Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Must Love Dogs

It's too obvious how my baby loves her dog Chichai. They are only two months apart. Chichai arrived here in our home when she was only two weeks old and then after 2 months, our baby girl Jadyn was born.

It's such a blessing to have these small creatures in our home. They truly make good playmates and hopefully bestfriends too. I shall say, they are inseparable!

Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel

To those who love cooking, you sure would be delighted to know that you could be one of the participants to attend Hilton's Cooking School Weekend during the weekend of October 16th and 17th at Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. The activities include the welcoming of guests a sumptuous Wine Tasting Reception upon arrival followed by a cooking demonstration with the Hotel’s very own Chef Nathan. He will also be teaching the participants how to prepare the appetizers served at the Wine Tasting.

And then Saturday evening, you don't want to miss to experience
lavish four-course dinner paired with appropriate wines and learn how to prepare the featured meal the following morning.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terrible Two

I noticed my baby girl's change in behaviour lately. Since she turned 20 months old she is kind of change in her attitude. It is new to me and I am wondering what happen to my once very good girl baby? I mean, I am not used to this. What she's having right now is what they call "Terrible Two" that toddlers are throwing into their parents in this period of time in their lives.

I am telling this because my girl has changed a lot! Like for instance, when she is awake she would just whine and whine without any reason to be whining about. When I'm busy and she knows I am busy she would just try to get in my way even if there is nothing to get where I'm standing, she wants to be carried most of the time which I cannot do because I have other things to mind and she's heavy. I don't wanna have a broken back you know.

Another situation that shows she's having a tantrum is when she wants something and I don't give it to her, she would scream and do her popular faking cry....with no tears at all! Huh drama torga pa. Earlier today, I tried feeding her for she hasn't been eating good since yesterday. And while I did that she cried and so I forced her to jam some food in her mouth.

But the more I do that, the more she screams! Pisses me off! What I did then is walked away from her and went to my computer, she followed me here crying... I can't handle the situation so I walked away from her again the second time and went back to the living room, locked the gate and just let her cry and cry and cry there! After about 15 minutes of crying she then called my name, MEME! MEME! MEME! But I didn't even bother to look at her nor entertain he then she called her dada pleading! That is when I gave in and picked her up.

I hope that it will serve as her lesson that it's no good to be crying when she doesn't get her way. I don't want her to become a brat, you know? I want her to be a good baby just like the way she used to be.

corporate video production

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522 Productions, LLC was founded by these two people namely Tristan Pelligrino (CEO/Co-owner) and Chad Vossen (Writer, Director and Editor/Co-owner) in the year 2004 and since then the company has grown stronger and bigger and became one of the leading video production companies in the DC Metro area.

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Stephanie Clair

I am so anxious to move out soon so we can be free from paying a house and storage rentals every month. Instead of giving the money to other people we could just pay the remaining balance owed to the house that we're currently working on. I know for a fact that storage rental isn't cheap at all but we don't have a choice. We got so much stuff stored in there so we must pay.

I believe when we are finally out of this little house, we will be able to sort out things that we already have including the different art paintings to be hanged on the wall. If for some reason there'll be no enough framed art then that will be the time I shall be looking at Stephanie Clair's artwork.

I am on the website right now and I find her work to be unique.She got plenty of mosaic and painting jobs displayed on this site and they come in different sizes too suitable for small or big wall spaces.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Whiny Around Me

For some reason my Jadyn behaves well when she's with other people like her dada or with my friends. Yesterday, she stayed whole day at her Tita Rose's place for we had to do some very important things. I couldn't hear any complaints from my friend about my Jadyn and in fact, she said the little girl was just being herself even though we, her parents weren't around for the whole day.

We picked her up at 8 pm and she remained good until we got home. And then moments later she turned a whiny baby. I don't know what's up with her why she's like that when I'm around her. I gave her to her dad outside grilling and there she was QUIET AND CALM! What's going on Jadyn? Sige parayg bisan daku na, ngita ka little sister??

