Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Angel Baby

There's an angel,staring at me,flashing me with her dashing smile,my Jadyn.She is the joy in our world. My Jadyn is getting good everyday.She can now able to grasp her toys with two hands,smiles and kicks a lot too.My Jadyn! Oh my Jadyn! I love her so much.

drug rehab

In finding a drug rehab choose for a place compassionate and loving staff for it helps a lot in recovery of your loved ones.There are a lot of them offer good services but only very few that truly cares for their patients.It can be difficult looking for a drug rehab but you will have to be choosy and careful in your choice.Suggestion,try visiting and take a tour on their website,the different services they offer as well as testimonies of other people who have experienced their care.

Crooked Parking

He used to be a pilot in the Airforce in his time.He's long been retired since then and worked for Pentagon after his career in the Airforce.Now he is 76 and retired,alone but still driving....sometimes it scares his son to ride with him because he will drive slow,go in a wrong way and worse park his car crooked. Look at the photo,below that is how he do it,sometimes...

gift for mother's day

11 days until Mother's Day.I wonder what my husband is going give me on our special day? Most husbands give gift for mothers day like flowers,chocolates or any presents that their wives like. If you ask me,I would just want a simple dinner outside with my baby and husband and that is all it.I am easy to please,simple gesture of my beloved husband makes me so happy.But if he is going to give me something I would be more than happy and appreciative of his sweetness.

I am not expecting something though I believe there is always cute stuff he will hand me on the exact day of Mother's Day.Have you guys thought what gift for mothers day you are going to give? Make your wives feel special by giving them flowers.Order it from website also or a good shop to deliver flowers internationally.This used to be my husband's favorite website to order some for me when I was still in the Philippines.

I Finished It Finally

...the ice cream is gone.I finished it finally thanks goodness.It's been in the freezer a month before I gave birth to my baby and imagine Jadyn is now 3 months 1 week nad 6 days old. I was gonna throw it away but I remember the people in the Philippines are in crisis,I asked myself how could I waste food here while my family back home is suffering from poverty.

And so I just ate it,it's still good though old.I am grateful that our freezer has larger space now for new foods.Certainly,lalabs gonna be happy for that 'coz he's been asking me when I'm gonna finish my ice cream-- macapuno flavor,sound yummy but took me too long to finally eat it all.

blue man a fraud

I never heard such a blue man before.Until one time a friend of mine told me about Paul Karason being dubbed by media as the blue man because of what they thought he is taking colloidal silver that makes his skin turn into blue.This is all just disinformation given by the media to the public.This was to purposely scare the public away from using colloidal silver products.But no,this products was not because of the man's blue condition. It was because Paul Karason was making his own solution that he believed he made a colloidal silver solution.Not he was not making colloidal silver.His solution was mostly highly concentrated ionic silver plus he also added salt to the brew that make it even more dangerous.

Those are substances that are known to be the cause of argyria,then he applied the solution on his skin that caused his body to become an internal and external photographic plate.So I hope those who are still blinded by the wrong fact will read this so their minds will be corrected on how the blue man turned blue and it is not because he was taking colloidal silver.Pass this on to your friends to add information to the public so that those who are taking colloidal silver have nothing to worry about for they are safer than ever.


Bringing to you the videoke song by Journey- Faitfully.If you are a fan of old type of songs then it is for you.Sing along with me folks.I know you gonna like it for it is one of the popular songs from Journey.


What do you think they are doing? It was a friend who did capture this and at first she thought only humans will do this.Ahhh very censored,they need a not so private place to do this.Caught in action as they say.

Kissing Purity Percentage

Your Kissing Purity Score: 69% Pure

For you, kissing isn't a casual thing

Lip to lip action makes your heart sing

Of course,it is such a melody to my heart being kissed by someone who is dear to me.Such a sweet action to know someone loves you so much.I like kisses! Kisses and kisses and more kisses! I prefer being kissed on the lips for it makes me feel like I'm in heaven.Wewww Kissing is yummy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Learn Something Today

i am glad and happy of myself today because I believe I achieved something BIG. Last night I was itching on how to put dividers in between my entries here in my blogs and couldn't figure out how to do it. I was just so jealous of Mamu's blog at how beautifully they are created by the author.Good thing that Mamu and I are that close to each other,by heart I mean and it was just so easy for me to ask her how did she do to hers with no hesitation at all.

At first I find it difficult but she offered to do it in the first blog.And then I did my experiment in my other blog which is a success.As you notice now that I have my dividers in every entry I have.Weww thanks so much mamu for teaching me and taking time to listen to my yawyaw.

I like it.In fact,I kept changing the design of my dividers and did not stop until I found the ones that I truly want.

Sound Effect Downloads

I guess all of us love listening to cool music.Each has its own music preference.It could be pop,rock,alternative,classical,love songs,ballad,RNB,hip hop and many more. I myself is a big music listener.In fact, I have tons of music stored in my computer so whenever I am blogging I can also listen to my selected songs at the same time.

As to my curiosity and out of boredom,I kept browsing on the internet today trying to find things to do and it happened that it came to my mind to look for sites where I can possibly listen or download sounds. Oh yeah,it was a great success for me for I found this website called where you can do Sound Effect Downloads which I believe is useful when you do your script or anything that needs music as the background.There are actually plenty of things you can do to that site aside from downloading sound effects.You guys,might want to see what is in there? You surely going to enjoy this cool website.You can also try looking for picture or graphics,movies,software or programs and whole lot more.

Check it our now.I tried it myself and oh I have a lot of cool downloads from them.Curious enough? Visit them by directly clicking on the link above.

Heavy Eyes..Tired

I hate it when it happens to me.I wanted to take a nap but couldn't forget the world for a while.My eyes are so heavy and it makes me feel weak and moody.I really don't like it.I am not in the mood to smile right now as if I have my period,so cranky.

