Thursday, April 17, 2008

Curse Of Nature

I looked outside and there they were,hail fallen from the sky.Lots of 'em! It was my first time to hear such frightening sound made by hail nangahulog.I thought I was already affected by CURSE....curse of nature is what I mean oi! hakhakhak..

Despite of me shivering,I did not hesitate to take a picture as soon as the hail stopped...for remembrance..

Earlier tonight I got curious why the siren in this area kept blowing. It did not stop until the loud sound from the outside was heard. I was panicking.I closed the windows right away and the back door because it was open for screen door was used.

1 comment:

Utah Mommy said...

Gigabaan naka dai hahahahahah unsaon nalang malingaw man ko nimo woi sige kog katawa sa atong chat unsaonz!


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