Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Auto Insurance Quotes

We keep receiving ads from different auto insurance companies trying to convince us that they are the cheapest. Some would blatantly criticize other insurance company just to make us believe we can save from them. The truth is we can only find out if our current auto insurance can save us money by visiting Auto Insurance Quotes website I found tonight. There I can enter my zip code and find out if we are paying too much on our current insurance or is it better to switch now. Either way, what works for us will be good and it will be nice to know if we can finally decide on which company we should get or stick to the current one.

Not Afraid Of Getting Dirty

I just took my baby out in the front yard minutes ago. I went outside to bring the trashcan in the backyard then I felt I was very bored always facing the computer so I took the time to water the bald part of our front yard. So I brought the sprinkler and then drag the heavy water hose in the front yard and start watering the part that has no grass.

Since my baby was with me, I didn't bother of bringing her back inside the house instead I let her play under the water pretending that it was a rain water coming from above. I can tell she really enjoyed it most especially digging wet dirt. She was not afraid to get dirty at all. In fact, she wouldn't wanna stop but she had to anyway because the wet dirt got under her finger nails. Now I have to cut them to avoid getting bitok hakhakak!

A Salute To America

I never thought that my biggest dream will be fulfilled and yes it came true. Coming to America has been my childhood dream. I am living in my dream, that's one thing I can proudly say for sure.

Next year I'll probably have my notice from the immigration for application of citizenship and for that I am so excited. When I become an American citizen this I can only promise to the country that I will be one good law abiding citizen and willing to do anything to contribute something worthwhile to this country.

But before that, I must know the country's national anthem and other patriotic songs that can only be obtained at this one particular site that sells A Salute To America digital album. This is also perfect in celebration for the coming July 4th, America's Independence day.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

I Miss My Long Hair

I've been wearing this short hair of mine for almost 5 months now. When I had it cut in the Philippines, I didn't think twice to get a very short hair since it grows for months to come.

I have no problem in maintaining my hair. It's the most manageable hair a girl can ever have and I am so lucky to have it. That is my hair on the picture taken last December, a month before I flew to PI.

Hohohoho I am missing it so bad. I thought I look good in my long hair than the current cut I have. hmmpp anways, I shouldn't blame myself for this because nobody told me to cut my hair. It was my own decision to do such thing.

Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing

So this is it! Nothing can stop people from seeking that perfect place to be spending summertime with the entire clan. Branson, Missouri has been the most talked about summer destination because of the different festivities they can offer to local guests and tourists nationwide. Of course there is no better place to stay while in Branson but at these two sister hotels Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing as well as Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. These two hotels are within minutes away from shops, boutiques, restaurants, a river walk and other attractions.

And if you are done roaming around those mentioned spots, don't forget to try seeing the new Payne Stewart Golf Club offering hole after hole of breathtaking scenery. Sounds exciting right? I tell you, you have to see this new place that is also managed by Hilton golf because it is a unique course that is interwoven with stories of Stewart’s life and golfing experiences throughout his career at each of its 18 scenic holes.

What else do you look for in a certain place that has everything you need to enjoy for you whole summer vacation? There is nowhere else that offers such fun, comfort and full of excitement place to be but at Branson, Missouri.


My Eyes Are Hurting

I've been giving so much stress in my eyes for one full week just because of this farm town game. My eyes are hurting right now and I guess I have to pay the price for over using them. I also having headaches every now and then and I tell you it sucks. I hate it!

I guess I just have to slow down in my farm just to give my eyes some relaxation because I only have one set of eyes, once it is damaged I don't know if I can forgive myself for abusing them.

Nahhhh I really have to take a nap real bad, I can no longer bear the pain I am dealing right now. I must sleep!

For Expectant Mothers

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Ice Candy

I made my own version of ice candy instead of buying those artificially flavored popsicles in the grocery store. I don't like them, they taste too sweet and I have a baby. It's so hot now and eating ice candy can help a bit. See the photos? Even my baby likes it.

Ice candy is popular in the Philippines sold for one peso each. They are of different flavors a seller wish to make to entice the customers especially the children. My ice candy for now is monggo bean flavor and I also added fresh milk, sugar and a little bit of cornstarch to it to make it taste good to the tongue.