I don't get cranky during my red days only when I wanted to sleep and couldn't sleep.Too many things that linger in my mind right now,that is why....oh geezzzz gotta go I gotta clean up the very messy messy kitchen.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Appreciating His Dog

I can hear my husband from here keep giving such nice appreciation to his dog.He must love his dog that much for they shower together and the dog loving it.She just love the gentle hands of my husband and the warm water flowing into her small body.

Unlike me,I am so rough to her.I remember during her first few days being at home when she was just a puppy,each time I gave her a bath,she would growl because I just scrub her fragile body and didn't care if she was hurting or not.

Brushing Flossing and Water Picking

Doctors recommend to floss at least 2 times a day and do the water pick everyday to prevent gum disease.Though these may not help cure the cavities but it can prevent of having it.I used to have really bad gums,it bled each I brush my teeth and it hurts when bristles of the brush touching my gums.

When my husband discovered that I have periodontal disease(gum disease) he immediately brought me to his dentist had it cured.They treated my cavities and gums and thanks God I have a good mouth now.Thanks to the good advice as well.

I try my best to do the flossing each day even in my busy days here in the house.I know it's for my own good.So brushing,flossing and water picking is what I do when I can remember doing them that makes my mouth healthy.


Pillows! I can't sleep without using pillows in my head and in between my legs.I feel like I am incomplete without something in between my legs when sleeping especially at night time.I found pillows in that are truly soft and huggable which I like because I am picky when it comes to pillows.I want the softest pillow possible.I may start looking for pillow shapes and comfort soon for I badly need it.

Not Much of A Drama Person

You Are a Drama Princess (or Prince)

You're not over the top dramatic, but you have your moments.

You know how to steal the spotlight...

And how to act out to get your way.

People around you know that you're good for a laugh.

But at times, your drama gets a bit too much for everyone.

Tone it down a tad, and you'll still be the center of attention.

I am a naturally cheerful person. Drama? I can only do that if I am really needing an attention.When you get to know me,you'll know that I am not into drama. One time though my husband thought I was just acting feeling so hurt and he thought it was silly but oh no I was truly hurt at that time I have not taken my pain medication for my long stitches...ouch ouch

Messy Little Child

Baby at age 3 and 1 week loves to lick and play with her fists. Even if she is well fed she would play with her 2 fists at anytime of the day. I don't like it if she does because that makes her face looks messy.With saliva all over her cheeks,when dried up it forms a sticky pattern on her chunky cheeks.

However,I cannot stop her from doing that.I would just try to divert her attention in to something so that she can forget about her hands. Good thing is that she can focus on staring at toys now,that way she smiles and temporarily forgetting doing her habit.

Don't Know Where To Start

...I am so confused on what to do first and where to start.I have so many things that linger in my mind right now.The house is a complete mess for the moment due to the fact of us being away from home for 3 days.With this being said,chores left undone are just waiting for me now.

I have 3 batches of laundry need to be folded,mountain of clean clothes to be exact,floor to sweep,bathroom to clean,rugs to vacuum.Bed sheets to wash,kitchen to be cleaned and argssssss lots and lots of things to do.

Somebody willing to lend their helping hand for me? It will be greatly appreciated if you volunteer to help me hehehe..

answering services

Big companies need a lot of people working in it so that the business will keep going and to make the job easier and faster to get done.When you have a business that has something to do with taking calls everyday then you need people working to receive and make calls to your clients. With too many calls coming in and if there less people in the job to take the calls then getting an Answering Service will be a great idea for you to have.This service is available and can be found in

It is best used in call centers all over the world.The company has been in the business since 1991 specializing in providing quality Answering Services.Clear presentation of facts,clear voice and many benefits you can get from them.So try them out now guys!

Better customer service,better calls higher profits.This is what most call centers and other business establishments need.There is only one goal in building up businesses,that is to give their customer's satisfaction for without them,I do not think your business can last long.

Princess Is Awake

My lil Princess is now awake.I gotta hurry up posting this one as well as my other opp from LL.I know this time of day,she will be smiling a lot and when she does I want to focus my attention to her so she knows that I love her and that she is the first priority among other things.

Blogging world is still sleeping,I am wishing though that it will get active as we get through the day.Have a nice day guys and enjoy blogging!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I usually spend my time in the computer when baby is asleep.Weekdays and weekends I find myself tapping my computer for I find no other way to entertain myself except the internet.When I do have interesting friends online,I talk to them and set aside my blogging.

Today is so quiet.I wonder where have all the guys gone? I am talking to no one right here.i am getting bored now. Show up guys and let's have some fun chatting.

Dead Engine

...just as my husband ready to mow the yard and his big mower cannot be used.Its engine is pretty dead I can tell by the sound when he start it.It sounds like having a cough that's so dry and hurting the throat so bad.

I've never heard it like that.He is charging it right now and hopefully nothing is wrong with it.Good thing though that he has an extra small mower,that is what he used instead.I know my husband,he cannot sleep if he just leave the yard with weeds growing and not even doing the edging to each side.

We are gonna go grocery shopping after his work so I must get ready so when he's done we can leave right away.Have a nice Sunday guys!

Pretty Creature

I am not a cat lover myself.I just don't like cats you know.I prefer a puppy to raise than messy kitten.One time when we were out for a walk at my father in-law's place I saw this very beautiful cat in one of the neighbor's back porch.

At first thought it was just a stuff toy but it moved and came to me showed me her trick,rolling over,walk around me and roll over again. I like its color and the thick fur.

oil prospects

Enermax is an drilling company of oil and natural gas in Texas and Louisiana that is specializing in the exploration and development of fossil fuel reserves.They dig for oil in speficific regions in the mentioned states and is continuing on looking for Oil prospects.Well,to have a better understanding of what this company is all about,just visit them on their website.It is a blog that tackles about the oil and gas industry,drilling and how current events shape the future of oil acquisition and its effect on the global economy.