You could win a 2010 Camaro 2SS

If you have been following this blog since last year, you should have known that some contests were written here especially the ones from Charter. I love this cable company for they always have something exciting to give to their loyal and new prospect customers, not just small prizes but really cool and awesome prizes to be exact. Camaro Sweepstakes is up right now. Before, Charter was giving away a laptop every day for two months and has now switched to giving away a new Camaro! Yes, you read it right! And take note too, it is not just any Camaro you commonly see running in the streets of America but the one that is up for the sweepstakes is the hard to get 2010 Camaro 2SS.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

In The Mood For Gil Ofarim

Lalala..lalala..lalalaa... singing along with Gil Ofarim on youtube this very morning. Gil Ofarim is a German popstar used to be popular during my teenage years. I thought he was very perfect and handsome that made me idolized him to the highest level. When his videos play on Mtv it just made my day and my heart skipped out my chest.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stable Interest

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beautiful Second Day Of Fall

I took my baby girl to the park this afternoon. The weather was so good with some coolness in temperature. It's the first time I walked to the park after three months of not doing anything interesting except being a couch potato.

At the park, I can't believe how many small kids were there and how many mommies were present also. There were like ten mommies at the most after we arrived at the park then moment went on more mommies came and let their child play. My Jadyn really enjoyed it there and she was being friendly with the kids of her age, I think my girl can make a good friend when she's around with strangers.

I saw her, she would tap other babies arms or hands as a friendly act telling them she's good. I on the other hand, felt embarrassed as I brought the dog with me and naughty chichai can't just stop barking... lots of kids want to pet the dog and I was hesitant for I'm afraid she gonna bite them. Geezz.. all in all we had fun today and planning of going to the park again tomorrow.

...... first time in the seesaw... she wouldn't get off it but time for us to go..
.... the little boy that she likes...
.......three babies all enjoying playing the sand together...
...... nice to mingle with other babies too.. she makes good company to my baby..

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh Please! I Need A Shut Eye

It's 2 o'clock in the morning and here I am drowsy and achy. We all went to bed at 12 midnight, both of my mag-ama are already snoring...and me??? I couldn't shut my brain from the real world. It keeps wandering around. Another thing that keeps me awake is that I have slight migraine ug nitukar nasad ako ulcer. This is what happen if I skip meals.

I did skip my meal today. We were busy working at the house in EV and I didn't bring a snack for me and my baby. We spent three hours doing the yard and long before we could finish the job my stomach was already begging for food but I tried to ignore that. I had my lunch at six in the evening then ang gipamati set in. Labad ulo, sakit tiyan...meds don't help at all.

If I don't feel good, I couldn't bring myself to sleep right away so here I am now keeping myself busy by tapping my touch pad hoping I can get sleepy in thirty-minutes... cross fingers with that.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Good News To Us

We just received good news today from the police officer in Edge Cliff village telling us that the Vietnamese family living in the house that my husband currently owned had moved out. They probably left last night and we're just so happy to know it. For years we've been wanting to find a bigger place for our family to live and we couldn't because my husband is tied up to the mortgage of that house.

We'd spent tremendous amount of money already for legal fees pertaining to that house just to get things straightened out. This coming December a court hearing will take place with regards again in that same house in EV. Man! You just don't know how happy we are because we both think that we will be able to move out before this year ends.

Although there will be some repairing of damages and cleaning to do coming ahead but I guess it is ok as long as DILI NAMI MAGHUOT according to some antagonists who said that to me before.

LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page

Looks like my desire of having a cell phone will be delayed for a while because we do have some important matters to do first before having a cell phone. That I can understand perfectly because we are working to repair the house that we are going to move into next month.

Anyway, I am so glad to hear about this new contest that LG currently having about uploading an image or video of anything I consider ugly and want to lose forever so then I can be entered to win a brand new LG Bliss phone. Yes, this is it. This could be the chance that I can get the phone without spending a dime if I can be chosen as the lucky winner. I guess I should visit the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page since I am also on Facebook website right now.

If you happen to read this and want to win cool prizes too, go visit them now on the link above. Hurry because this contest will run from 9/11/09 to 11/6/09 only. Sounds exciting right? Remember the grand prize will be a new LG Bliss phone and the secondary prize is a $50 gift card so you can buy your own bliss. There will be five grand prize winners and 50 secondary winners. You must be 18 years or older to qualify the contest and please do not forget to submit photos or videos of objects you deem ugly on the Facebook page at for free.

And oh one more thing about the contest, all Facebook users can look at "The Gallery of the Utterly Ugly" section of the website. It is where they can lose their ugly stuff to clear the way for more Bliss as well as browse through other people’s ugly leave-behinds. So I should end this post now so I can join this fabulous contest and possibly win the grand prize they have.