..... my ice candy when they were raw...

....... Jadyn is now enjoying it after being frozen for days!!!

Special Limited Time Sale

If there are two things I regret of not doing the best I can I supposed to do to my baby is that firstly, I didn't preserve her cord blood after pushing her out to this world. I wasted the very useful cord blood of hers while in fact it could save my family's life in the future. Secondly is that, I didn't nurse her long enough. It was partly my fault why she just stopped getting her nourishment from me. But anyways, I am not going to tackle further of that.

My main concern is that why I didn't save her cord blood? Probably next time when we will have our second baby, I will do what's the right thing to do so there will be no regret in the end.

To all you expectant mothers out there, don't do the same mistake I did before. If you want your family to be saved from deadly diseases, act now. Cryo-Cell Cryo-Cell is offering a special discount for expectant families to store their baby's cord blood. They are having a special limited time sale, you only got from now until Sunday 6/28/09, families can save $725 on Cryo-Cell's U-Cord service using the promotional code HOT. I urge you to go to their website now and take the opportunity to save money.


Her Toys

We just bought a new trike toy our baby Jadyn. She loves riding in it but the problem is she is still young for this kind of toy. When I let her ride it I can tell how much she love the toy but her feet often caught in between the front wheel because she can't reach the pedal.
The second photo is of her in a wooden Harley Davidson motorcycle which was bought when I was only 6 months pregnant of her. It was my husband's idea to buy the rocking bike because it's a rare piece of art and here she is now loving it so much.

Chin and the Magic Stones

I just finished reading my baby her favorite alphabetical book seconds ago. For some reason she brought the book here in the study so I can read it to her which is very unusual for her to do. She just woke up too and I thought it was very strange of her to read a book at this very moment.

My Jadyn only has few books, a Princess Collection book, animal book, a baby book exclusive only for duck story with matching quack quack sound in it that plays when at the end of the story and lastly an alphabetical book that shows different pictures in each corresponding letter. That's not much but it's good enough for her to start reading.

When her reading and comprehension capabilities progress as she grow older, I would love her to indulge in reading a fictional or a fantasy genre books like Chin and the Magic Stones for fun so she can take her first step into the wonders of adventure tale.

Based on the testimony of this book, kids stay engaged with the book from the start to the end that would make them love the riddles and magic leading to the next adventure of the series. This sure is a nice thing to get for each kid.

Chin and the Magic Stones will teach the children to trust themselves, visualize positive outcomes, and keep a positive attitude the results can be most unexpected, positive, and satisfying. And of course it can be bought at http://www.chinandthemagicstones.com/Welcome.html.



Monday, June 22, 2009

She's Really A Filipina

Here is another story that I want to share here. It happened in the same place in my previous post titled No Shame about a filipina waitress who works in that restaurant. For the first minutes I laid my eyes on her, I can fairly say that she is a filipina because of her physical attributes for a fact that she got brown skin, small body frame and flat typical filipina nose.

I asked her if she's a filipina, she did not answer instead smiling back at me. I stand up to get my food when we got too close to each other and she kind of tripped her toe and almost feel down and she exclaimed, "ARAY KO PO!" waaaaa gotcha you stupid Pinay.

Why can't you just say the damn words, YES I'M A FILIPINA right away?? Why do you have to be pa cute cute while you obviously looking like a monkey?? HIlasan tayo! If I know she is just new here. Newer than me I can tell. Unlike other Pinays I've met in the other restaurant, they've lived almost all their life here and yet genuine jud kaayo sila managad, kani noon mga bag-o pa kaayo ga hilas hilas lang agi nila pweeee uroy ninyo perya gaba! Sa matungnan lang, I don't mean all of you newbies.

Where To Stay In Branson

National Kid’s Fest at Silver Dollar City, the 10th Annual Clown Jam, live entertainment, theaters and much more are just few of the fun festivities that you can experience in Branson this summer. If you haven't decided where to spend your summer then better not think twice because Branson, Missouri is the place perfect for the entire family.