I am aware of what is going on with our economy nowadays.Prices continue to rise up.One of which is the oil high price.What is going to happen for our future,no one can tell.We are just lucky here in America because even though prime comodities are increasing and yet we can still afford to buy things that we want.I can often hear drivers complaining about how expensive a gallon of gas cost.If you were asked,what would you do to save up energy? Would you still drive your big truck that could eat so much of your salary? There are plenty of ways to conserve fuel,you may think there's not.I suggest you visit the website I mentioned above to know more about this oil company.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not So Phobic

You Are 28% Phobic

Scared? You? Not really. Everyone has a few normal phobias, and you're no exception.

It's okay to be afraid of a few things. You wouldn't be human if you weren't.

There are only very few things that I cannot bare thinking of happening or seeing.Firstly is that I am afraid of gun shots,it hurts and mostly people who got shot would die immediately.I am so scared and afraid of death.I am afraid of losing the ones I love,I cannot imagine how terribly I'm gonna miss them when they're gone but our life here on earth is just temporary so better to prepare myself for that.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Signing Off

I am so tired now and yet I still have 2 opps left on the other blogging site.I still have tomorrow and they can wait.I must not force myself to work hard because it is me who will suffer if I get too stressed out.I am signing off now and wishing that I can get longer slumber tonight.Goodnight bloggy and friends.

Spock for people search

I joined long time ago.I have created my own profile and started my own search for the uncommon people to try if they really give me the result that I want to find. Call me crazy but I did search for a long time old boyfriend of mine who live in Arkansas.I am so curious of what is happening with him now because during my time,he just broke up with me with no valid reasons at all.And for that I used spock website and it truly worked.I just typed his name on the search box and it gave me numerous result.

You should give it a try friend and find out for yourself the proven result of Spock- the best for people search.You know me,to see is to believe.To try is to believe.I will not trust right away unless I experience it myself and all I can say is that it truly is a miracle.

You can search almost anyone you wish to search.Famous celebrities,artists,singers,common people and if you want for music videos,this is a godo site too. Keep this website in your favorites and if you know someone who loves to surf the internet then this is for him.

Nice Long Walk

I finally had a chance to do some walking with my babies early evening.It felt good afterwards because we made quite a long walk going back and forth using the small pavement that the Airforce Village has. I felt safer here,no cars passing by,so quiet and surrounded with gate so I took advantage of rare chance to get some exercise by walking.

Pretty sure my baby Jadyn really enjoyed the walking as well for she just stay calm and quiet the whole time we were there. For the third round I took chichai with us because she was in the back porch scratching the screen door of Pops wanting to go out too so I invited her to walk with us. That is how my day ended here in AFV.

I am looking forward to do the walking again next time we will be here.Such a pleasant place to be staying Airforce Village 1.

Our Sweet Dog

Success! We got our dog trained how to deficate and release waste in our backyard.For all the hardwork in training her,everything paid off.Kudos to my husband for our dog is now a dog that has brain. She now knows where to properly pee and poop.

We are so glad for the big achievement we have.Now the house is back to normal.No more pee smell inside.I tell you,I am loving this dog even more now.

Feeling Dreamy

Oh my God! I am sitting right here leaning back on the headboard and yet I still feeling dreamy.What is going on with me? It has been like this for days now and I have no idea as to what happen to my body.I hope it is not serious.I keep bugging my husband for a doctor's check up because I want to be feeling better.

We probably not gonna see a doctor until next weekend for he has to set an appointment first and then we'll wait for his day off before we can do it.Argsss..I hate it when I feel sick.

Good day For Blogging

I may not have that much opps grabbed in the biggest blogging site but I am lucky.We are in a short vacation today that only mean we're away from home and yet I am still making green.Thanks to a portable device I have that allows me to do my blogging even if I am away from my nest.

Lucky as I am I got tons of tasks to do today,fair amount of offers they are giving me and for that I am so thankful to the one responsible for this,Heaven's above.Gotta finish this real quick before the baby wake up.

Fast Asleep

I am so jealous of my husband and baby right now,they're fast asleep.Lalabs got the baby for he is giving me time to take a nap as long as I could because I hadn't have enough sleep last night.Yes,the baby is sleeping and I can't.I am worry free right now but I just couldn't sleep.

Might as well get up and be on the computer,browsing and making money is better than pretending to sleep. I am tired but I can't force my mind to forget the real world for a while.

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Moving Alot

When she was still a fetus,baby moved a lot in my belly.When she was born until now she still moving too much.Punching,tickling moving hands,kicking legs keep me awake all night.Just when I needed to sleep,anha pud siya cge luhag.

I was pretty tired from our long drive and wanted to sleep but oh oh baby just wouldn't want me to rest.At 8 in the morning I got up looking for food for I am very hungry. Baby woke up too and now we're both awake,the room is still dark.She suppose to be sleeping still but what she does instead? Looking at me,cooing and giggling for a reason,I don't know.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

San Antonio Here We Come

Thanks God we arrived in our destination safe and sound.The whole family was doing good and all were just happy. We brought our dog with us because no one will be left to take good care of her while we are away.She was so sick at first,we have not left Fort Worth and drove for few blocks and there she was,throwing up a bunch.So gross.I was eating my lunch in the car when she throw up.She really ruined my apetite.

And then when we were on the highway,she throw up again for the second time.Man,I felt pity for her for I know how it feels like being sick in a running vehicle.After that she was fine,went back to her normal self and played a little bit on her dad's lap.On the other hand,our human baby was just sooooo amazing.She really loved her ride.She stayed quiet and smiling the entire trip.

