big girl wants something and say "PLEASE" with matching pity-look in her face. No matter what it is or even if I am too lazy to get up, I can't help but give what she wants since the word PLEASE and her being polite and courteous is there. I am glad Jadyn learned to say words like "Thank You", "Welcome", "Please" and other words that a child like her age should say to adults as a sign of respect. Not all kids in this country who are trained to be respectful and I don't want my kids to be one of those.

I love to watch Supernanny reality show on t.v because it often picture out families who are on the verge of breaking, kids so rotten spoiled who don't respect their parents. But then in the end Jo, the supernanny was able to give them rescue and help their family. That is so ouch and sometimes I ask myself if it's really happening in some homes??? Well, I guess it is for it wouldn't be shown on t.v if it's not.

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