Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh Please! I Need A Shut Eye

It's 2 o'clock in the morning and here I am drowsy and achy. We all went to bed at 12 midnight, both of my mag-ama are already snoring...and me??? I couldn't shut my brain from the real world. It keeps wandering around. Another thing that keeps me awake is that I have slight migraine ug nitukar nasad ako ulcer. This is what happen if I skip meals.

I did skip my meal today. We were busy working at the house in EV and I didn't bring a snack for me and my baby. We spent three hours doing the yard and long before we could finish the job my stomach was already begging for food but I tried to ignore that. I had my lunch at six in the evening then ang gipamati set in. Labad ulo, sakit tiyan...meds don't help at all.

If I don't feel good, I couldn't bring myself to sleep right away so here I am now keeping myself busy by tapping my touch pad hoping I can get sleepy in thirty-minutes... cross fingers with that.


joytoy said...

salamat sa comment dai. napugos ra cguro ako bana dai mao nakapalit hehhehehe. kinsa may di mapugos cgi padungogdungog hehheheh. ako sab dai di ka tulog makatulog ko 3 am na pero wala noa ko ulcer.

Dorothy L said...

I so know that frustration. I have never been a deep sleeper and when my thoughts decide they want to begin to swirl...I may as well get up and write.
It is no fun when we cannot fall to sleep:(

Aria said...

From one non-sleeper to another, feel better soon!


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