Ok I am not gonna make this post long because it is almost midnight and I am very tired.Baby is waiting for me now.Goodnight bloggy! Goodnight fellow bloggers and readers!

Antique Pipes

My husband is an ebay king.Whenever he is in the computer expect him to be browsing on ebay page.He looks for things and when he thinks it's nice,he would try to bid for it even if it is not that necessary.

These antique pipes he won on ebay weeks ago.It's a collector's pipe that could be worth some bucks someday.The one with design is hand carved and is 50 years old.It is old yet still pretty and in good shape.

Beautiful Day

It was rainy last night with lightning and thunderstorm were present.I was kind of scared for it was so bad that I could hear the whole house was shaking and my husband was still outside working. He got an hour and a half over time and it worries me when the weather is not good.

It did not last long though.Thankful I am because our 2 small kids here just behaving like it was just a normal night for us.

So there is always a good sun shine waiting for us after a stormy night.Mr.Sunshine is up now giving the world ample light for the day.Nice day to be traveling to San Antonio today.

car wax

My husband is a car guy I should say.He is into sports car and in fact he got 2 already. They are old but they look new for he does car wax in to them every once in a while. Believe me,they are still in good shape especially the body of the cars,shiny and smooth. I asked him what he is going to do with them,he just replied drive them if he feels like it.Ah here is an idea,if I hear him saying that he needs to buy a car accessory or part of his cars,I would gladly tell him to buy it at Lanes Professional Car Products.

Sponsored by Lane's Professional Car Products

Spinning Round and Round

I somehow don't understand.I went to bed feeling alright last night.Slept right away and when I woke up to feed the baby,I felt as if the world spinning round and round.I got dizzy. I got no idea why I have been feeling this way while in fact my sleep is getting better now.

The moment I am making this entry I still feel dizzy.Hayyy maybe I am just very stressed or what.Anybody knows why? Good morning anyways!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Valuable Asset

Yes,I shout to the world that I am the most proud and lucky person in the whole universe for having my valuable asset,my husband and my baby. Daddy just got home from work in this photo,so happy to see his ""mini me"".

Meet my mag-ama, dad is proudly presenting to you his baby doll.Taken after my husband is tired from working all day.

Because Of You Lyrics

Videoke time folks since it was such a lonely world for my blogging today.I just wish it won't be like this everyday or else I'm gonna go sell taho or dayok if that if that is the case.Enjoy the song I choose for you and may you come back for more later.

nokia mobile

Cellphones became popular long time ago.I don't even remember what year was that when almost all of the people were using it as their means of communication to their husbands or wives,friends or even business clients. By then nokia mobile was quiet expensive for there were not so many of them were made.I remember during my time when texting just started,my cellphone was also a nokia one.I have only used 2 cellphones in my life for I am not a cellphone fan.

I thought nokia mobile only exist in the country I am from.But when I arrived here in US I saw a couple Americans are using the same brand of cellphones.That would only mean that nokia mobile is everywhere.
If you are looking for a brand new nokia mobile then you should try looking for one on website is intended only for nokia mobile users. There you can read their tutorials,the latest model they have,downloadable mobile games and so much more.There you can also buy their mobile softwares as well as read the reviews given from their different customer or readers.You better check this out guys because this website is really for their loyal customers.

Good Girls

How lucky I am for having good girls in this house.The human baby is soo good and a well-behaved child. Even if she is too sleepy she would just coo and try to entertain herself. She did not cry and just waited for me when I will be done doing the dishes and eating my dinner. When everything was good,I came to her and swaddle her tight,man she just sleep right away and did not give me a hard time.

Another baby,Chichai is also a good girl.Lightning and thunderstorm is here and she is kind of scared.Since I am so busy she just keep following for she really is scared,I can't pet her.Time to take a shower and she followed me in the bathroom.Sitting on the rug,not forcing herself to get into the water because I am not gonna bath her.

She was just sitting quietly the whole time I was taking my shower,she was not even messing with the toilet paper which is very strange of her because she normally is a teaser.Hmmm good girls we have.My husband and I both love them so much!

Warm and Cloudy Day

The world is so lonely.The neighborhood is so quiet in this warm and cloudy day.There is nothing I can think of doing at this moment but sleep for my eyes are dragging me to bed. No one wants to talk to me on yahoo.Baby is sleeping.The only sound that can be heard in this house is the dog door and the sound of my type pad.

How I wish I could go outside and do some walking but no one would look after the baby.I cannot leave her alone,it's too dangerous for the dog could sneak in to the bedroom and harm here.Big Sigh!


This is one of the many things that I missed so much about my country,Philippines.It's fruit is just so yummy that I so crave. I can't wait to visit my home country next year and could climb the tree to my heart's content.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Is American Idol Time

I like it when it is Tuesday because I can get to see my favorite American Idol contestants, David Archuleta and Kristy Lee Cook(too bad she finally sent home last week). It entertains me when I watch this show. Also I can have a break from the computer for an hour.

You guys who are your bets? I love shows like AI,showing the people's talent. Singing is what I like but music doesn't compliment me.That is why I love watching AI for the contestants can really sing very well.

Giggling Doll

I have a doll that I bought months ago that I just remember to take out from the closet.Since Jadyn starting to play now I thought of giving it to her.This doll is not a fancy doll but truly gives my precious little one a laugh when it is being pressed by its tummy.

She smile and laugh when I press it then I smile too because her smiles are just so contagious.What an amazing baby she is.Right now she is looking at her doll and cooing alot.

Tagay About Showbiz

Thanks so much day France for tagging me with this one.Here is my answer to your tag.Read it my visitors so you will know my updates here.I am so happy I get 100+ visits each nice traffic.

What time do you usually wake up?
- Used to be 10 or 11 in the morning.Now it has changed drastically to 8 a.m

What’s the first thing you do?

