Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beautiful Second Day Of Fall

I took my baby girl to the park this afternoon. The weather was so good with some coolness in temperature. It's the first time I walked to the park after three months of not doing anything interesting except being a couch potato.

At the park, I can't believe how many small kids were there and how many mommies were present also. There were like ten mommies at the most after we arrived at the park then moment went on more mommies came and let their child play. My Jadyn really enjoyed it there and she was being friendly with the kids of her age, I think my girl can make a good friend when she's around with strangers.

I saw her, she would tap other babies arms or hands as a friendly act telling them she's good. I on the other hand, felt embarrassed as I brought the dog with me and naughty chichai can't just stop barking... lots of kids want to pet the dog and I was hesitant for I'm afraid she gonna bite them. Geezz.. all in all we had fun today and planning of going to the park again tomorrow.

...... first time in the seesaw... she wouldn't get off it but time for us to go..
.... the little boy that she likes...
.......three babies all enjoying playing the sand together...
...... nice to mingle with other babies too.. she makes good company to my baby..

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