Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Driving Schedule Has Been Set

I finally set an appointment for my first driving lesson. I practiced a few times in the parking lot and around the neighborhood before last year of 2006 and I quit practicing due to the fact that husband and wife will never get along when it comes to making the husband as my driving teacher. At the end of my practice, we ended up having hard feelings for each other because of so much yelling and screaming in the car due to too much tense and nerve-wracking feelings each time I do a little mistake.

My schedule will be on the 11th of this month and I am getting anxious for that. I wonder if it's gonna work for me since I only take the 2-hour driving session and after that I shall see if I like it. If not, then I just have to really find another driving school that offers a complete package with classroom tutorial and actual driving lessons so I can fully experience the whole driving thing and be able to get a license as soon as possible.

Hope I can drive on my own soon for I am so sick of not being able to go anywhere I wanna go. When I'm bored all I can do is sit or lie down and think of my life back in the Philippines where commuting exists.


Rare Recel said...

hahaha! katawa jud ko anang too much creaming ang yelling oi. mao jud na common gakahitabo ba basta mga bana ang mo-practice ug drive. akong practice practice kunohay sauna kay si bana ang nag-coach, di man mo-yell or scream pero ilhan jud ba nga kasinggiton na kaayo. LOL good luck anne! ayaw baya ko ligsi ha? :P

rumah lina said...

good luck for you.. I was have the same situation like u have, but then my husband just give me a car n i must pick up my daughter from school.. and it works.. I could drive well :D


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