- filipino food..leftover or new..

Do you go to work/school?

Do you like it?
-Yes..very much..

If you stay at home, what do you do all day?
-blogging,watching my baby grow, spending time with my very handsome husband.

When’s lunch and what you eatin’?
-I cook my own filipino food.

What time do you get home from work/school?
not working nor schooling

What do you do?
-chatting all the time

Dinner: When and what?
- in our backyard

What do you do to unwind?
-staring at the horizon

What’s your favorite part of the day?
- night time..

Who’s your favorite person to interact with?
- my husband and trusted friends

When’s bedtime?
- 1 a.m even weekdays..

Who’s bedtime with?
guess who? alangan kabit?

Monday, April 21, 2008


Yummylicious,that's redundancy already. Why not say it if you can make fresh tuna kinilaw? Each time I think of it,it makes my mouth water.If you are a true pinoy then you know what I am talking here. I used to miss this a lot during my first year here in US.I didn't know that Asian store where I usually shop my food sells tuna until one time Annie told me that she found this in Saigon Market.

What Happen To The World?

Why is it so hot today? All windows are open to let the fresh air get through but it seems not enough. It's still very very hot.My Jadyn was having a hard time sleeping,she kept moving eventhough she was wrapped up tightly. I checked on her and found out that she was uncomfortable.I undressed her and wrap again with thin cottony blanket then she immediately slept.

I, on the other hand just had my shower,I hadn't even finished combing my hair yet and felt so hot.My nose is sweating until now.What really happen to the world? Feels like it's in mid summer for it is really terribly hot today.

Kauai condos

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Also,it is nice to be informed and know their different spots for tourists like you.To read please visit Kauai Travel Blog.Everything about Kauai is written in thier blog.For sure you are very excited and can't wait to see the beach,right?

Easy and So Quiet

When my baby is crying something might not be good in her,it is either she is hungry,have wet or dirty diaper or she is sleepy.She doesn't cry for no reason.

And when she is very quiet I start to wonder what is going on with her.Just like last night when I was chatting with friends online and we had long hours of laughing and smiling altogether,my baby was just so easy and very very very quiet,behaving so well.

Until I am done with my online thing and ready for sleep,she remained good and slept right away when I lay down.Hmmm wish she is always like that so mommy won't find it hard doing her blogging as well as her chores.

Modern Furniture

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Found A Good Radio Station

As far as I know,my husband is the type of guy who stays very late at night to watch a movie or being on the internet.The other night he went to bed at 11 which is very oddball of him to do that,he was tired I believe.

Last night,I went to bed ahead of him because I was freaking tired.I slept maybe for 3 hours and I woke up at 3:35 at dawn.He was still in the computer playing with his music online. I asked him why he is you still awake? So weird of him to stay up very late like last night. He just replied," I am listening to music because I found a good radio station online!"

Is that enough reason for him to be staying that late? He can only tell...who knows?

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yes Success! I Got My Rest

Wow! I feel so happy and fine this morning! I believe there'll be no complaining of being tired today because my husband did his job last night.He was the one who attended the baby all night.What a good father he is. I got full 8 hours of sleep last night weeewwww.A big success for me!

I went to bed early at 11 and as soon as my body landed on to the bed,closed my eyes and went to the dreamland immediately.I didn't even know what time my husband went to bed for I really was tired and slept quickly.Here he is right now,just got the sleep he deserve.Snoring and sleeping.Poor lalabs.So is the baby..still sleeping...good for them.Lucky me too because I can concentrate in my computer.

Good day guys! I see you around later.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Going Laag

Yeppey we are gonna go laag to Denton today.Baby and I will be seeing tita J. We're like prisoners who just got out from the jail,so happy the sentence is over.Tsk tsk,so difficult if you don't know how to drive a car because you can't get out of the house when you are lonely and bored,always depending on your husband.

Well,anyways,I told myself that I will not drive until we're not leaving in Texas,so crowded,lots of Mexicans.I just can't force myself to drive yet..not ready...

To those bloggers who already visited me this morning and wanting for exchanging links,I will add your blog to my list when I get back from laag,ok?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Curse Of Nature

I looked outside and there they were,hail fallen from the sky.Lots of 'em! It was my first time to hear such frightening sound made by hail nangahulog.I thought I was already affected by CURSE....curse of nature is what I mean oi! hakhakhak..

Despite of me shivering,I did not hesitate to take a picture as soon as the hail stopped...for remembrance..

Earlier tonight I got curious why the siren in this area kept blowing. It did not stop until the loud sound from the outside was heard. I was panicking.I closed the windows right away and the back door because it was open for screen door was used.

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Vegetable Stew

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Random Questions

I just grabbed this without asking permission from Annie.Well,I know it is just ok with her because we are good friends,I know she would not mind it me grabbing the tag.Haaayyy such a boring day for me.I did my chores early today so I can sit in the computer but there is nothing else to do here,it only makes me sleepy here.

1.Your favorite : red, black, green, blue, yellow?
*** Blue
2.Your first initial?
*** A
3.What month were you born in?
*** June
4.Which color do you like more, black or white?
*** White
5.Name one of your friends?
*** Rose and Annie
6.Your favorite number?
*** 16
7.Do you like Flying or Driving more?
*** Flying
8.Do you like a lake or the ocean more?
*** Ocean
9.Think of a wish, but don't write it.

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Weekend for Us

Yep,my husband is off and I feel like it's Saturday already.We have no plans of going somewhere for today..not yet..I may have to clean the house though if that is the case.

It is kind of cloudy and dark here,it will probably gonna be a rainy day but hmmm I'd rather stay inside the house than be out there and get wet. Ok,let me finish this posting now since I still have few opps to do.Just want to say have a good day guys and enjoy your blogging.


