Wednesday, April 30, 2008

gift for mother's day

11 days until Mother's Day.I wonder what my husband is going give me on our special day? Most husbands give gift for mothers day like flowers,chocolates or any presents that their wives like. If you ask me,I would just want a simple dinner outside with my baby and husband and that is all it.I am easy to please,simple gesture of my beloved husband makes me so happy.But if he is going to give me something I would be more than happy and appreciative of his sweetness.

I am not expecting something though I believe there is always cute stuff he will hand me on the exact day of Mother's Day.Have you guys thought what gift for mothers day you are going to give? Make your wives feel special by giving them flowers.Order it from website also or a good shop to deliver flowers internationally.This used to be my husband's favorite website to order some for me when I was still in the Philippines.

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