Two sister hotels that are situated in an electrifying entertainment capital of the Midwest in Branson, Missouri are these two gorgeous very hospitable hotels namely Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel are your choices. They offer different packages suitable for your budget. So if I were you, I will make the most of my Summer by going to Branson and see all the tourist attractions possible for the period of my vacation to that place. Check them out now or take a virtual tour of the website.

Other than that, tourists and visitors can now enjoy a new golf club called The new Payne Stewart Golf Club, managed by Hilton, is close by and features hole after hole of breathtaking scenery. So you might wonder how and where did this golf club got its name? It is named after a famous golfer for a tribute to honor the life and legacy of golf legend Payne Stewart.


No Shame

We were at the Chinese Buffet resto yesterday and the minute we sat down I noticed the Hispanic family right across to our table had a boy of less than a year. I saw the mess that the child created and oh man it was the messiest of the messiest of all the tables they have in their place. The floor was just awful! Such a little creature and yet very messy.

Both of the parents are eating big and filling their hungry stomach while letting their little boy continue making a mess. It was just unbelievably messy all over, lots of pieces of food dropped on the floor as well as cracker crumbs. When they left they only gave the waitress a one-dollar tip.

No shame they are. They are insulting the waitress of her service worth only one dollar? How could those idiots leave such a small tip while they were the ones had a big mess to clean up? When it was time to fix the table, the waitress looked at my husband and the husband nodded his head feeling sorry to the girl. The other Hispanic family adjacent to our table was so quiet knowing that it was the same blood of theirs who just made a shameful act in the restaurant.

all-new Payne Stewart Golf Club

Are you an avid golfer? If so, there is an all-new Payne Stewart Golf Club in Branson, Missouri that is offering hole after hole of breathtaking scenery. The name of the club is being named after a player to a tribute to honor the life and legacy of golf legend Payne Stewart. This golf club is perfect for everyone whether you are a professional golfer, new to the sport, planning an event for business or vacation purposes you can enjoy the facilities of the Payne Stewart Golf Course.

Payne Stewart Golf is a new addition to the two hotels which is just minutes away of driving. Whether you’re an avid golfer, new to the sport, planning an event, or visiting the place for business or for pleasure purposes, you can enjoy the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and also Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel staying because of the hospitality these hotels are showing to their valued guests. These three places are all managed by Hilton Golf which of course situated and provide easy access to shops, boutiques, restaurants, a river walk and other attractions in the city. This indeed an additional nice place to look forward to staying or seeing while visiting Branson. For sure, golf lovers would be so happy to have a first glance of this new golf club.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Two Fathers

I never realized how blessed I am to have these two fathers in my life until I became responsible of taking care of my own life. My father has molded me to be the person I am now today. He disciplined me and taught me things only fathers know. Though I wasn't close to my father when I was growing up but he was always there provided me with everything I need in my entire years of living under his roof. He supported me all the way on the decisions I had to make including marrying a foreigner and for the fact that he was the one who helped me alot during inquiries of stuff for my wedding and I so never forget that.

To you PAPA, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. I may have never said this three important words you ought to hear from your children but let me tell you these on this very day that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Please take good care of yourself and be well soon, please.

....this is my father two and a half years ago with my small siblings. In fairness, I miss him now... hmmm.. not a papa's girl but I'm still human who miss my family terribly.

... and photos below are of my husband with our baby. Jadyn is lucky for having a daddy like his dad. I wouldn't dare exchange/replace my husband to any other fathers out there because he is the best of them all and I've no regret I chose him to father my child as he is a very devoted, responsible, loving and sweet dad to his girl, Jadyn. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO YOU MY DEAR LALABS! MUAAHH LOVE YOU MUCH!

P.S To all the Fathers in the world, congratulations and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to you all too!

Dallas Realtors

Buying a home should be the most exciting yet stressful part of the couple's lives who wants to have a life of their own. Exciting because it is both of them who decide where to live, what kind of house they are going to buy and most of all know the neighborhood whether it is in a nice or near the scumbags area. Stressful because the house that both couple could come up to buy should also fit for their budget.

