Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not Afraid Of Getting Dirty

I just took my baby out in the front yard minutes ago. I went outside to bring the trashcan in the backyard then I felt I was very bored always facing the computer so I took the time to water the bald part of our front yard. So I brought the sprinkler and then drag the heavy water hose in the front yard and start watering the part that has no grass.

Since my baby was with me, I didn't bother of bringing her back inside the house instead I let her play under the water pretending that it was a rain water coming from above. I can tell she really enjoyed it most especially digging wet dirt. She was not afraid to get dirty at all. In fact, she wouldn't wanna stop but she had to anyway because the wet dirt got under her finger nails. Now I have to cut them to avoid getting bitok hakhakak!

1 comment:

a49erfangirl said...

LOL That's cute she liked the water and the dirt. Sounds like my little girl! My litter girl is a fish when it comes to water.


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