Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Learn Something Today

i am glad and happy of myself today because I believe I achieved something BIG. Last night I was itching on how to put dividers in between my entries here in my blogs and couldn't figure out how to do it. I was just so jealous of Mamu's blog at how beautifully they are created by the author.Good thing that Mamu and I are that close to each other,by heart I mean and it was just so easy for me to ask her how did she do to hers with no hesitation at all.

At first I find it difficult but she offered to do it in the first blog.And then I did my experiment in my other blog which is a success.As you notice now that I have my dividers in every entry I have.Weww thanks so much mamu for teaching me and taking time to listen to my yawyaw.

I like it.In fact,I kept changing the design of my dividers and did not stop until I found the ones that I truly want.

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