Buying a home is your greatest investment and for that you just don't want to waste your time and money spending on something that you may regret or dislike living in the next few years. Dallas realtors can be of great help if you live near Dallas area. Working with them gives you peace of mind as they are known to have good customer service and reliable realtor. If you don't know anything about buying or selling a home, just hire a realtor and he will do the job for you and explain everything what should be done to make the business nicely done.

As they said hiring a skilled realtor will make things easy. It's job is to provide you with current and detailed information about any property you’re interested in, and offer sound knowledgeable advice.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Food For The Poor

These kind of foods are something that can satisfy my poor stomach and there is no other food ever replace it. Dried fish in the Philippines are bountiful and people don't seem to appreciate it for they seem to have these kinds of kan-onon in every meal they have. It's the opposite here in America. Filipinas would be so thankful if they're able to taste a bit of dried fish once in a while.

I am one lucky girl for I can just buy potpot or baby squid in the Asian market although squids are no longer fresh and don't taste as good as they were when they were still fresh but it's good enough for me. So this is what I have been eating that makes my belly grow big and make two folds in my waist.

..... my pot-pot or sap-sap dried fish and little creatures, dried squid...
........ squid soup with water spinach and white squash.. oh yummy!

Dog Shedding Solution We Need

I just woke up moments ago and here is what I received. A notification for a complete solution to our dilemma which is a shampoo for dogs specifically intended to cure for excessive shedding, itching and stinks beyond belief! Honestly, I feel guilty for thinking sometimes that I just want to give away our dog because of shedding too much hair.

She just shed hair like crazy that I need to sweep or vacuum the floor from time to time so to get rid of all the hair falling off from her small body. We love our little Chicha so much and that we are willing to give the best nutrition and shampoo we can find so she will stay healthy everyday of her life.

Now I am happier because of this product known as Dinovite that contains all natural, soothing and contain helpful essential oils. They lather nicely and rinse off quickly and don't leave any harsh synthetic itchy residue. I think this product will work for her because according to some testimonials it works to their pets. I would really want to buy this product so I don't have to worry of doing the same job all over again and for our baby Jadyn to be free from walking in a floor that is full of dog hair.

Yes, I found the solution. Have you? If you are not convinced enough of this post you may refer to the solutions center located on the website and begin treating your dog now.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just When...

ganado ako sa pag sing-al that is when baby strikes. She started to getting whiny and seeks attention when I'm in the middle of singing. She probably don't like the way I sound lolz that's why she tries to stop me from continuing to sing.

This baby of mine acts like a big kid. She thinks she's smart enough to defeat her mother. And yes, I did stop singing because she won't leave me alone until I totally turned off my mic, tv and the magic sing driver. Geezzz baby KJ kaayo ka!

play multiplayer games

What could be more enjoyable to do other than playing along with your friends online with multiplayer games? I so love to do that during my spare time. I used to convince all my friends I know that are in my yahoo messenger list to play multiplayer games and have fun together. Yes, we were so happy at the end of a game whether I lose or win, I am taking it just a game and makes me content as well.

I've just discovered a website that could allow people to play altogether in a game at one time and that is www.8c1.net. I find this website interesting and thinking of giving it a try sometime when baby is asleep and I got no chores to do.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Nose

This baby nose of hers is just like mom's nose that sweats a lot when exposed to too much heat or when feeling awfully hot. Huh, she definitely got it from me since I've never seen her dada to be dripping with sweat in the nose when hot.

Poor baby, she had to drip from the start 'till the end on that wedding day we attended last Saturday. It was freaking hot and all we could do is wish that the ceremony would end soon so we can all be comfy inside the chapel.

Peace of Mind for Expectant Parents

I talked to my husband last night about having another baby in the near future and I cited important things to consider whether we want to have another baby or not. First and foremost is that, we love our baby so much that we want to give everything we can so she will be happy, well provided for and most of all very well loved. Loving her would means giving her a baby sister or baby brother so someday she won't be alone, she will have her playmate and someone to take care of when they are older.

