Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scrubsmag for Nurses

In my life, I have experienced wearing Scrubs when I took a short care giving course in the Philippines last year of 2005. For six months, I was lucky to be one of those people wearing scrubs while on duty. It was required for us students to wear proper uniform while attending the class as well as going for our on-the-job training in the elderly home, hotel and in the orphanage. I took the steps in taking this short course because I so wanted to get involved in medical field someday. Right now, I am dreaming of taking a CNA course once my baby gets a little older and work in the hospital or at a doctor's office, hopefully it will come true.

If only my father have had enough money to send me to a nursing school before, I could have studied nursing and perhaps today working as a licensed nurse. But, I don't have to be a real nurse for me to read this helpful website for nurse's guide to good living as it is very informative not only for nurses but for ordinary people like me too. The most interesting topic for this summer that really caught my attention is how to look chic on your scrubs for I know people who wear scrubs daily seem so tired of how they look on their uniform.

Little do they know that by wearing scrubs, they can be fashionable, stylish and looking chic on them by simply reading some of these helpful tips that Scrubsmag are publishing.


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