Friday, June 26, 2009

Chin and the Magic Stones

I just finished reading my baby her favorite alphabetical book seconds ago. For some reason she brought the book here in the study so I can read it to her which is very unusual for her to do. She just woke up too and I thought it was very strange of her to read a book at this very moment.

My Jadyn only has few books, a Princess Collection book, animal book, a baby book exclusive only for duck story with matching quack quack sound in it that plays when at the end of the story and lastly an alphabetical book that shows different pictures in each corresponding letter. That's not much but it's good enough for her to start reading.

When her reading and comprehension capabilities progress as she grow older, I would love her to indulge in reading a fictional or a fantasy genre books like Chin and the Magic Stones for fun so she can take her first step into the wonders of adventure tale.

Based on the testimony of this book, kids stay engaged with the book from the start to the end that would make them love the riddles and magic leading to the next adventure of the series. This sure is a nice thing to get for each kid.

Chin and the Magic Stones will teach the children to trust themselves, visualize positive outcomes, and keep a positive attitude the results can be most unexpected, positive, and satisfying. And of course it can be bought at



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