Well, I guess it is too early for me to be asking that silly baby thing because he did not answer nor made a reaction to it. If ever I get pregnant again, I definitely would want to save my baby's cord blood for future use through Cryo Cell.

I've heard so much about it in the past months and even read Cryo-Cell testimonials. It is great while I don't need to think twice whether to save or to not to save the beneficial cord blood of the baby. Yep, and I would love to request more information regarding this matter and have my husband read about it for he might find it useful.

If you are an expectant mother, you may want to save your baby's umbilical cord too and check out Cryo Cell's current offers now.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Wedding

<------- not my wedding but our family friend's wedding. Annette is the bride, the daughter of my husband's best buddy got married yesterday to Phillip Laux whom she dated for 4 years.

Her groom is working the same job as her dad, a police officer as well. To you guys big congratulations and may you have a blissful marriage ahead! CHEERS TO THE NEWLYWEDS!!!!

Photography Jobs

I love taking photos of my wonderful family especially my baby or whenever there is an important occasion like wedding. Although I am just an ordinary person not being gifted of a photography skill, I would want to become a pro someday and possibly apply for Photography Jobs. It just takes a matter of time to train as well as proper camera equipment to make the job done. Speaking of photography, are you looking hire a photographer? You may do so by going to www.photographersourcequote.com and your requirements and get 4 free price quotes.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Clever Girl

There is only one word I can describe my baby at this point. She is one CLEVER GIRL can't you tell? Nobody taught her to use an empty can as leverage but she did think it can be helpful to get on the table or on to the desk and screw up something.

I was busy on my computer doing friendsterization and moment I know, there she was already using the phone and making strange noises. There was an instance when I found I was already disconnected from the internet because my good Jadyn turned off the power strip that made it turned off everything including the modem. Geeeeeezzz I didn't know how to react, half amazed 1/4 pissed! Ah the price of being a mother! What am I complainin' about? This is what I want, having a baby around to keep occupied and entertain me right? right???

....STEP 1: This is how you do it. Step your foot up on the canister
....STEP 2: Put your two feet on top of the red can and get ready to lift your whole body up
... STEP 3: TTssaaadaaaaaaa... success.. look at me talking on the phone already!

Summer Camps

It would be a good idea if someday Jadyn, our baby can join any fun activities during summer like for example going to Summer Camps nearby. I would love to do this so she will learn to interact with other kids, play responsibly and most of all get to mingle with kids of all ages who join the summer camp. Although she had gained quite a bit of exposure to other kids already but I don't think it is enough for her. Most of the time she is isolated here with me in the house for the fact that I don't drive just yet.

When I have the courage to learn how to drive, I am very sure both me and the baby will be busy for fun activities that we might find interesting to join in. There are several Summer Camps here in our area but Jadyn is perhaps too young to be joining over there. Hopefully though when she grows older by then I will be driving so I can take her to a summer camp. With my husband's inspiration and support, Jadyn the baby will be happy to have found several friends of her age.

By the way, before I end this post let me tell you something that Yovia.com is a perfect website to be when it comes to finding summer camps in your area and find the events that your kids can possibly participate so to keep them busy all summer.



Sunday, June 7, 2009

Connection Problems

I don't understand as to why our telephone and internet connection in the Philippines has been cut off. My little sister have not been chatting for a week now due to no internet connection and no dial tone in the telephone. I thought she was just kidding me when she told me last time using the neighbor's internet.

I believe I paid the bill from last month's usage before the due date. I have a mere proof I have paid for it last May 27. If only Philippines and America were close, I would fly over there right away and bring bazooka to the PLDT office asking for war why they cut off my family's internet. I am never late when it comes to paying the bill and why the company is not being effective in providing their service to the consumer? Hmmm makalagot. I really want to talk to any of my family but I can't.. I just can't.. I can't call either via phone since it has no dial tone.

Scrubsmag for Nurses

In my life, I have experienced wearing Scrubs when I took a short care giving course in the Philippines last year of 2005. For six months, I was lucky to be one of those people wearing scrubs while on duty. It was required for us students to wear proper uniform while attending the class as well as going for our on-the-job training in the elderly home, hotel and in the orphanage. I took the steps in taking this short course because I so wanted to get involved in medical field someday. Right now, I am dreaming of taking a CNA course once my baby gets a little older and work in the hospital or at a doctor's office, hopefully it will come true.