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Sandy Look Alike

We were watching a movie one time and I took this one from our t.v.I just thought this man in the movie look like my husband in his side view.

I look at his old photos and truly they do have similarity.Do you agree with me?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Asking A Favor

I tried asking for a favor to lalabs if he can possibly look after our baby only for tonight.I need to sleep. I am very tired.I feel like the feelings that I had after giving birth is coming back. I am not bugging my husband if I can still do it,but no I am really exhausted.

I hope it is not too much to ask.He said yes right away when I said that but I need to wake him up if the baby is crying because there are times he is in deep sleep and he doesn't even know I am feeding the baby.If that is the case, mura ra gyapon ako nimaniho sa baby.Naks I'm gonna do this?

4 Hours Sleep

Last night was really a struggle for me.Baby kept waking up from time to time. I went to bed earlier than usual and thought that I could get longer hours of sleep but I was very wrong for she made it a hard night for me.

I couldn't totally shut off my mind from real world until 4 in the morning.I got up at 8 because I was hungry and couldn't get back to sleep.I had to do my WW as well as blogging.Now I am very tired,heavy eyes and are gonna fall off anytime soon. I tried getting a nap this afternoon but then again my mind can't rest.Post partum depression probably is back.


Looks like our little person in this house is starting to have her teeth soon.I noticed that it's been days now she keeps drooling,every little thing that gets near to her mouth would get wet for she drools and lick on it.

Too soon! Too advance for a baby who is only 3 months old and teething soon? My baby will be exactly 3 months tonight at 7:35 p.m.Where did the time go? Before I know it I will find my baby chasing with other kids in our neighborhood.Surely I am going to miss the once newborn I had.

1 Minute Faces

I hope my daughte will not grow up thinking that her mom is a big teaser to her. I just love making fun of her,sometimes I make her cry like this but most of the time,we laugh together...
this is how she looks when she is about to smile from crying.I remember the form of her mouth when we took a photo of her in the hospital like this..she was only less than 24 hours at that time..

now this is her real face..happy baby..but..about to cry in this one...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Miming's Little Wish

Oh geez! I am lucky I am so thin or else going to wish my friends will become fat.Not a good friend huh? Have a nice day making yourselves fat friends and visitors.

Holding Her Own Bottle

As early as two months,I am training my baby to hold her own bottle so she'll learn it while she is young.I have a friend whose baby doesn't want to feed herself and she is 8 or 9 months now.That's a big burden to the mom you know? Holding my baby's bottle at age like that will be the last thing I would do because I want my child to be responsible.


Nyahahaha this is so scary.If Iwas that man climbing on to the ladder I don't know where to pick up my soul seeing that big mammal ready to swallow me to its throat.I probably freeze to death with gigantic shark!

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She's Snoring.I'm So Jealous

I envy my baby for she is snoring right now while I am here feeling like dead,I am very very tired and sleepy and eyes gonna fall off soon now.Can't leave the computer for PPP might give some opps and I might miss it.

I already missed the $50 offer and it hurts ouch! I am jealousy to people who got it.Gosh I am just so careless,it could have been mine but naks...too careless.

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Pinakbit Smell All Over The House

Yum yum I am cooking pinakbet with bagoong right now and it stinks the whole house.You know stinky is yummy.I can't wait to eat my lunch as soon as it is done cooking.For the meantime,I would start working on some opps that I neglected for days now.

You are all invited to come over and share my pinakbet,inato lang recipe that make me burp big.Going to post a photo of it later to make my readers and visitors salivate.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

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This is What's Gonna Happen..

Beware of using too much computer,this is what's gonna happen if you stay all day on your computer.It just its way of saying to you GIVE ME A BREAK! Naks,telling this to my online ka berks as if I'm not one of them? Whoaa hehe no other companion here but my baby,chichai and of course my computer.

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Breakfast Anyone?

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Recording Her Coos in the Midnight

It's always a good thing to have everything ready when you need it.Last night,both me and my husband were awake to feed the baby.She was just too noisy,cooing a lot not crying. She got much more noisy when she was full. Keep yelling with happiness I don't know why because it was very dark in the bedroom.

My husband asked me if I can let the baby continue to talk so he can record it through his digital voice recorder. I said yes,and oh good baby she kept talking and talking,screaming a little bit sounds so happy and alive. It was nice to have her voice recorded though so we can hear it when she is no longer a baby.Surely we are gonna missed his babyish voice.

Leave Me No Choice

I am really really tired right here now.But internet job is never ending that is the reason why I am still facing the computer.My eyes are ready to fall off,I have not even brushed my teeth yet. It's almost midnight and am still awake which I normally does.

Anyways,I did do some blog hopping since I got up this morning and a little bit hopping this evening hoping that I could maintain the RR of my 2 blogs.Leave me no choice because of if I don't do it,I won't be getting the good paying opps.Had to do it even if it's too tiring.

Amazingly Fast Service

I am overwhelmed of the fact that my new passport is already here.It arrived last week 4 days after we submit the renewal application to CA attached to the old one. .As in I kissed my new passport because I am just so happy..very very happy. Yepeyyy I can now fly anytime if I choose to go.But hmmm I may have to wait a little longer before I can show off my baby to my parents and relatives.

Unsaon nalang ang blogging...if I'm going home and do it there instead,I don't think I can get as many opps as I am getting here in US because of time difference.Kudos to Philipine Consular in CA for doing such a good and fast job in doing my passport.

Hi Good Morning

Such a fine morning to start our day.Kinda cool and sunny yeppyy..eey. Baby is sunbathing right here and enjoying herself alone.How is your morning so far guys? Let us be thankful to the Lord above for another wonderful day of our lives.May You guide us as we walk through the day our God Almighty.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Patek Perpetual

Buy your husband or wife a classy watch that he or she can keep forever.High quality watches are worth to be treasured like the one I saw online today,the Patek Perpetual I like its design and the name alone wow,very high brand.Look for it now on only they have this brand but also others like Chanel,Chaumet,Cartier,Omega and many many more of brand names.Check them out.

