Wednesday, June 3, 2009

contact lenses

I don't wear contact lenses but I do know a famous brand of contact lenses which is Acuvue often advertised on t.v. For now, my eyes are good and still got the grade of 20/20 vision which is perfect. However, when crazy thoughts come into my mind I wished I am one of those people that can wear contact lenses for it added beauty to the eyes.

I really think that wearing those lenses are cool but part of me is scared because it can be dangerous too if you don't know how to take care of your eyes with lenses, it can cause eye infection if you are being careless of wearing them. Oh well, talking about contact lenses, are you one of those people that having trouble with their vision and prefer to wear contact lenses rather than glasses? If you say yes, I do think that this website I found tonight called Aclens has an ongoing LensAlert that can help you save up to 70% of contact lenses. You can shop there by brands or by contact lens type. If you want to know more or read more information about AC Lens, just visit AC Lens blog for reference.



oprina tiberiu said...

With the myriad of disposable contact lenses available today and the lower cost of contact lenses, contact lens care has never been easier. If you’re in a dramatic production, have a Halloween costume party to attend, or just want to “wow” your friends, crazy contacts are available that can make you look like you have cat’s eyes, alien eyes, bloodshot eyes—your imagination is the only limit. Find out more about this subject and everything related to contact lenses at

ExpressContactLenses said...

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ExpressContactLenses said...

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