If only my father have had enough money to send me to a nursing school before, I could have studied nursing and perhaps today working as a licensed nurse. But, I don't have to be a real nurse for me to read this helpful website for nurse's guide to good living as it is very informative not only for nurses but for ordinary people like me too. The most interesting topic for this summer that really caught my attention is how to look chic on your scrubs for I know people who wear scrubs daily seem so tired of how they look on their uniform.

Little do they know that by wearing scrubs, they can be fashionable, stylish and looking chic on them by simply reading some of these helpful tips that Scrubsmag are publishing.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Time I Refused

My husband arrived early tonight. It was before sundown he came home and as soon as he stepped inside the house he asked me if we can go walk at the nearby track. With no hesitation I said no, my alibi? We, the baby, myself and the dog had already done our walk to the park at midday. But that is just one of the three reasons why I didn't wanna go. The other two were I was watching So You Think You Can Dance on t.v and also I was crazy thinking how can I finish doing all the remaining 4 opps in SS tonight.

I am kind of feeling guilty about it because it was my first time to say no to him. I love my husband to death that if as much as possible I don't want to disappoint him at any rate. Wish tomorrow isn't as busy as today so we all can go together and walk. I just have to make up with him though, hopefully madayon nami ugma!

contact lenses

I don't wear contact lenses but I do know a famous brand of contact lenses which is Acuvue often advertised on t.v. For now, my eyes are good and still got the grade of 20/20 vision which is perfect. However, when crazy thoughts come into my mind I wished I am one of those people that can wear contact lenses for it added beauty to the eyes.

I really think that wearing those lenses are cool but part of me is scared because it can be dangerous too if you don't know how to take care of your eyes with lenses, it can cause eye infection if you are being careless of wearing them. Oh well, talking about contact lenses, are you one of those people that having trouble with their vision and prefer to wear contact lenses rather than glasses? If you say yes, I do think that this website I found tonight called Aclens has an ongoing LensAlert that can help you save up to 70% of contact lenses. You can shop there by brands or by contact lens type. If you want to know more or read more information about AC Lens, just visit AC Lens blog for reference.


'twas So Ouch

Crazy baby decided to take off her diaper full of pee and running all over the house with naked bottom. I thought she looked cute with no diaper on however, I can't be at ease knowing that she can pee any moment on the rugs.
Before her dad can put a new diaper on to her, she kind of tipped her toe and lost her balance and fell down. I saw how her butt hit hard on the floor that it created a cute boney sound afterwards. I was like OUCH with matching pabudlat sa mata for it was really painful for me to look at. Poor baby all she could do is scratch the part where it hurts, tsk tsk tsk!

Carefree Winter Escape

I am not sure if it is too early or very late to talk about winter here. But if I were to choose, I would definitely want to go back to having cold temperatures for three months rather than going through the scorching hot that summer will bring.

Right now, I don't feel comfortable at all even if the air conditioning is running. I would like to think that it is winter to cool me down. There is only one thing in my mind that I would like avail that is the Hilton Branson Escape Package. I have never been to Branson but according to people who have experienced their winter in that place they think it is awesome especially if you are going to stay at Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel.

I heard that these two hotels were having a very special offer to getaway-seeking guests with the Winter Escape Package last winter of 2009 just so guests can enjoy the deluxe accommodations, a cozy night in with a complimentary movie and drinks for two and breakfast for only $79.00 per night! During winter season the following events are going to happen; Annual Ice Carving, the exciting 2009 Polar Plunge and the Anniversary of the Hilton Promenade, live entertainment and theaters.



I Have To Be Awake

I need to stay up for an hour right here, I got lots of opps to do in SS but my eyes seem not cooperating with me. There is this little needle in my eyelids keep poking me and dragging me to bed. Arggsss kung kanus-a naay buhaton that is when I feel sleepy.
This is what I get from sleeping late at night and waking up early in the morning. I wanted to stay in bed longer this morning but I couldn't, the baby started crying and as soon as I heard her making noise, it awakens my senses as well, no choice but to get up and start my day with the usual routine every morning pooping and then computer!