Makes me Wanna Go Home

Listening to my downloaded OPM songs right here.I think I finished 2 cds already and can't get enough of it. Current music being played is by Jessa Saragoza, Bakit Pa! Before I used to hate music like this because I don't admire OPMs.

Haayyy listening to her makes me wanna go home.I am missing my own land,Pinas very much now.How I wanted to fly this year but I am thinking of my baby.I don't want her to get sick.It hurts seeing her sick so might as well wait 'till January.Planning of staying there for a month..yeyy..


Having a hard time looking at tiny things that your glasses can't see? Explore the wonder of being able to see the smallest thing possible that you can only look at using magnifiers it is very helpful to find things that small in size or pick up stuff that your ordinary eyes don't see. I'd like to have one too for I am kind of blind now.Even if the thing is right in front of me,cannot see it sometimes.

Chaotic Blogging World

Mamu keep asking this question to herself "what happen to blogging world? So gubot,gubot pas lukot". I believe blogging world only became chaotic because there are just other people who can't live with their own life. Some would copy your paid posts entries and others would leave nasty comments from one blog to another.

What is more disgusting is that,they're as coward as hell for they will not leave their blog url so people involve can't fight with or will never know who she is.Poor world.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back Hurts

Ouch ouch,my back hurts.Change in position while on the computer probably the cause of the pain.Ouch! I am glad though that baby is half asleep now.She tests my patience tonight by crying and took too long for her to sleep.

Good thing lalabs came to the rescue,he changed the papasan battery so baby could use it,it helps alot to put her to sleep you know? While typing this entry Jadyn starts to cry again and hmmm releasing my BIG SIGH right here uttering "ay duh ambot" for I am kind of pissed now.Why can't this baby just sleep right away,she's feed,comfortable and covered.grrrrrrrrrr

sonography schools

When I was still pregnant,we visited to my OB regularly to make sure me and my baby are safe and in good health.Time passed by until we needed to see my baby through what they call a sonogram.At first,I was having a hard time understanding the sonogragm picture for it was blurry and the object is irregular.I wished I have gone to one of the sonography schools so I can have a better understanding of the fetus inside my womb. I admire those sonography technician because they can really read it well.Anyways,it's their job and they have been seeing a lot of preggy women all their life already. I wonder if taking a
sonography tech would be a good idea? Do you think it helps?

Help Me

Always computer,never ending computer. As a result basket full of dirty clothes need to be washed keeps calling me,begging me to wash the clothes now. Shame on me,I was thinking of doing it first thing in the morning but couldn't do it.

Is there someone out there who wants to help me with it? Certainly,it's not just me who has a bulk of dirty clothes that has been neglected 'coz of blogging?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Many Wish She'll Be Eliminated

My most loved in American Idol today is Kristy Lee Cook.She may not have the nicest voice among the contestants but atleast she can sing,she has the voice and that is my own opinion. I just love the way she carries her clothes,her face is very very beautiful. I love her eyes,cheeks and lips! Almost perfect plus the sexy slim body she has.Unlike Brooke,she looks old fashioned by the way she dress.

Embedded is her last perfomarnce that gained Simon's compliment! "You look like a star tonight" according to him.And oh he thought that it was a good choice of song for her.So keep going Girl! My support is in you.

I Can Never Be Mad At Her

My baby is a "smile" baby. Whenever she is awake,she would flash me with her beautiful smile no matter what time of day it is. Many instances she would wake up while I am busy with my blogging, I wanted to be upset with her because I will be destracted in the computer but when I turn my head towards her,her smile is what I always see first before her face.

What a jolly baby.I can never be mad at her,never. I love my baby very much.She is an angel from up above that's so precious and priceless. I can't wait for her saying "MOMMY I LOVE YOU!"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last Night for Michael Johns

Avid fans of Michael Johns were shocked including one of the judges Paula Abdul. He's got the lowest vote for the other night's show.Wewww people were booing when Ryan announced who is going home. I also can't believe he was eliminated because I thought he owns the heart by millions of Americans. Plus he's got a voice of a true rocker.
Well,as they say,it's not the end for him but it's the beginning of a bright career for Michael Johns.Too sad though that his fans will no longer be seeing him performing on stage of American Idol.

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Afraid of Daddy?

Strange is the baby. I was holding her and she was smiling a little bit.I asked my husband to carry her for few minutes because she's kicking a lot and I cannot concentrate on my blogging. He hold her but not only 2 minutes baby's in her dad, she cried. She doesn't like daddy,I don't know why.

Most of the time it is just me and my baby since daddy is working but that is not a reason for her not to be liking her dad.I hope though that it will change once she grow old because he's her dad you know?

From the Bottom of My Broken Heart

When I was still a teenager I used to idolized Britney Spears a lot.I just thought she was so beautiful,talented and most of all with a beautiful face like that of a doll almost close to perfection.That is of course before when she was still a good girl. I love all of her songs for they are soothing to my ears. One of which is the video attached below.If you listed to it,you will like the video and the song instantly.

I don't understand why Britney became a bratanilia child and worst became one of those headaches from people that surround her.

Asian Market

We're going to the Asian Market soon because I missed eating pinoy veggies already.It's been quite a while now since I had utan bisaya(vegetable stew),pinoy bread and kakanin like puto,oh also not forgetting the thorny yummy stinky durian fruit. I can eat a whole piece of the fruit if I won't stop myself.Hmmm good thing I like it 'coz it has a lot of nutrients that my baby can have too since I am still breastfeeding her.

