Thursday, March 17, 2011

Words She Say

Jadyn's words we often here lately are "mommy/daddy I am happy here". She says those words when she is watching something funny or something that entertains her on t.v or on youtube. It is amazing how a simple cartoon or kid's show pleases one innocent soul like Jadyn. If she likes what she is watching, all I could hear are her giggles as if she was playing with a lot of kids.

I am telling her several times over if she is happy, mommy is happy too and we both laugh together. I know my girl pretty well, she is easy to please. Just give her what she wants or tune in to stations she is familiar with then she calls it happiness. However, I wish her to be cooperating with me when I try to teach how to write some alphabet letters or read with me when I want her to, if she does that I would be absolutely happy with her.

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