The Shade Store

Our home is a place where the whole family can rest, relax and sleep. A nice home with an inviting ambiance usually put its owner's mind at peace. We all can add design or change the style into a new one into our home without costing us so much. This summer is the best time to properly install shades to keep the heat from penetrating inside by using solar shades of your windows.

At The Shade Store, they offer a new product that not only adds style, but is truly energy efficient. This new product which they call the Eco-Solar Shades are environmentally friendly and they conserve energy that will make you save you money.

Solar Shades work by absorbing the heat, protect interiors from harmful UV Rays and reduce glare and these don't obstruct your view to the outside. Made with 100% recyclable materials and GreenGuard Certified which guarantee you environmentally friendly. If you are a green person then you will be happy to use these shades in your home.

You can purchase them only at the exclusive store called TheShadeStore.com. Go check them out now and learn how you can get a 15% off and free shipping on all orders. Upon checkout just use the code: IZEA01



Tuesday, June 2, 2009


....are the flowers and my baby. I am having a hard time taking pictures of my baby nowadays because she doesn't wanna sit still when she sees me aiming the camera at her. If she does, it only takes a second or two for me to be ready and I should be quick or else I will never catch Jadyn for she'll run away from me.
Attached photo is of my baby wearing the swim suit she received from my friend Lerio in Colorado. This is supposed to be worn in the pool but hmm I'm lazy filling up the pool with water.

Spectacular Summer Vacation In Branson

I have heard so much of Branson, Missouri to be the place worth spending your spectacular summer vacation already. Whenever I visit from one blog to another, all they are talking about is the fun festivities that a visitor can join and enjoy over there. Oh how I wish I can be there too and experience the different fun rides they have as well as the the exciting Father’s Day Salute, National Kid’s Fest at Silver Dollar City, the 10th Annual Clown Jam, live entertainment, theaters and much more.

Of course with so much entertainment need to see one day of roaming around would not be enough. Visitors and tourists from other states have to find a place to stay at night to rest and sleep. The perfect hotels would be these two famous hotels namely Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel which is of course located just within easy driving distance of Branson’s championship golf courses, lakes, museums, theme parks and 49 live entertainment theaters.

You might want to know the nice packages that these hotels are offering? Well, I proudly say that they do have Hilton Bed and Breakfast, Golf Package, Third Night On Us, Romance Package and a whole lot more.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Heat and Headache

When we went back home from the dentist's office today, it was already very hot. Now this is the time that I dread to come this year. It is barely summer yet and look what it got me, a headache. Not that I am being maarte it's just that it's freaking hot and humid is the weather now.

Those experience the 80s almost 90s temperature can relate to this posting or the ones who live in Texas and other dry hot states! Three months I am going to feel the heat and there is nowhere else to go but stay home. I wish me and my friends can get to go somewhere fun and there's water so we can all soak our bodies in the pool.

Parent's Choice Infant Formula

Breast milk is still best for babies up to two years. That is a popular line of milk brand name commercials in the Philippines that I agree one hundred percent. It is the best source of nutrition for babies especially the colostrums during first few feedings that the baby can get from their mom to develop stronger and healthier immune system.

When I had my newborn, I breastfed her but not for long. She quit four months getting her nourishment from me which I feel kind of guilty because I felt I wasn't feeding my baby enough. Why? Because I breastfeeding her at the same time using bottles for infant formula. I thought it was one of the most regretted days I have ever felt in my entire life. When she finally decided to quit of course she was fondly fed by bottles then. She is using the branded name milk formula, consume the big can for only a week and it isn't cheap.

I could have used Parent's Choice Infant Formula instead of Similac, it wouldn't be expensive in our budget. She is still using the same brand until now but Parent's Choice just sent me a can of it as a sample so that is what I am giving Jadyn right now. Probably we can just switch from Similac to Parent's Choice Infant Formula now since she is drinking it and no complaints at all.



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