Samsung mobile at the Pictures, Images and Photos


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hair Raising Story!!

Before you read the story on this post, please read my entry before this one so you will get a better comprehension why I share this story here on my blog.

The following was lifted from it's original source MAHALO.COM

The following is a story about KEVIN SKINNER from one of his fansites that I thought you might enjoy: It shows what type of person Kevin is:

Kevin’s ‘Big Heart’ shines for LA homeless man!

Kevin was recently standing on the balcony of his 2nd floor hotel room in LA looking down at the people below. A homeless man looked up and asked him if he had a shirt he would give him.

Kevin asked, “Long sleeves or short sleeves?”

The man replied, “Long sleeves.”

Kevin went to his closet and picked out a shirt and threw it down to him. Then the man asked if he had a dollar that he could spare. Kevin didn’t hesitate at the man’s request… he went inside and put some money into a small empty box and threw it down to the homeless man. When the man looked up and thanked Kevin… with tears in his eyes, all Kevin could manage to say was, “God bless you!”

Later on that day he was talking to his Mom and he was telling her about the incident… and being a Mom… this was her reply…

“Son, you have to be very careful out there… you never know about people like that.”

Kevin didn’t say anything for a second… and then he asked…

“Now, Mom, what would Jesus have told me to do?”

Is there any wonder why we all love this wonderful man?

Chicken Catcher Won America's Got Talent

"Kung magbiro nga naman ang tadhana oh!" That line fits perfectly as to what happened to Kevin Skinner, one of the contestants of America's Got Talent who won the prize of 1 Million dollar tonight plus a headline show in Las Vegas.

I felt for his extreme happiness when Nick Cannon announced the winner and it was Kevin Skinner of Kentucky who is a chicken catcher and currently unemployed. From the moment I saw him singing in his heart on television nights ago, I followed him on the show until the finale. There is something in this man that touched my being that is why I stick to him and have my vote from then on. Who would've thought that out of ten finalists he will make it to top two and got all America's votes???

I for one, who spent my little time voting for him on the internet and on the cellphone hoping that he could win kay louy kaayo tawhana ug kinabuhi! Please watch the video of him narrating how his life is like before winning the 1M dollar. CLICK HERE. A small information about him can be found here Kevin Skinner's Info.

Grabi ang kapalaran sa taw ug ang Ginoo na ang magbuot ang tanan may katumanan!

Early Ortho Appointment

Our day had started very early since my husband has to go to work. I had an early appointment to my orthodontist at 9 in the morning. Dr. Mik thinks I am doing good so far and everything looks good. It was my first visit at his office since I had this braces on.

The appointment didn't take us long, they worked fast and efficient and so my husband went to work on time and didn't even borrow some minutes just because we finished early at the orthodontist's office. Kita nasad kos akong guapo nga ortho oh which is a good way to start my day lolz! Mo kiat pud sa?

Patek Philippe

What could be a better gift to give to my husband for our coming 5th wedding anniversary other than a Patek Philippe brand watch? I believe this could be so good haha that if I have a budget for such a luxurious accessory. I am hoping though that I can find one on sale but even if it's on sale I doubt if I can afford it lolz. I am hoping though that he will like anything I want to give to him because I am giving something that is wholeheartedly given to someone very special to my heart, my husband. Cheers to us for we're approaching five years in our marriage and that will be next month on the 16th.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Use

I have been feeling so useless for the past couple of months. Whole summer didn't bring me any good for I was stucked inside the house until now. It's not over yet and still so hot outside especially at 4-6 p.m, can't walk my child to the park. Soooooooo lazy eh! This makes me guilty for I feel being unproductive throughout summer, not even helping my husband doing his yard.

I wish I can do something worthwhile before this season ends and also do something good to my husband on our anniversary to make up those lazy boring days with him.

good investment

I've been hearing so much about cord blood banking for future use in order to save lives and yes, I am convinced enough that it can make a miracle to your loved ones once they need it. Cryo-cell is known for their best service in preserving the newborn's cord blood as well as they have the best kit offer for everyone to avail.

There is this one financial expert named Suze Orman which you can read Suze Orman story
here-- who believes that spending money to bank baby’s blood is a good investment.