Well,go back to the Asian Market, I believe we are leaving soon but PPP is still sleeping.I just wish that they won't release opps until we get back from food shopping. The market has a distance of 35 minutes from here hohoh that's quite a drive back and forth.

Read It Copycat!

It is so flattering to know that I have secret good stalkers in my blogs. I may not know it but I am certain I have secret readers who just don't want to reveal their names or leave their footprints each time they visit here.I am so happy with that and I am thankful for everyone who keeps peeking here.

I can no longer hold it but I need to pour it out here now.... there is this certain blogger that I have been keeping an eye of since my good friend Yvi told me that she was copying her entries before.From then on I visit her blog silently everyday reading and trying to look for copied posts.Mamu was also being aggravated with this copycat blogger. You know people when your lines are being copied because your blood would boil that you want to attack the person right away.

Once,twice,thrice she copied some of my paid posts wording and I just didn't mind it.Last night,I visited her blog again and there she was... the line was so familiar to me. Gosh,why can't this poor blogger compose her own words instead copying other people's words?

If you happen to read her posts,you can tell the big difference between her personal entries and paid posts(that are mostly copied from other bloggers) because of the grammatical error and the terrible spelling she use. Even a simple and single word,she can't do it right.And when you read her paid posts? Man it is almost as perfect as it can be.

How come she passed the English subject in Elementary? It's not that I am criticizing her but I am JUST FED UP with her.I myself isn't perfect but atleast I am aware of my mistakes and never will I copy my friend's hardwork.

Please Please Please girl,have pity in yourself,stop copying some of my lines because we might get caught and we'll be banned for good.I don't want that to happen because I never copied words from other people. USE YOUR OWN WORDING OK? Please lang! IF ISUMBONG TAKA SA MAY KAGAMHANAN BAYHANA KA DON'T BLAME ME NGA MA BAN KA KAY DILI MAN DIAY KA TAPTAN KAUWAW OI.PATUGA KA ADVERTISE NGA MURA KAG ESTUDYANTE SECTION Z.

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Spring is My Season

You Are Spring!






I am definitely a Spring woman.I love it even if it means frightening me to death because of Tornadoes here in Texas during Spring season.I love the temperature,the green surroundings,the flowers bloom,the fair sunshine and oh the clean Earth. Everything that is written above describes my personality.Sweet when I am in the mood,playful and most of all I sees things to be always positive.

new radio stations

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Avoid the hissing sound by tuning in to high definition radio and play the music all day long.I believe this will give you the satisfaction you ever need that you cannot get from any ordinary radio stations.While you are on the computer you can also listen to the music at the same time.You gotta try this out friends,,anyways there is nothing to lose if you do not like it there or not.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tired Heavy Eyes

Gosh gosh! Somebody help me.I feel like I am going to be blind soon.My eyes are hurting so bad. I have been complaining so much of my headache that never seem to go away.Today,I stayed long hours straight in the computer since blogging was active and couldn't leave the computer.

They're very very tired right now and yet I am still here in the computer.There are no opps on PPP but what am I doing here? I should have rested and giving myself a break. Argsss..I hate to accept it,no I am not an internet don't call me a computer freak..

Stormy Night

Spring is tornado time here in Texas. In every channel on t.v the weather forecasters are busy monitoring the development of tornadoes around North Texas.Here in Fort Worth,it's gonna be stormy night tonight with baseball size hail.

I am excited as I am ignorant seeing those falling hails.It's not a good news for my husband and for the rest of the people for it create dents to the cars. I wish..I wish that I still see hails tomorrow morning when I wake up.

cna schools

I don't think there is a bright future for blogging waiting for me ahead.Sometimes when I lay awake at night,I think of going for cna training so I can make good money because I really want myself to be productive. I am looking for cna schools hoping someday I can send myself to school. I really would like to go back to studying so my brain would not remain dormant for years to come.With all these being said,I am now looking for best cna courses that a school can offer. If you are dreaming of becoming a CNA then you should try to visit this website

Sleeping or Awake?

This is how my baby looks like when she's asleep.You cannot tell if she's sleeping or trying to make funny faces. I noticed her eyes open when sleeping when she reached 2 months old.Strange isn't it? Just like her tita Annie,as what she keeps saying to me that her eyes' white part are showing when she's asleep.

The Biggest Fly

I cannot believe what I am seeing right now.There's a big fly that is flying overhead.This is the biggest fly I have ever seen in my entire life. Mga lagong sa Pinas? layo rana sa ako nakita karon.

Though it's not shiny and have color in its bottom but it's really HUGE!

I wonder if this is what we call "Amerkanong lagong?" hehehe. If I have time,I will catch it with my powerful plastic bag.Tired of seeing it flying all over the house..So Yucky.

Fair Amount of Opps

Good day guys! Happy hump day to all of you out there! I don't know what this day could bring us because in blogging world,we will never know when we get lucky or when we lose. Just like yesterday, big blogging site was so tight with opps.Most of my friends are complaining not having opps to grab too.

As for me though I had fair amount of opps and I did quite a bit of money yesterday.Thanks to my pr3 blog. We will see if PPP gonna give us some tasks today.Cross fingers to that folks!

Southern California Rhinoplasty

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40 to 50 per kilo?

I do not know how the poor people in the Philippines going to survive if the rumor I heard about rice price per kilo is 40-50? Where are they gonna get some money to buy their own food? Pabor sa mga naay amerkano kay never sila ma ubsan? But how about those that have nothing?

For sure,increase in crime rate,hunger and chaos among people will boom in the long run. If only I could help all those who are unfortunate then I could have helped them long time ago.But no,I was born to be poor so I die to be poor too.All I can do is help my family a little bit and that's all..Hayy big sigh here..hope blogging will be back to normal just like before.


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