If you know anyone whom you think might be interested in Cryo Cell's current offers just tell her about the website or she can request info about the kit as well as future deals by Cryo Cell.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tag Your Mate On Facebook

There is no other way to entertain myself such a boring day like today rather than playing one of Facebook's Tag Your Mate application. It's fun to put a tag on someone that fits their personality like what I just did to my friend Darlene, on my wall it shows there that she got A NURTURING ONE tag on her main photo. I just thought it was so cool after doing the tag, you too can do it to your friend if you are most frequent to hangout on FB!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Can't Drop ECs

I am sorry for EC droppers that dropped their card last night and today for I cannot return your hits today because of EC got a bug problem on their website. I tried just now but all of several windows I've opened say ERROR. I looked at it what happened, the website says there is a serious bug on EC website and that they're dealing with it right now. On this blog, I got 101 drops need to return dropping too and I just can't do it tonight.

On the other side of the story, I am kinda pissed for my 20-dollar opportunity got rejected thrice and is now ineligible for resubmission. I can rarely grab opportunities this big and when I do it gets rejected. Really pisses me off! I am in need of money as always and seems like big bucks are not for me...SIGH!

baby formula

Breastfeeding is highly recommended by doctors as well as the federal government for newborns as their source of nourishment because aside from it is free of cost, mother's milk is known to be the best nutrition for growing infants. Breastfeeding helps you save up to $2,000 a year on formula costs.

However, not all mothers are able to feed their newborns through their breasts for various reasons. That is when baby formula is introduced to the infant that contains the same nutrients as the mother's milk.

A new press was released about a federal agency called WIC whose aiming of providing food, nutrition counseling, and access to health services to low-income women, infants, and children, has introduced a new food package that encourages breastfeeding. It is a new program, mandated for all states, reallocates funding for all currently provided foods, including infant formula, baby foods, juices, and fresh fruits and vegetables. For women selected the breastfeeding package, they will not receive any infant formula.

For those who partially breastfeed or formula feed, they are going to receive 13 percent less formula than was afforded in previous years. This would only mean that parents who had most of their formula paid for by WIC before may now have to purchase regular-formula on their own which I think is just fair.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Driving Schedule Has Been Set

I finally set an appointment for my first driving lesson. I practiced a few times in the parking lot and around the neighborhood before last year of 2006 and I quit practicing due to the fact that husband and wife will never get along when it comes to making the husband as my driving teacher. At the end of my practice, we ended up having hard feelings for each other because of so much yelling and screaming in the car due to too much tense and nerve-wracking feelings each time I do a little mistake.

My schedule will be on the 11th of this month and I am getting anxious for that. I wonder if it's gonna work for me since I only take the 2-hour driving session and after that I shall see if I like it. If not, then I just have to really find another driving school that offers a complete package with classroom tutorial and actual driving lessons so I can fully experience the whole driving thing and be able to get a license as soon as possible.

Hope I can drive on my own soon for I am so sick of not being able to go anywhere I wanna go. When I'm bored all I can do is sit or lie down and think of my life back in the Philippines where commuting exists.

new cars

Looking to buy for used or new cars shouldn't be hard because you can now do it through online searching. Tons of car portals online that you can do your search for cars. In the UK, there is a relatively new venture of three years old website that is very different from other car portal.

It is focusing on all aspects of car purchase and research. This website has something unique to offer for people like you. allows consumers to search and enquire on New Cars, Used Cars, Car Leasing, Contract Hire and Van Leasing and even compare offers across all of these purchase routes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Silly Little Sweetheart

Sometimes my baby can be very serious and other times she can be really really silly. Most of the time though she just a happy-go-lucky type of baby. I am lucky to say that.

Attached photo is of her captured being silly. She just look so funny with spoon in her mouth and teeth are showing like a rabbit. I wonder how she gonna react when she sees this photo of hers when she is old enough to understand that she just look so funny in this one.

online colleges

I am amazed at how America making everything so easy here including schooling online. Students or other busy people can choose to study online instead of going to local campuses that save them time. I wonder if that's going to work for me. I am planning of getting a certificate of some kind related to medical so I can get a decent job in the future when I am ready. For now I am having so much fun looking for Online Colleges and looking at the courses each school is offering. If you are looking for a prospect college school too I recommend you start looking online and if you can decide which one you should go to then that's the time you visit them in person.


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